Best Essential Oils for Back Pain

Essential oils are special kinds of organic oils that are extracted from plants through the process of distillation. They bear the scent and medicinal values of the plants from which they are extracted. They mainly serve medicinal purposes. They are used to mitigate several health conditions such as skin care, alleviation of pain, combating aging, and hair care.

In our discussions that follow, we are going to narrow to the best essential oils for back pain. We are going to highlight the top eight essential oils that have consistently been effective in combating back pains and shed more light on them.

We are indeed committed to the elimination of this problem. So we are going to explore every mechanism through which the issue may be effectively mitigated. We do hope that you shall obtain the necessary guidance from our subsequent explanations.


Lavender Essential Oil

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This oil is derived from the lavender flowers. It has an aroma that is fresh and sweet. Generally speaking, the oil refreshes and soothes pains of all kinds. It is the most versatile oil of all the essential oils. This is to mean that it can perform several tasks and purposes at a time.

For this oil to work well, it should be administered moments before getting to bed at night. This is because it is pretty good at boosting stamina and winding down. Moreover, it also enhances the beauty and texture of the skin. It can restore burns and reverse permanent damages to the skin and other parts of the body.

The essential oil is great for mitigating back pains. Studies upon studies have deduced almost without exception that the oil is a great natural painkiller. It mitigates back pains in two main ways. For one, it reduces the likelihood of any inflammations developing after an injury. This spares the affected portion of the back from the further pain that may usually develop with time.

Secondly, it also reduces the intensity of pain. This means that in the unlikely eventuality that pain arises in the back after an injury, then it can still make the pain bearable. This is to mean that it diminishes the severity of the pain such that you do not feel as painful as you should have been. This allows you to carry on with your daily chores unfettered.

To relieve back pain, the lavender oil is applied in several ways and means. It can be rubbed and spread out in the affected area. This method is suitable for mild back pains only. For stronger pains, the oil has to be massaged onto the affected area. This will see to it that even the deepest and most crucial pain is effectively dealt with.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Made primarily from the dried leaves of the peppermint tree, this essential oil has been in use for almost 3,000 years now. Just like the lavender essential oil discussed above, peppermint also has several uses and functionalities. For instance, it may be used for culinary, cosmetic, and health purposes. Among the top benefits of this essential oil are the alleviation of stomach upsets and the promotion of the respiratory functions.

It is well able to mitigate and deal effectively with back pains. This is because it is a natural painkiller. It mainly works by suppressing the sensation of pain. This way, it absolves you from the feeling of pain that arises at such times.

Closely related to the above is the fact that it also relaxes muscles. In most cases, it is the stiffening of the muscles that do in fact give rise to the sensation of pain. By relaxing these stiff muscles, the essential oil indirectly leads to the alleviation of the said pain. It also in so doing, reestablishes the flow of blood in the affected region, which contributes further to sound health.

In most cases, the painful area will usually become itchy. This forces you to scratch it over and over again, thereby worsening the already volatile situation. This peppermint oil is also able to mitigate this condition. It does so by soothing the affected areas and diminishes the itchy sensation. This also goes a long way in combating the pain you will naturally feel.

For best results, it is better to go for the peppermint lotion. This is a thick paste which nevertheless spreads easily on the affected area. It also sinks faster into the affected portion of the back. In so doing, it contributes to the alleviation of pain with as minimal effort as possible.

Lemongrass Essential Oil 

Clary sage is a perennial herb which has been utilized since time immemorial for the sake of pain relief. It is mainly used to mitigate labor pains. However, it possesses great aromatherapy traits, a fact that makes it all the more suited for the dealing with back pains as well.

It is packed with so many medicinal traits and features. These include antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, toning, and antiseptic characteristics, to mention but a few! It is these traits that make it all the more suited for carrying out the various health tasks.

Its suitability for the combating of back pains mainly stems from its ability to soothe and relax muscles. The essential oil indeed is well able to relax the muscles that constitute the back. This action reduces the tautness of the muscles. In the course of doing so, it diminishes the intensity of the pain that you will naturally have to bear at such times.

