40 amazing benefits of inversion table therapy

40 Amazing Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy

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The inversion therapy table is a special kind of fitness table. It is used for exercising and fitness rather than eating or ironing as is the case with ordinary tables. It keeps a person suspended in the upside down position.

It also has several attachments through which the person is suspended and exercises. It is mainly suited for working out the back, spinal cord, and other muscles that span the human body. Listed and explained below are the forty amazing benefits of inversion table therapy.

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40 Benefits of Inversion Table : You must know


i. Negates the Need for Back Pain Surgery

In most instances, other forms of medicine do recommend surgery as the means to combat back pains. This is not the case with the inversion table. This is because it uses physical exercises and force to deal with the pain. This means you are spared from the harmful consequences that naturally accompany surgeries. You are also spared from the hefty costs and financial resource investments that are required to implement a surgery.

ii. Repairs Herniated Discs

Herniated discs arise when the discs that separate each respective vertebrae bulge out of place due to excessive pressure on the vertebral column. This may be due to the prolonged bending of the said part of the body or the subjection of that part to too heavy loads. This table has the ability to return the discs to their rightful and original position without a surgery or operation. It is, therefore, cheaper, safer, and more effective.

iii. Reduces the Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerves are those that adorn the hip region of your body. These nerves are usually subjected to excessive strains whenever you sit for far too long. This table has the ability to relieve such pains. It does so by decompressing the spine and working the region around the hip. This form of exercising is however risky. As such, you have to consult your doctor before attempting it.

iv. Cervical Spinal Stenosis

When the neck region is subjected to intense pressure and load, it may cause the vertebrae of that particular region to narrow. This may subsequently thicken the ligaments of the neck region and pose damages to the cartilage. These two issues can be effectively reversed or mitigated by the use of an inversion table. By the use of this table, the said parts of the body can be stretched out to loosen the stiffness.

v. Reduces Osteoarthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the joints of the cartilage and the accompanying underlying bones. It mainly affects those persons who are in their middle ages onwards. Luckily, this condition can be mitigated and prevented. By exercising a few hours a day using the inversion table, this degeneration may be slowed down considerably. The table is further better in the sense that it does not at all worsen the situation or bring about undesirable side effects.

vi. Reduced Back Pain

In most cases, the spine and backbone bulge outwards in response to prolonged bending or carrying of too heavyweights. If and when this occurs, the back will usually feel a lot of pain. The inversion table has the ability to reduce the back pain considerably. This is because it is able to restore the shape of the back to the original or natural form. This way, it keeps off the pain that generally comes along with such a bending.

vii. Corrects Scoliosis

Closely related to the above is this issue of scoliosis. This refers to the abnormal bending or curvature of the spinal cord. It arises from the same issues discussed above. These include excessive bending and the exerting of too much weight on the back and spine. Through the use of this table, this problem can be rectified. The exercises that are carried out on this table have the ability to restore the shape of the spine to its original condition.

viii. Eases Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic condition. It is characterised by excessive pains and stiffness of the musculoskeletal muscles and joints. Extreme stress may be a vital reason for it. Through regular exercising using the inversion table, plenty of the stress-relief hormones, otherwise called serotonin are released in plenty. These have the impact of assuaging this stiffness and in so doing ease this condition. The functioning of the endocrine system is also boosted through the use of inversion table. This also contributes to the mitigation of fibromyalgia/

ix. Relieves Pressure at the Joints

Prolonged sitting or lack of exercising does subject the joints to the risks of pressure build up. If and when the issue arises, the affected person may find it difficult to walk freely and may also feel plenty of pain. This inversion table and the accompanying exercises have the ability to relieve this pressure build up. This happens because the exercises stretch the muscles out and restore the smooth flow of blood.

x. Lessens the Severity of Headaches

Inversion table lessens the severity of headaches in some ways. It realigns the spine to reduce the problem of muscle spasms; relaxes the muscles of the face and neck; decreases the levels of stress; and enhances the overall circulation of blood. Utilizing this table consistently and on a regular basis is thus your best protection against the risks of stress and depression. You will also stay cheerful and jovial at all times by using it every quite often.

xi. Combats Poor Posture

This perhaps is the most significant of all the benefits that the table brings along. Sitting in a poor posture repeatedly does have some negative impacts on your posture. It decompresses your spine and bends your back. It also leads to the stiffness of your muscles and joints. Poor posture causes the bones of your spine to misalign, excessive pain, and permanent damages to the body. This table can combat this problem well and ward off its accompanying side effects.

