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For those that want to add something new to their exercise routine, an inversion table is the way to go. You can go crunches and stretches easily when you’re locked into an inversion table. If you’re considering starting a home gym, having the best inversion table will help your gym. You will love it when you can use the best inversion tables to achieve any fitness goal you want to accomplish.

Compare Top 10 Best Inversion Tables

Product Name



Weight Capacity

User Settings


 Up To


to Buy

innova itx9600

5 out of 5

300 lbs

4′10″ to 6′6″ 

Up to 85 Degrees​​​​

IRONMAN Gravity 4000

5 out of 5

350 lbs​​​​

Up to 6′6″

Up to 90 Degrees​​​​

Teeter EP-560 Ltd.

5 out of 4

300 lbs​​​​

4′8″ to 6′6″

20/40/60 Degrees​​​​

Ironman Gravity 1000

4.5 out of 5

300 lbs

Up to 6′6″

Up to 180 Degrees

Innova ITM4800

4.5 out of 4

300 lbs

4′10″ to 6′6″

Up to 180 Degrees

Teeter EP-960 LTD

4.5 out of 5

300 lbs

4′8″ to 6′6″

20/40/60 Degrees

Invertio Back Stretcher

4.5 out of 5

300 lbs

4′10″ to 6′6″

Up to 180 Degrees

IRONMAN Gravity 3000

4 out of 5

350 lb

Up to 6′6″

Up to 180 Degrees


4 out of 5

350 lb

Up to 6′6″

Up to 180 Degrees

Health Gear ITM5500

3.5 out of 5

300 lb

5′1″ to 6′5″

20/40/60/90 Degrees

10 Best Inversion Tables in 2019 - Reviews

Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table

Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table

Large Capacity

This inversion table is durable to hold the heaviest people easily. You won’t wobble around when you’re exercising on this table. It can hold people up to 300 lbs. allowing just about anyone to use it for their exercises. It accommodates people up to 6’6”, as well.


The table folds up, making it ideal for putting it into storage when you’re not using it. The table includes non-skid feet, making it ideal for anyone that wants to use the table heavily. You can put the table away if you don’t have the perfect place to leave it open.

Adjustable Supports

The Invertio premium folding table allows to adjust the ankle supports to your preference, allowing you to stay attached to the table. it has extra-long padded handles to let you grab onto when you’re done exercising to get off the table easily.

Full Inversion

When you’re using the table, you can go full inversion, allowing yourself to be in the position you want to be. Since you can go full inversion, you can extend your exercise regimen for new and exciting exercises.

Premium Quality Construction

In all, this table features premium quality materials. Steel is widely used to make its frame and other support structures. This material is known for its toughness, reliability, and strength. In light of this, you may be certain that the table will accommodate you no matter how heavy you are. This material is also obstructive to corrosion and damages. The benefits of reduced maintenance costs are yours to reap. The same case applies to reduced breakdowns and injuries.

Luxurious Comfort

You will also reap the benefit of luxurious comfort. This is due to the fact that the backrest, armrest, handrails, couch and other sensitive parts of the table are padded. The foam is extensively used to pad these parts. Being soft, breathable, and comfortable, they reduce pressure and absorb shocks and vibrations. For this reason, you will be able to lie on the table and its parts continuously and for longer than usual.


  • Customizable controls
  • Strong tubular steel construction
  • Sleek black and silver design
  • Supportive foam padding
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Completely adjustable
  • Extra-long 40-inch handrails
  • 8-position adjustable ankle
  • Secure Locking
  • Non-marring composite feet


  • Excellent for decompression therapy
  • Provides back relief
  • Grant fully invert
  • Locks are easy to release after the training session is over
  • Provides the ultimate inversion experience
  • Confers steady, sturdy, and reliable support
  • Protects the floors from scratches and potential damages
  • May be confirmed to unique heights and dimensions of each user
  • Faster and simpler to set up during each use
  • Very safe and secure to utilize at all times


  • The instructions should be clearer
  • Requires some assembly immediately before use
  • Lacks certain vital features

Exerpeutic Inversion Table

Exerpeutic Inversion Table


For those that have a home gym, and multiple people use the gym, this inversion is adjustable. It has a sturdy frame, and you can put it into multiple angles. It has a soft foam padded backrest to keep you comfortable when you’re on the table.