Other than reducing back pains, the oil is also well able to ward off other associated pains and medical conditions. For instance, it reduces the emergence of gas, bloating, and the muscle cramps during the menses. This arises due to its ability to suppress muscle spasms which is the chief cause of these conditions.

To use this oil for the sake of deriving the aforementioned attendant benefits, you have to apply it to the affected portion of the skin or back. You then have to smear out the oil for it to spread to all the affected portions. After you have done so, you have to wait for a little to let it settle firmly. Finish off by massaging the affected area.

Be gentle yet thorough while doing this. This is to be sure of the very best results and to prevent the pain from re-emerging at a later time.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is extracted from the eucalyptus plant. This is a tall and woody tree that thrives well in areas that experience higher amounts of precipitation. It is mainly and expectorant. This is to mean that it generates substances which expel unwanted mucus from the body area.

It differs radically from the other essential oils in the manner in which it carries out its role of dealing with back pains. It does so mainly by cleansing the various parts of the body. It does this by flushing out toxins from the body.

Most pains, especially in the back region are normally caused by the accumulation of toxic materials or substances in the affected areas of the body. This may mainly be due to poor excretion of the said harmful substances. By dealing with this poor excretion, this essential oil subsequently aids in the mitigation of the back pains.

The oil also possesses antispasmodic traits. This is to mean that it is great at relieving spasms of the involuntary muscles. This activity of spasm is what gives rise to back pains in several occasions. By relieving the spasms, the oil contributes to the relief of the back pains as well.

Of course, it still has the ordinary nutrients and capabilities of the standard pain relievers. It also possesses anti-inflammatory traits. This enables it to suppress the emergence and formation of boils, inflammations, and bruises. In this regard, it prevents most pains that accompany these unwanted issues.

It is on the whole pretty simple to apply. You only need to pour it into the affected area. You thereafter have to spread it out to the affected area. You do not have to massage it at all, as is the case with most other essential oils. This is not to mention that it takes a comparatively shorter duration of time to accomplish the desired outcomes.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil exudes some woody fragrance. It has been relied on for centuries to alleviate pain and combat most medical issues. It also serves to enhance the natural beauty of its users. The oil is extracted from the rosemary plant.

This plant is a woody and perennial herb. It comprises needle-like leaves and produces flowers that are white, blue, purple, or pink in color. The plant is entirely native to the Mediterranean region and does well in the tropical regions of the world.

Since it is able to serve several purposes at a time, the herb and by extension the essential oil that is derived from it is great for mitigating the pain of the back. This is because it is very potent and contains some anti-inflammatory traits.

These two traits enable the oil to combat pain in the back, and just about anywhere it may occur. It mainly does so by reason of reducing inflammations which are naturally bound to arise whenever there is a pain in the back and at just about any other place of the human body.

Apart from the anti-inflammatory trait, this oil also massages and soothes the affected part of the body on which it is applied. This soothing effect relaxes the muscles of the associated area and also dissipates the intensity of the pain that is felt. These two go a long way in reducing the severity of the pain that is felt whenever it arises.

For it to play this role of dealing with the back pain, you have to apply it appropriately. The best method to do so is by massaging the affected part of the body. This simply means that you apply some of the oil on the affected area. You then wait a short while to let it sink. You thereafter finish off by rubbing hard yet gently and spreading the oil throughout the affected portion. This way, it shall relieve pain and cause it to subside.

Tea Tree  Essential Oil

Juniper berry essential oil is extracted from the berries and needles of the Juniper plant. The berry is first and foremost dried after which the oil is extracted. This plant has strong detoxifying and immune-boosting traits. It also has sweet and rosy fragrances. These two traits enable it to be administered with ease. This is because they are great for the taste buds and the olfactory faculties as well.

The berries have very strong flavonoid, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory capabilities. These capabilities bring along several benefits to the body and aid it in combating back pains. Examples of these include the ability to soothe muscles pains, suppress inflammations, reduction of stress, and detoxifying the body, among other functionalities.