xii. Anti-Aging Impacts

Through the use of this table for exercising, you can slow down and deal with the various issues that are chiefly responsible for aging. These include loss of agility, the build-up of toxins in the body, reduced supply of oxygen in the body, and hindered absorption of nutrients. You will therefore reap the benefit of staying younger for longer by exercising regularly using this inversion table. You will also stay healthier than you would ordinarily do without the table.

xiii. Enhances Flexibility

For your body to stay flexible, it needs to be hydrated. It is the fluids that exist in the body that sees t it that the various parts of the body move unhindered. When you get to the inversion table in an upside position, your vertebral column decompresses slightly. This decompression causes most of the bodily fluids to seep back to your vertebrae and discs. This retains their flexibility to the highest possible extent.

xiv. Bolsters the Health of your Joints

Your joints are generally prone to excessive weights. These are mainly due to the gravitational pull and the weight of your own body. This excessive weight exerts too much pressure on the bones and cartilages of the joints. This subsequently contributes to the deterioration of the said joints. Exercising on this table releases the pressure and enhances the flow of blood. This bolsters the health of your joints to a considerable extent.

xv. Realigns the Spine after Workouts

From time to time, the bones that constitute the spine may often get out of place. This may lead to fractures, permanent damages to the spine, inflammations, and unnecessary pains. This exercise has the ability to realign the spine to restore the perfect alignment of these constituent bones. It therefore follows that by exercising regularly, you will get to maintain an upright shape. This will also prevent unwanted pain and other problems listed above.

xvi. Speeds Up Recovery after Workouts

Inasmuch as a workout is generally good or your body, it is not without its share of downsides. It can also lead to the dislocation of the bones, stiffness of muscles, excessive pains, and even fractures. These are not the cases with the inversion table. This table is gently and safe for use. As such, it absolves you from the potential dangers. What’s more? It also aids in the mitigation of these issues and makes recovery from a workout a convenient undertaking.

xvii. Stronger Ligaments

The tissues connect with two bones or cartilages together is called ligaments.Just like every other tissue in the body, they are also prone to the dangers of wear and tear. This mainly happens with old age or prolonged underuse of the said parts of the body. Through the use of this table for exercising, you get to strengthen your ligaments. This is because body parts are strengthened by use and weakened by disuse.

xviii. Improves Sleep Quality

People fall asleep faster when the circulation of blood in their body is superb and unhindered. The same applies when the flow of air in the lungs is robust. Exercising using this table brings along those two benefits at a time. It improves the rate of the flow of blood to the various parts of the body. It also aerates the lungs for maximum oxygen intake in the body. For these two reasons, it improves your overall sleep pattern.

xix. Diminishes Fatigue

Fatigue generally arises when the body is idle for far too long. This is because staying idle interferes with the circulation of blood, impedes the flow of oxygen, hinders the proper functioning of the bodily organs, and results in the build-up of toxins. By exercising using the inversion table, you get to overcome these problems. This way, your body is revitalized and made stronger. These, in turn, deal effectively with the issues of fatigue of the body.

xx. Increases Bodily Energy

Closely related to the above is the fact that inversion therapy exercises also increase the energy of the body. This is mainly because it enhances the flow of blood and the breakdown of the stored fat and food. This increased energy allows you to do those chores which you were otherwise unable to do under normal circumstances.With this therapy you can try with kettle bells to give extra effort on your system.The increase in energy also fights off stress, depression, and the accompanying issues that do come along with an inactive lifestyle.

xxi. Enables you to Gain or Regain Height

The force of gravity shortens our heights in the course of a typical day. This is because it exerts some force on the vertebral column of the body. We do regain a bit of this height while sleeping in the horizontal position. However, the inversion table allows us to regain much of it. This is due to the fact that it helps us in the upside down position for longer and comfortably. This enables gravity to act in the exact opposite direction.

xxii. Advances the Functioning of the Lungs

When we are in the upright position, blood tends to pool or accumulate in the lower segment of the lungs. This deprives the upper segment of the lungs of the vital nutrients and oxygen. However, when we invert on an inversion table, we give blood the ability to seep to the upper chambers of the lungs. This in turn revitalizes our breathing as well as the supply of oxygen to the various parts of the body.

