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Top 7 Best Body Fat Monitors

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In this era of junk food and desk job, people are gathering ineffable adipose layers in the body. You are eager to burn fats. No wonder, every gym and strength training focuses on one key issue- fat loss. Besides, this fat loss mission is incomplete without the best body fat monitors. This is a smart scale that tells you how much body fats you have and other body compositions. These can be bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, etc. So, you can set your goals and burn calories like a pro.

This scale mostly looks like a weighing machine. No wonder this measures body weight too. But, it has more functions to follow. You can measure and store your body composition record in your profile. So, you get to know where you were and can track your progress to a goal. Besides, they are highly accurate, and most of them are in an affordable range. What else? Yes, in most cases, you will find warranties in body fat monitors. Let’s dive deep to know more about the best body fat monitors.

Top 7 Best Body Fat Monitors

  1. Withings Wi-Fi Body Composition Scale
  2. Etekcity Digital Weight & Body Fat Scale
  3. RENPHO Smart Bathroom Body Fat Monitor
  4. EatSmart Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition
  5. Omron HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Loss Monitor
  6. Tanita BF-679 Body Fat/Body Water Scale
  7. Vive Precision Bariatric Scale – BMI Body Fat Digital

1. Withings Wi-Fi Body Composition Scale  Withings Wi-Fi Body Composition Scale

When it comes to smart scale, most of us demand the best accuracy. This machine has position control technology. That guides you to the correct stance. Furthermore, it connects with WIFI to ensure precise measurements anywhere you want.

Withings smart scale is also unique to measure full-body compositions. Not only it monitors body weight but also it measures body fat and water percentage. Also, you can measure muscles and bone mass with high accuracy. It is highly compatible with Apple watches and 100 top health fitness apps.

You don’t really need to upload anything. It automatically synchronizes data and displays it in free health mate apps. Other than it is multi-user friendly. It can store eight personal weight histories and recognize individuals automatically.

That’s not all! It can help users with dedicated weight tracking. Yes, there is a pregnancy tracker and baby mode to track young members. Besides, Includes four standard AAA batteries that give up to 18 months of backup. It also uses WEATHER ACTIVITY to provide local weather forecasts. Importantly, you can work with Alexa to check progress. Though this gadget is a bit costly but it offers one year of limited warranty.


  • Automatic data synchronization.
  • Tracks up to eight users.
  • Works with Alexa.
  • One year warranty.


  • It is a bit expensive.

2. Etekcity Digital Weight & Body Fat Scale Etekcity Digital Weight & Body Fat Scale

Let’s talk about an affordable digital weight scale that offers thirteen essential measurements. Yes, you can measure visceral fat, bone mass, BMI, and lot more. It is compatible with both android and iOS systems. You can synchronize your different fitness apps with this device and track your workout progress.

This is also a unit with unlimited user tracking. There is no restriction to create a member’s profile, and it stores all records of individuals. What about accuracy? Its latest technology uses four sensors to measure weight up to 400lbs. That is nearly 180 kilograms of weight with 0.05 kg increments.

This unit is also good for its extra-large surface and sturdy surfaces. It features anti-skid padding to prevent unwanted slippage. Besides, it has a clear LED display for easy and clear readings. Also, it offers extra features. Last but not least, you will find an instruction manual and with this 19$ dollars unit.


  • Offers 13 essential measurements.
  • Supports unlimited users.
  • High accuracy with four sensors.


  • Poor app functionality.

3. RENPHO Smart Bathroom Body Fat Monitor  RENPHO Smart Bathroom Body Fat Monitor

This is a smart bathroom scale with thirteen key body ingredient metrics. From bone mass to muscle mass, subcutaneous fats, and more metrics analysis in one device. Unlike others, it gives you measurement reminders so that you can maintain schedule regularly.

Why is RENPHO Smart tracker unique to others? Well, it offers privacy protection where you can create and lock your profile so that others can’t track your data. Furthermore, it accommodates an unlimited user’s record with the Renpho app. You can also set goals for diet and exercise plan with this app.