Regular and prolonged usage of the essential oil has several great impacts on the body. It soothes the muscles and thereby reduces the intensity of the pains that the muscles may feel or confront. The berries also flush out toxins from the body and prevent them from building up or accumulating in the body. They also reduce stress and the associated pains that arise whenever the muscles are stiffened.

What’s more? It is more convenient to administer this wonderful essential oil. You just have to apply it on the back area of the body. There is no need to massage it or even spread it vigorously as is the norm with most other essential oils. The oil settles quickly and begins to manifest its traits and benefits within the shortest duration of time.

This oil is potentially harmful though. As such, you are advised to desist from applying it excessively as this may cause irritations and permanent harms to the body. You are further advised to discontinue usage in case you note any undesirable traits and side effects. This is to guarantee your overall safety and wellbeing.

This wonderful bluish essential oil is a great possession indeed. The oil has a penetrating influence and is fresh green when in its extracted from. In all, the oil has a sweet herbaceous and camphoraceous odor. Apart from pain relief, the essential oil is also suitable for the alleviation of allergies, skin care, insomnia, and stress-related conditions.

It is suited for the mitigation of back pains due to a number of reasons. It possesses anti-spasmodic traits, tonic, tranquilizing, and relaxing traits, among many others. These traits enable it to impact just about every other aspect or sphere of the human body. These include but are not limited to the human mind, the muscle, the brain, and the entire body.

In light of the above traits, the oil can reduce fatigue, flush out toxins from the body, streamline the flow of blood, relax muscles, and prevent the buildup of toxins in the body. In consequence of these traits, the oil has the ability to reduce the pains that are felt in whichever part of the body on which it is applied. This is why you have to apply it on your back.

All factors considered this is by far the safest essential oil. It brings along almost no undesirable side effects unlike most other oils of its kind. It allows you to use it even on a prolonged and continuous basis without any worries or fears of whichever kind.

This is not to mention that it is also convenient to apply. You do not have to follow too lengthy processes and procedures as is the case with most other essential oils. You just have to pour a little bit of it on the affected area and that is it! It will quickly spread out in the area affected and begin acting as soon as possible.

Clove Oil Essential Oil

As the name suggests, clove essential oil is extracted from the clove tree which is widely abundant in South Asia region of the world. It is mainly available in three main forms namely the clove leaf oil, clove bud oil, and clove stem oil, respectively.

Of these three variant forms of the clove essential oil, the clove bud oil is by far the most potent. It possesses the highest level of aromatherapy ingredients and the strongest chemical composition as well.

This oil is mainly applied by means of massaging it onto the affected part of the body. It has great painkilling qualities and is as such very effective in combating back pains. This is due to several reasons.

For one, it greatly suppresses the formations of any inflammations. This reduces the likelihood that the associated pains may develop further. It also spares your back from the dangers of frictional force which may often give rise to further pain whenever the affected part is rubbed against the garment you are putting on.

Secondly, it reduces the intensity of the pain if and when it eventually arises. This reduction in intensity of the pain reduces the pain and inconvenience you will usually have to confront when undergoing a back pain. This also leads to a reduction in the number of paracetamols tablets you will have to take in to combat the pain. It also allows you to go about your business seamlessly without any undue interference.

Lastly, the oil also numbs the body, especially so, in the affected part or region. This is great for the back. This is mainly when the back is used for the purpose of carrying out tough manual labor or heavy load. The numbness sees to it that you do not feel too painful as to abandon your load prematurely.


Please note that the eight essential oils we have identified and discussed above are not all that may possibly yield you the desired outcomes. There are indeed several others that may be equally of help. Because of time, however, we could not exhaust them.

Feel free to take over from where we have left. In closing, all the essential oils we have discussed above are indeed suitable for the mitigation of back pains as well as removing stress​​​​. You will find each of them handy and relevant to your back conditions. You can try this oil with effective weight bench.

They are superior to the scientific drugs or painkillers in that they bring along almost no undesirable side effects. You will hardly suffer those negative consequences that arise from the taking of tablets and syringes. This is not to mention that you will still achieve the same level of, if not greater degree of satisfaction.

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