xxiii. Clears your Sinuses

The sinus is a hollow or a cavity that lines the inner part of the bones. From time to time, this hollow does get blocked for various reasons. When this occurs, the supply of oxygen and the circulation of blood to various parts of the body are hampered. Through the use of the inversion table, the sinuses can be unblocked. This mainly occurs by way of moistening the cavity and by pushing the blood up your head.

xxiv. Makes you to Breathe Better

Inversion strengthens your diaphragm. Any muscle will usually strengthen when subjected to higher forces or impacts. By strengthening your diaphragm, your breathing gets better. This stems from the fact that the diaphragm becomes more elastic and thorough in its working. It therefore happens that you get to keep the risks of suffocation at bay by opting to invert every quite often. You also guarantee a consistent supply of oxygen to the body.

xxv. Diminishes Stress and Depression

By inverting every quite often on an inversion table, you get to accrue three main benefits. First and foremost, you get to regulate your hormones to manageable levels. Secondly, you reduce the tension of your muscles. Finally, you improve the overall quality of your sleep. All these three have the joint impacts of diminishing the likelihood of stress and depression. The juicy part is that the exercising or the use of the table does not at all introduce harmful substances or chemicals in your body.

xxvi. Promotes Mental Stability and Alertness

By inverting on a regular basis, you get to furnish plenty of glucose, oxygen, and blood to your brain. You also increase the pace of the functioning of your brain altogether. These have the joint impacts of promoting the stability and alertness of your brain. You are thus well able to think logically, stay alert, and steer your mind clear of any issues and anomalies. Try inverting before an exam and watch your grades spiral.

xxvii. Tames your Moods

From time to time, our moods shift in response to the changes in the environment. They are also affected by the shifting circumstances such as failures to achieve a valued goal, unmet expectations, disturbances in our surroundings, and the loss of loved ones. Just like stress, mood swings can also get fatal. Luckily, this inversion table and therapy can tame this problem. The table and exercises drop the levels of cortisol which are chiefly responsible for mood swings.

xxviii. Creativity Boost up

Tipping over in the upside down position channels a huge flow of blood to the brain. With increased blood comes extra oxygen and greater brain activities. Other than this, inverting also flushes out the cerebral spinal fluids which generally carry wastes away from the brain. The exercise, therefore, mitigates the build-up of toxins in the brain which is essential for proper functioning. These jointly confer the benefits of improved creativity and critical thinking.

xxix. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Some women have this tendency to develop strong irritations, unnecessary fatigue, sudden shifts in moods, bloating, and acne a week or two before their menses. These symptoms may get so severe at times to the extent of interfering with their normal functioning and operations. This table and the inversion exercises as a whole have been proven to cope with these problems well. The women who have tried it out have all reported marked improvements in their conditions.

xxx. Enhances the Flow of Blood in the Body

It is common knowledge that intense physical activities to increase the rates of the heartbeat. Inversion therapy is by no means an exception. By utilising this table now and then, you will increase the rate of pulse. This increased rate translates to a faster flow of blood within the veins and capillaries. The benefits of more rapid flow of blood are too many to be fully enumerated. They include healthier bodies, reduced accumulation of toxins, and higher absorption of nutrients in the bloodstream.

xxxi. Revitalizes the Functioning of the Heart

As stated, the exercises that are carried out via the inversion table are healthy to the heart. They increase the rate of heartbeat due to their impact on increasing the intensity of physical activities. Also, they strengthen the muscles of the heart because muscles get stronger when stretched. This way, they enable your heart to pump blood faster and more efficiently. They thus contribute to your overall good health.

xxxii. Alleviates and Reverses the Risk of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins arise when the blood cannot flow against gravity (upwards) seamlessly. This is mainly happened due to the malfunctioning of the valves that stop the backflow of blood in the veins. The condition gives rise to clogs, inflammations, and discomforts in the affected areas. Inversion improves the flow of blood to the head region. It therefore reverses and alleviates the risks of varicose veins. It is also cheaper, convenient, and painless.

xxxiii. Enhances your Overall Physical Appearance

When you inert, several things happen which jointly enhance your overall physical appearance. Your posture improves, your lymphatic system is revitalized, your scalp receives plenty of blood, and you lower stress levels. You will, therefore, look younger and prettier or longer than you would with any other form of exercising. Moreover, unlike most other anti-aging therapies, this one is devoid of any harmful side effects. It also does not introduce any toxic chemicals in the bloodstream and is thus very safe.

