best exercise ball for heavy person

Best Exercise Ball for Heavy Person

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Losing weight is never easy. It requires a strict diet plan and sets of complicated gadgets to lose pounds. But a simple fluffy ball can make things easy for you. The best exercise ball for heavy person is the most economical yet effective solution for bulky bodies. It not only helps to lose weight but also improves body balance and posture.

Exercise ball or Swiss ball is so easy to inflate with hand pumps. All its surfaces are anti-slip and have an extreme anti-burst capacity. No matter how fat you are, the ball never fails to help you in workouts. Even the static load it sustained is nearly the weight of an elephant. All is possible with one exercise ball from pilates to yoga, push-ups, dips, and stretching.

These balls are no less useful as a therapy one too. Most therapists do recommend this, and it is the perfect match for women with pregnancy. Indeed, it’s fun workouts for fat guys can shred pounds in no time. You can build your core and improve flexibility with one unit. Let’s dive deep into ashes to find more about these exercise balls.

Top 7 Best Exercise Ball

  1. URBNFit Anti Burst Professional Exercise Ball
  2. Trideer Anti-Burst Heavy Duty Stability Exercise Ball
  3. BalanceFrom Slip Resistant Exercise Ball
  4. SmarterLife Exercise Ball
  5. ProBodyPilates Anti-Burst Fitness Exercise Ball
  6. Live Infinitely Anti Burst Tested Exercise Ball
  7. Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Ball

1. URBNFit Anti Burst Professional Exercise Ball URBNFit Anti Burst Professional Exercise Ball

Exercise URBNFit can be the best tool to work on abs, back, and core. Also, it is excellent for pilates, yoga, and stretching workouts at home. People having back pain or pregnancy can use this ball to improve posture.

The ball is constructed with professional quality PVC material. It is anti-slip and easy to grip for weighted exercise. Guess what? This anti-burst ball can sustain loads up to 2000 lbs. Also, it is available in different sizes and colors.

Other than that, it includes a quick, dual-action inflation pump for rapid inflation. Besides, the package contains two air stoppers, a workout guide, and a box with detailed instructions. The last thing to count is its excellent customer support. They assure 100% backup for every product.


  • Highly durable.
  • Sustain loads up to 2000 pounds.
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Quality customer support.


  • Difficult to inflate.

2. Trideer Anti-Burst Heavy Duty Stability Exercise Ball  Trideer Anti-Burst Heavy Duty Stability Exercise Ball

Trideer is one of the market best for its extra thick and anti-burst exercise balls. This high-density balls can resist up to 2200lbs. That is good enough to support an elephant. Also, it is built with non-toxic PVC material that is BPA free and free from heavy metals.

Just like others, its surface is anti-slip, meaning it is safe for versatile workouts. From yoga to pilates, back, and abdominal workouts- all are possible with this. Also, it is a safe tool for pregnant women. Besides, these balls are available in five different sizes (45 to 85 cm).

This ball is also exclusive as it offers a 12 months warranty and a lifetime customer support. Guess what? If there is any defect, you can have a 30 days hassle-free return on this. The package also includes one quick inflation foot pump and two air stoppers. That is just too easy to inflate for any workouts.


  • BPA-free.
  • Easy to Inflate.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Five different sizes.


  • Complaints about its sizing.

3. BalanceFrom Slip Resistant Exercise Ball BalanceFrom Slip Resistant Exercise Ball

Who does not want to bump on a quality exercise ball? This anti-burst ball can take loads up to 2000lbs. Also, its slip-resistant surface makes it a safe choice. The unit comes in seven exciting colors with five different sizes.

It is hard to believe that an exercise ball covers two years warranty. Yes, that too, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Cleaning these balls after uses is never a big deal. You can use any damp clothes to make it glow like the new ones.

Besides, these balls are free from heavy metals and phthalates. Not only that, but also it includes all-important accessories. The package includes a foot pump, plug, remover, and measuring tape.


  • Two years warranty.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Five different sizes.
  • Accessories included.


  • It cannot hold air for long.

4. SmarterLife Exercise Ball  SmarterLife Exercise Ball

Exercise balls have anti-bursts capacities to large limits. This one does the same till 2000 pounds. Besides, it does not pop like a balloon punctured. Instead, it leaks air slowly to protect you from injury. Because of its 0.2 cm PVC casing, it is never easy to puncture unless it hits any sharp object.

That’s not all! Its hypoallergic surface provides comfort to its user. And, its anti-slip surface makes it a perfect choice to use as a gym ball or therapy ball. This is also handy as a yoga ball, Swiss ball, or Physio ball for a wide range of workouts.