This app can sync with fitness apps like Google fit, Samsung health, Apple health, etc. Cutting deep to accuracy- it has four sensitive electrodes to measure loads up to 396lbs with an increment of 0.2 lbs. Other than that, it features a stylish appearance with a clear LED display.

With the app you can easily change the weight units which can be set in lb/kg/st. 6mm tempered glass is used which you will get in 2 sizes 11 x 11 inches and 11.8 x 11.8 inches. Auto-calibration with step-on technology, 3 x AAA batteries are used.


  • Measurement reminder.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Privacy protection.
  • Sync with popular fitness apps.


  • Apps may take a long time to download.

4. EatSmart Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition EatSmart Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition

It is one of the best stylish bathroom scales in the industry. This features BIA technology to measure body fat, body water, weight, bone mass, and many more. If you put your gender, height, age, and activity level, its advanced technology can calculate your fitness level.

This unit is also exclusive for its “Step-On” technology. You will get instant readings without tapping the machine. Importantly, it can sustain loads up to 400lbs with high accuracy. Yes, it has four high precision sensors and LED readout features.

This scale can store up to eight different personal profiles. The unit uses this profile to recognize users as soon as they step on the machine. Once you complete your initial setup, you don’t need any buttons to set. Just step on it and get all body composition readings. Even if you are confused, it offers an instruction manual for users.


  • Step-on technology.
  • Automatic user identification.
  • Four high precision sensors.
  • Offers instruction manual.


  • No option to track overtime progress.

5. Omron HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Loss Monitor Omron HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Loss Monitor

As the name suggests, this machine measures your body fat percentage within 6 to 7 seconds. Also, it works great to measure your BMI or body mass index. The gadget resembles more like a video game controller. You get to know numbers either in the US or metrics in a quick time.

The fat analyzer is easy to use. It stores data up to 9 individual profiles so the whole family can track their fat records.

Omron Body fat analyzer has two different modes- standards and athletes. That provides a precise result based on an exercise regime. Besides, it is a small device and easy to store. Though it is costly but offers a year of warranty on every purchase.


  • Accurately measures BMI and body fat percentage.
  • Stores up to 9 individuals profile.
  • Quick readings in 7 seconds.


  • It is expensive.

6. Tanita BF-670 Body Fat/Body Water Scale Tanita BF-670 Body Fat/Body Water Scale

Tanita BF-679 is popular body fat and water scale. High body fat can cause heart disease and diabetes. Also, people suffer from dehydration in excessive sweating. This unit has BIA technology to measure body fat and water percentage. Its footpad sends low-level electric signals, and BIA measures its resistance throughout the body.

Though it is usable for children, adults, and athletes. But, it can store data for a maximum of two persons. This machine operates with four AA batteries. Other than that, it can sustain loads up to 300 pounds with fat increments of 0.5 percentage. Its large 2.25 inches LCD shows body fat and weight simultaneously.

How to use this fat-measuring scale? You just need to put gender, weight, and height in its memory manually. Now step on the monitor and get the reading in a quick time. This 50 dollars unit is also is amazing in terms of the warranty. Yes, it offers three years of warranty with every purchase.

AThe daily calorie intake function used on this scale assumes that a user maintains their current weight level. It can compare with both how many calories should be consumed over a 24 hour period and has a dual recovery feature.


  • Monitors daily hydration.
  • Memory function for two adults.
  • Easy to read LCD monitor.
  • Three years warranty.


  • Pregnant women should avoid this monitor.

7. Vive Precision Bariatric Scale – BMI Body Fat Digital

This is the best affordable quality bathroom scale in the industry. This machine features a step-on technology. So, you just need to step on the machine to get accurate measurements. Its auto shut off function also preserves battery life. Just like others, it can measure body compositions like bone density, muscle mass, water weight, BMR, and many more.

Its low profile platform comes with tempered glass, and the slim scale measures 12 inches in all sides. This sturdy unit can support up to 400 pounds. Not only that, but also it features easy to read LED display. It can store eight user profiles, including height, gender, and preferable unit of measurement. With a package of 25 dollars, this is surely a unit to look for.


  • Step on technology.
  • Low profile platform.
  • Easy and accurate measurement.


  • Readings may fluctuate in repeated tests.