Large Weight Capacity

The Exerpeutic inversion table is sturdy and durable enough to hold people up to 300 lbs. No matter how big or small you are, the table will hold you. Since it’s adjustable, differently sized people can use the table. It’s practical for anyone looking to add to their home gym.

Safety Handle Bars

The safety handle bars are a full loop, allowing you to stay connected to the table when you go to invert. The adjustable tether strap provides you with a safe inversion adjustment for when you’re exercising. No matter how you use the table, you will be safe.

Foam Rollers

The foam rollers allow you to expand your exercises to help you accomplish more for your fitness goals. The ankle cushions hold your ankles comfortably and safely. There is an easy pull pin release to let yourself out when you’re done exercising.

Steel Frame

The frame of an inversion table is by far the most significant of all of its components. The frame is the skeleton that supports and accommodates all the other structures and components such as cushion, armrest, backrest, and pedal. It is made of stainless steel. The materials of this table are the strongest and most reliable. It is pretty strong, tough, and reliable. As such, it assures you of the benefit of complete support.

Adjustable Tether Strap

You will also enjoy the benefit of securing yourself firmly onto the table while inverting. This is made possible by the existence of the adjustable tether strap. This is a short piece of string which you can use to fasten your body onto the table. It is adjustable; meaning that it can respond to the unique size and weight of each user. It secures you from the likelihood of falling off whenever the table is shaken violently.


  • Exerpeutic Therapeutic Fitness 
  • Comfortable Backrest
  • Secure Ankle Locking System
  • Extra Long Handle Bars 
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Easy User Height Adjustment
  • Invert Up to 180-degree Vertical Position
  • Extra Long Handle Bars
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Foam vinyl covered backrest


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is extremely sturdy
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of room
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Relaxes your body
  • Improves your back circulation
  • Prevents any instability when inverting
  • Holds ankles securely and safely
  • Relieves pressure on ligaments and vertebrae discs
  • Increase blood circulations


  • The headrest sits awkwardly
  • Not so strong
  • Returns lower value for money

Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table

Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table

Memory Foam

The memory foam on the Innova ITX9700 table makes it one of the most comfortable tables available. The backrest is extremely comfortable, and the head pillow is removable. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a table that is comfortable to exercise on and get into shape.

Lumbar Pad

The lumbar pad grants you to apply heat or cold to your lower back, helping you relieve any tension. The lumbar pad is universal, so you don’t need to change it out when someone else uses the table. It’s practical for those that need to share the table in their gym.


The table has four different positions for easy positioning. You can invert safely with the safety pin in place. The over strap system will keep you secured to the table when you’re inverted. You won’t fall off the table when you’re completely secured to it.


The table is sturdy enough to hold people over six feet, and weighing up to 300 lbs. No matter who uses the table, they will feel comfortable when they’re using this table. Not only will you lose weight, you’ll feel good when you’re exercising.

Adjustable Head Pillow

The comfort of your head is crucial during an inversion session. This is especially true if you intend to direct a lot of flow of blood to your head. The adjustable head pillow of this table enables your head to achieve this degree of comfort. It is soft, large, padded, and adjustable. Moreover, the pillow itself is warm and comfortable. You will enjoy placing your head on the pillow for too long without feeling fatigued.

Higher Weight Capacity

On the whole, the table is capable of accommodating higher weights. This is brought about by its great physical strength and well as solid frames. In light of this, you can be sure that the table will be able to accommodate you no matter how heavy you are. This is the table to go for in case you have an obese person in mind. It is also fit for handling a higher number of users at a time.


  • Adjustable lumbar pad for hot and cold compress
  • 6-pin angle selection system
  • Comfortable memory foam backrest pad
  • Adjustable headrest pad
  • True Balance system for comfortable inverting
  • Ergonomic ankle holding system
  • Soft foam handlebars
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Heel/ankle U-shape holders
  • Unique 5-position side inversion pin


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It inverts easily
  • You can change the angles
  • Provides for comfortable inverting
  • Allows for easy positioning
  • Extremely safe at all times
  • Comes along with a one-year warranty
  • Returns higher value for money
  • Requires less space to mount
  • Reputable and trusted brand


  • The ankle pads may be uncomfortable
  • Requires clearance from a licensed physician before use
  • Quite weighty (55 pounds/25kg)

Akonza Pro Deluxe Inversion Table

Akonza Pro Deluxe Inversion Table


When you want the table to stop, you can hit the e-brake to stop moving quickly. If you suffer from lower back pain, or another ailment with your lower body, the e-brake makes it easy to control. You won’t have to keep spinning around until you lose momentum with the e-brake.