Smartlife exercise balls come in four different sizes. Unlike others, they provide a secret e-book titled “The 7 Secrets to Your Ideal Body”. Also, you will get an exercise book with important accessories. Notably, accessories include a hand pump, measuring tape, ball plugs, and ball plug remover.


  • Pet-friendly.
  • High-quality hand pump.
  • Exercise book included.
  • Provides all accessories.


  • No warranty.

5. ProBody Pilates Anti-Burst Fitness Exercise Ball ProBody Pilates Anti-Burst Fitness Exercise Ball

This is one of the best superior low-order exercise balls in the market. These balls are entirely free from common harmful phthalates. Also, it excludes the use of rubber P.V.C. and heavy metals. Indeed, a safe item to play with.

Though its anti-bursts capacity is low but good enough to hold any sumo on it. The ball is just perfect for improving your balance and abdominal strength. Also, it is a great support to improve posture and help women with pregnancy.

You will be glad to know that this company has a refund policy. All you need is to inflate the ball and make the most out of it. This is indeed one of the best balls recommended by trainers and therapists for people.


  • Low order material.
  • Refund policy.
  • Free from phthalates.
  • Easy to inflate.


  • Ant-bursts up to 600 pounds.

6. Live Infinitely Anti Burst Tested Exercise Ball Live Infinitely Anti Burst Tested Exercise Ball

These balls are exclusively designed for beginners. It is made from extra thick professional grade P.V.C. material. That is non-toxic and free from phthalate, B.P.A., latex, and heavy metal. Importantly, it can withstand a 2cm cut without deflating explosively. Not to forget, that it can sustain 2200lbs of static and 600lbs on anti-burst testing.

Other than that, it includes a hand pump, two air plugs, and a valve remover tool. Not only that but also there is a digital exercise guide and online training workouts for you. Only home exercises can relieve your posture and improve back pain. You can also try this as a desk chair replacement. Last but not least, it has a year warranty for safe workouts.


    • Anne Potts.
    • Non-toxic material.
    • Anti-slip ridges.
    • Anti-burst tested.
    • One-year limited warranty.


  • Inconsistent shape.

7. Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Ball Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Ball

Black Mountain is no less than a quality piece in the world of exercise balls. Its strong B.M.P. is capable of holding a balance of a thousand kilograms. Guess what? It is the only item that offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for safety.

The ball comes with a ball pump and a starter brochure for easy go. Besides, it is odor-free and made of professional-grade material for easy stretching. Not only that, but also you have five different colors to choose from. Considering price and quality, this is surely an item to look for.


  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Easy to inflate.
  • Odor-free.
  • Durable.


  • No instruction manual.

What is Exercise Ball?

Exercise balls are soft elastic balls that are constructed with professional-grade PVC material. These balls can range from 35cm to 85cm diameters or 14 to 34 inches sizes. They are called on different names like a therapy ball, gym ball, physio ball are more. But, most popularly, it is known as a yoga ball or a Swiss Ball.

All these balls have anti-slip surface and high anti-burst capacity for safe workouts. In general, they can sustain loads over 2000 pounds in static and 600 pounds in anti-burst tests. Not only that, but also they are free from heavy metal, BPA, and phthalates. So, no harm to your bodies at all.

Most exercise balls have wide ranges of exciting colors to offer. Besides, they offer accessories like a hand pump, measuring tape, ball pump, etc. Other than a wide range of workouts, these balls are effective to improve posture and help women in pregnancy. Besides, there are brands with warranty and instruction manual. It is that one item that serves big purposes in-home gym.

Types of Exercise Balls

Exercise balls may look all similar to you. Besides, there are variations for specialized use. Let’s find more about these different kinds of exercise balls.

Large Exercise Ball: These are the balls used for core training and balance management. Because of their large size, they are used mostly in gyms, studios, and chiropractic offices. They are widely known as a Swiss ball. But, they are also called pilates ball and stability ball.

Small Exercise Ball: They look similar to large exercise balls but are much smaller in sizes. Yes, the size range is no more than 12 inches around and are never targeted for a whole body workout. People used to try this for push-ups, dips, hand rolling, lower back support, etc.

Medicine Ball: Medicine balls are the heavier version of exercise balls. They weigh near about 8 to 15 pounds and are not meant to roll like an exercise ball. Medicine balls are associated with throwing, catching, and all workouts that connect your movement.

Small Weighted Toning Balls: These are the miniature version of an exercise ball that is focused mostly on therapies. People with nerve problems and muscle waste used to pump these balls to get some energy in their hands. The best mate for old people, they say? True, it is!!

Foot Massage Balls: They are nowhere near the use of exercise balls. Yet, an effective one to find the benefits of modern-day acupuncture. These small balls have spikes all over their surface. You can sit over it or roll up and down to control your blood pressure. As the name suggests, the foot massage balls do stimulate your nerves and improve circulation.

