Bad Knees After Having a Baby

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The anticipation of meeting your newborn baby can make you endure every blow pregnancy sends your way. Be it swelling of the feet or morning sickness, the thought of holding that precious baby in your arms makes all these challenges worth it. Most women assume that once you welcome your baby to the world, your body automatically goes back to the way it was. This may not happen right away. One of the complications most new moms experience after having a baby is knee pain.

Scientifically known as postpartum knee pain, this is a condition whereby mothers experience acute pain on the knees even after delivery. Knee pain during pregnancy is expected because of carrying the additional weight of the baby. But after delivery, one would assume that this pain should go away. That, however, is never the case.

If you are experiencing post-delivery knee pain, we will look at the causes and some of the best remedies.

What Causes Bad Knees After Having a Baby

Joint pain is a common condition that affects many new moms irrespective of their ages. Therefore, take it easy and know that you are not alone. It can be caused by various issues. And familiarizing yourself with the cause of your knee pain can help you identify the best treatment plan.

Here are the primary causes for postpartum knee pain;

  1. The leading cause of knee pain before and after pregnancy is increased weight. Our bodies are built to accommodate our weights. When you add your toddler’s weight, which keeps on increasing until delivery, that can put an extra strain on your knees. If you experienced knee pain during pregnancy, there is a possibility that it may stretch a few months after delivery before your body comes to terms with the changes.
  2. During pregnancy, the body produces hormones that allow the body organs to relax. These hormones play a critical role in helping the mother carry the baby’s weight. After delivery, the production of these hormones stops, and some of these body organs, such as joints, start returning to their original positions. This can lead to knee pain.
  3. If you have arthritis or chronic pain, you may be vulnerable to experiencing post-delivery knee pain.
  4. Mothers that have suffered injuries to the knees in the past few months can be victims of knee pain after delivery.
  5. Finally, poor exercising habits can also lead to bad knees. This is why pregnant women are encouraged to remain active.

How Long Does Post-Delivery Knee Pain Last?

Depending on the mother’s lifestyle and how soon action is taken, bad knees can last for weeks or even months after delivery. In some cases, this condition can last for up to six months. That’s a very long period to endure pain. It would be best if you took action as soon as possible.

The Best Remedies for Postpartum Knee Pain

1. Work Out Regularly: The best method to relieve joint pain on your knees is by becoming active. By working out, we don’t mean hitting the gym and getting started with high-intensity interval training. Going for a walk in the morning and evening improves balance and makes your body much stronger. Since it can be hard to leave your newborn at home after delivery, investing in a treadmill is a brilliant idea. This allows you to work out in the comfort of your home. You need not worry about leaving the baby, and you can’t use the excuse that the weather is bad for a walk.

2. Give the Hot and Cold Technique a Try: Ice packs, hot water bags, and hot baths have been known to soothe pain. They are also an excellent way for you to relax the mind. Whenever you feel pain in your knees, give any of these hot and cold techniques a try.

3. Massage the Joints: Massages can also reduce knee pain. You can use essential oils that feature inflammation properties. Alternatively, you can call an expert for a professional massage.

The final speech

Knee pain starts because many people are pregnant for a long time after having a baby. This time running is a good way for you. It will burn your extra fat and give your belly a great shape. Moreover, it is able to recover quickly from the wound of your cut part. However, it is best to avoid high-impact exercise as much as possible during this time. Because high-impact exercise will put a lot of pressure on you and can cause infection in your wounds.

It’s normal for your knees to be inflamed after delivery. Pregnancy can take a toll on your body. It’s, therefore, crucial to be patient with your body as it returns to normal. Remember, if the pain persists, don’t hesitate to consult a physician.


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