Wi-Fi Scales vs. Bluetooth Scale

Smart scales can be either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled. Wi-Fi enabled smart scales are expensive than Bluetooth enabled scales. Wi-Fi scales are more consistent with the Router device, and it can sync data as quickly as it gets signal. On the other hand, Bluetooth enabled scales requires Bluetooth device such as fitness tracker or smartphone for its function. The device must fall in a range to connect and track data. This process is not as smooth as Wi-Fi ones. So, check the product reviews before you buy it.

Things to Consider Before Buying Body Fat Monitors

Before buying a smart scale or body fat monitor scale, consider some parameters to buy the best. These parameters include-

Biometric helps to track data from the smart scale. You can measure body fat, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, etc. from data and sync with apps. Some models have BIA or Bioelectrical impedance analysis technology. In this method, you just need to step on the scale, and it tracks records automatically.

One of the best reasons to opt for a smart scale is accuracy. Fat monitor scales are better than conventional scales because of their multi-power sensor integration. It can measure weight up to 0.2 lbs to 0.05 lbs increment accuracy. Furthermore, most scales can sustain loads up to 400lbs or nearly 180 kg.

Data record capacities
Not all smart scale has the same data storage capacities. In most cases, you can create a profile and record individual data so that you can track your records. Some scales have only limited users- mostly eight, while some models have unlimited users benefit. Consider this feature based on your demand.

Cost and warranty
Though most models fall within 30 to 100 dollars range, they offer a warranty. This warranty is mostly for one year or so. Some models can be exceptional and provide up to three years of warranty. You will also get a free manual in most models.

Additional Features
Some smart scales offer additional features like profile privacy. Yes, you can use a password, and no one gets to know your body composition data records. Other than that, you will find models where you can set reminders to keep consistency in the record. Other features like monitoring daily hydration, work with Alexa are exclusive for some models. Read reviews before you buy one.

Benefits of Body Fat Monitors

The electronic bathroom scale or smart scale can be the silent hero for your fitness success. Let’s find the benefits of purchasing body fat monitors.

  • It provides accurate data. So, you can see the real-time condition of your body.
  • It preserves data so you can understand how workout improves your body fitness.
  • Pregnant women can measure their weight. Not only that but also it can weigh the growing infants in the mother’s womb.
  • You get to know your other body composition records like bone mass, body water percentage, etc. These metrics can help you to plan any fitness goal.
  • Kids can grow good habits with weight management practice.
  • You can synchronize data with multiple fitness apps.
  • It is affordable, and most units come with a warranty for customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my reading fluctuate?
Ans: Smart scales require batteries for its smooth connection. When batteries get low in power, their voltage drops, so there can be blinked on LCD monitors. It may provide poor reading or inaccurate measurements. Do change your battering to get rid of fluctuations in readings.

Q: Can I use a fat monitor if I have a pacemaker?
Ans: Biometrics sensors may interfere with pacemakers. But, these signals are week. It won’t be a problem if you stay for a short period. Perhaps a minute or two can record all goods. You can also take a doctor’s advice and see him the product detail for better safety.

Q: Is it possible to use a smart scale without apps?
Ans: Smart scales can give your readings on LCD or LED anytime you weigh. But, integrating with apps helps you track your fitness goals. It saves all your past history, and you can see the change of your workout every time you weigh.

Q: Does the smart scale waterproof?
Ans: Smart scales are also popularly known as the bathroom scale. So, in most cases, they are waterproof. Besides, read the manual to see whether the entire unit is waterproof or not. Also, read the company terms and conditions for the warranty of that product.

Q: How often should I replace my smart scale’s batteries?
Ans: Well, it depends on the model and your uses of the scale. If you are using that latest technology and sync too many apps, then it may eat battery life quickly. On average, the battery shelf life on digital scale runs around six months. Though it is standards but you can replace earlier if there are fluctuations in readings.

Final Verdict

You may have tried everything to lose weight and get a slim shape. If you are yet to find the right solution, then you better try a fat monitor scale. A scale that tells you your current condition and records all valuable data. Other than weight, you can get to know your body compositions like bone mass, muscle mass, etc. It’s more than a health guideline. Let’s try every stone to turn goods.

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