xxxiv. Good for the Kidneys

Kidneys detoxify the body. They do so by filtering harmful wastes and chemicals from the blood. However, they too may get overwhelmed from time to time. This is mainly by the reason of the clogging of the kidney, a condition called kidney stones. Exercising using an inversion table can slow down or completely forestall the rise of this condition. This is because it invigorates the kidney and empowers it to discharge its role more effectively.

xxxv. Aids Digestion

Just like every other form of exercising, those that are carried out by use of the inversion table do aid in the digestion of food. This happens in this way: when you exercise, you increase the rate of heartbeat. This increases the pace of blood flow and the absorption of digested food. This subsequently increases the pace of digestion. Other than that, exercising also mixes the ingredients in the stomach thoroughly with the digestive juices. This leaves no room for indigestion at all.

xxxvi. Boosts the Functioning of the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is the component of the human body which drains the lymph into the bloodstream. The lymph is the one that is responsible for cleansing the cells and ridding the body of toxins. When you invert, you reinvigorate the functioning of the lymphatic system. This increases the rate and efficacy of the drainage of the lymph. You therefore ensure that as much toxins as possible are drained from the blood.

xxxvii.Gives the Immune System a Fresh Breath of Life

Because of aiding in the expulsion of toxins from the body, the inversion table, and by extension the exercises that are carried out using them, also boosts your immune system. This is because the toxins that are expelled reduce the strains that the immune system has to undergo to deliver the needed levels of outcomes. This makes your immune system better at fighting off infections and safeguarding you from harms.

xxxviii. Impacts other Internal Organs

Apart from the lymphatic system, the inversion table also impacts several other internal organs as well. These include the lungs, the stomach, the kidney, and the liver. This happens because of several reasons. While exercising, you get to boost the flow of blood, improve the flow of oxygen to the various internal organs, enhance the flushing out of toxins, and strengthen the various muscles. You stay fit, longer, and more energized by utilizing this table.

xxxix. Boosts the Health of the Cardiovascular System

Apart from the heart, other organs that make up the cardiovascular system are also impacted when you exercise using the inversion table. Examples of these organs are the veins, capillaries, and arteries. This is for the same reason as those of the heart. The only major difference is the fact that inversion allows blood to travel in the opposite direction. This reduces the strain that these vessels confront while channeling blood to the various parts of the body.

xl. Enhances Memory

Apart from merely helping you in staying alert at all times, this form of exercise also enhance your memory. You will find it quite easier to regurgitate information that you once stored in your brain awhile ago. These indeed are the exercises you desperately need if you are a student or are preparing for a major examination. It is also good in prolonging your memory. It does this without letting you spend too much or ingest any drugs.

Final Speech

Well, it is very clear from the foregoing explanations that the inversion table is a very worthy purchase indeed. You just cannot afford to overlook it especially if you are a fitness enthusiast. It does bring along several benefits which makes it a ‘must have.’ It also generates higher returns to investments. You can never hope to stay fit in the comfort of your own home without this table. Go for it soonest possible in order not to be left out


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  1. Hi.im wonderinf if there arenor have been any studies done on the impact of inversion therapy of the prostate and or pelvic pain.
    Thank you

  2. The “final speech” part was awesome, especially the part about “high return to investments” and to “not be left out”.

  3. Hi, I just wanted to say that this information shown here is so good spiritual food for me. I digested it well. I have just purchased an Inversion table from Walmart. I am also a 76-yo man, that looks ok, BUT, I am having a whole plethora of small aggrivating health issues going on that is ganging up on me and causing me problems with my Osteoarthritis.
    I am blessed to be a person that believes and do a variety of exercises. But this table is a future godsend if it helps me.
    I did own one many years ago, that was really beneficial in many ways that I have forgotten. Your article here helped me to remember in a few minutes of reading it. Wonderful and very good reading. Thank you.

  4. Tammy Kaliko Willingham, MA/SLP/CCC

    As a 22-year Medical Professional Speech-Language Pathologist, I have owned and used a “Stamina” Inversion Table for approximately 22-years as well.
    Thank you for the great write up here.
    This, “Inversion Table Usage”, also assists in clearing specific hearing difficulties, as it clears not only the Sinuses throughout the ENT territories, assisting with removal of the debris within the cerebral cortex.
    The increase of the circulatory functions also “clear the cobwebs” from the cerebral circulation functions.
    Tammy Kaliko Willingham, MA/SLP/CCC

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