Why Should You Use An Exercise Ball?

Exercise balls are great for improving body balance and posture. It is commonly recommended for women during pregnancy. Besides, these balls are of great importance for some reason.

Brings Core Stability: Swiss balls work effectively on three different muscle groups of the midsection. It is the lower back muscles, deep abdominal muscles, and the muscles that support our lumbar spine. Any common workouts like stretching, pilates, and yoga help to enhance core stability. Besides, you can try squats, push-ups, planking, and abdominal crunches for a stronger core.

Good for Back and Spine: The physical therapist widely uses exercise balls for rehabilitation. This works magically to relieve back pain. Rolling up and down with a Swiss ball can heal your upper back and lower back pain.

Improves Posture and Balance: Routine workouts with Swiss ball improves your posture and body balances. This targets the muscles of your back and prevents all sorts of slouching. Also, there are wide variations of workouts like dips, squats, butt kicks, tush toners, and all. Here you can target specific muscles and gain more balance on your body.

Aids Sports Performance: Sweating on these fluff balls are fun and an easy way to improve in sports. Push-ups, dips, stretching are all important workouts that increase body flexibility. So, a better fitness level for a more pronounced performance.

Help to Burn Calories: Exercise balls pull you to workout challenges. To gain body fitness and improve body balance, you can try versatile workouts. That burns calories and prevents you from gaining extra pounds on the body.

Easy to Transport: Yoga Balls are lightweight and portable. You can take it anywhere you want. From the office to home, it does set in every atmosphere. Not only that, but also it takes minutes to inflate it to action.

Safe Choice: Most exercise balls have warranty backups. And, there are brands with quality after-safe support. This has no real risk, especially when it falls in an affordable range. Besides, these balls have an anti-slip surface. So, there are the least possibilities that you will slip off during any intense workout.

What Type of Exercise Ball Should You Buy?

Picking the right exercise ball is never a tough choice. You can always find the one if you consider a few parameters. Some of these parameters include-

Size: Before buying an exercise ball, you must gain some ideas about its sizing. Not all exercise balls offer a whole body workout. Besides, try to choose a ball that is proportional to your height. To find the ball you need, you can try the rule of thumb for a best-sized ball.

It would help if you sat on the ball with a 90-degree angle. Make sure your chest is up, and both feet are flat on the floor. If you are comfortable, then this is a perfect size. Also, people use some sizing charts like- 55 cm ball for 4’11”-5’4″ inch people65cm ball for 5’5″-5’11″inch people75cm ball for 6′-6’7″ inch people.

Thickness: It is the thickness of the ball that determines the anti-burst capacity of the ball. In general, a quality Swiss ball should have at least 2 tons of static load capacity. Along with that, anti-burst testing should be no less than 600 pounds.

Material: There is no major variation in choosing material. But, make sure it is eco-friendly. Also, try to pick materials that are free from phthalates, BPA, and heavy metals. The surface should not be smooth, rather anti-slip for safe workouts.

Customer Review: This is one simple way to know more about the product’s quality. A good product should have tons of positive feedback to support its quality. Make sure you check its ratings to have a proper idea about the product.

Warranties and More: Some exercise balls come up with warranties. That is good for safe uses. You know there is a refund on any defect. Also, look for brands with customer support and additional user manual. There are brands with online workout guidelines for its users. Keep those in your mind before purchasing your exercise ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should I sit on an exercise ball at work?
Ans: Sitting on an exercise ball is good, but try not to sit for long. Sitting over an hour can alter your sitting pattern and cause discomfort. Even if you sit on these balls for long, make sure you take breaks in between. That helps to improve posture and balance.

Q: How long does an exercise ball stay inflated?
Ans: A quality Yoga ball stays inflated for at least a couple of hours. That is enough for a multiple workout session. Besides, inflation also depends on other factors like temperature, humidity, and type of workouts. But, pumping back to its regular size is never a big deal. Any hand pump can do that in minutes.

Q: Why is it recommended to use exercise ball during pregnancy?
Ans: Exercise balls lose pelvic muscle and joints prior to delivery. That works great for successful and painless delivery in women. Make sure you take the physician’s advice before any workouts. You must know your limit, or else this can be harmful as well.

Final Thought

Exercise balls are no fancy items but an important option to keep you fit and sound. This is an excellent opportunity for bulky mates to lose some pounds and get back to body stability. Postures at its best while ball serve a good alternative of a chair. Here at Fitgeeky, we have listed the best Swiss balls in the market. Pick the one you need and enjoy the sweat of workouts.

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