Roller Hinge

The roller hinge allows user to put the table into three different positions, making it easy to do different exercises. You can rotate from any of the positons when you’re exercising, making it easy to complete an exercise. You’ll appreciate how well you feel when you’re using the table.


If you have multiple people using the table, you can adjust akonza pro deluxe to fit just about anyone. It will adjust for those under five feet to over six feet. No matter who wants to use the table, they can use it comfortably and easily. If you have a home gym, you need one of these in it.

Helps Posture

The inversion table will help your spine reset, and will increase your overall flexibility. For those with compression fatigue, the table will help you work it out, letting you feel great. When you can get into shape and help your back, you’ll feel and look ready to tackle anything.

High-tensile Strength Limiting Strap

​​A good table has to be able to fasten users tightly. This is to prevent them from slipping onto the floor and breaking their bones. This table understands this only better. It does possess a high-tensile strength limiting strap which is exclusively dedicated to this purpose. This strap is strong and sturdy because of its steel construction. It is therefore well able to handle and fasten extremely heavy users with ease.

Adjustable Supports

Other than the robust fastening mechanism, the table also has adjustable support features. These are guardrails, handrails, and backrests among others. These adjustable supports go a long way in enhancing your safety and security while inverting. You will, therefore, less like slip off and fall on the ground while enjoying your inversion session. Being adjustable, the table is well able to accommodate various kinds of users at a time. It, therefore, brings along higher value for your money.


  • Black frame
  • Nylon aprons
  • Heavy-duty ultra-high-strength steel construction
  • Non-rocking frame
  • Composite feet
  • Large and luxuriously padded head and backrest
  • The lower back support cushion
  • Foam roller ankle supports
  • Padded handrails
  • Clearly-marked settings


  • It is excellent value
  • It is sturdy
  • Easy to position yourself
  • Fights compression fatigue
  • Helps posture
  • Increases body flexibility
  • Reduces back stress
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Eliminates back and neck pain
  • Fits perfectly and quickly to any user


  • The ankles could use more padding
  • Not for the ordinary user
  • Shorter height range

Merax Pro Deluxe Ultra-Thick Inversion Table

Merax Pro Deluxe Ultra-Thick Inversion Table

Massage Technology

This Merax Pro inversion table has vibration massage technology combined with a traditional inversion table. You can choose to vibrate and add some heat to help relax any tension in your muscles. You can relieve your stress and back pain when you’re on this table.

Foam Rollers

The foam rollers will secure your ankles, especially when you’re inverted. It’s ideal for those looking for a way to stay connected to the table. Even when you decide to turn upside down, you can rely on the foam rollers to keep you safe and secure to the table.

Pivot Arm Placement

No matter what position you want to put yourself in, you can control it with the arm placement. You will have full control over the table, allowing yourself more exercises. You can accomplish your goals easier, and stretch out any tense muscles with this table.

High Density Foam

The high-density foam provides extreme comfort for you when you’re on the table. You will notice the difference in the comfort levels between this table and other ones on the market. You will be thrilled when you’re exercising comfortably, and getting into shape.

Removable Massage Pad

​Other than merely inverting, you will also enjoy the benefit of massaging your body. This is made possible by the table’s removable massage pad. This is a soft cushion that is padded for extra comfort. It is attached to the table’s top portion and allows you toile flat for the sake of comfortable massage. Being removable, it means you will not have to spend too much of your time and effort to move and handle the table at any given time.

Adjustable Dual-pin System

This table can accommodate various kinds of users. This ability is conferred to it by the adjustable dual-pin system. This is a mechanism by which the height, elevation, and length of the table are adjustable. It also enables you to accrue maximum comfort while carrying out your favorite exercises at all times. For this reason, this table can serve several kinds of people well; without any issues or inconveniences of whichever type.


  • Removable vibration heat and massager
  • Adjustable oversized foam rollers
  • Pivot arm placement
  • Ultra-thick high-density foam
  • Adjustable dual-pin system
  • Strong steel tubular construction
  • Easy fold and roll design
  • Ultra-thick backrest
  • Premium-quality frame
  • Impressive heat massage pad


  • It is comfortable
  • Works around your lumbar
  • It is durable
  • Relieves stress and reduces back pains better and faster
  • Secures the ankles comfortably
  • Gives you complete controls over the movements of the table
  • Confers incredible comfort and enjoyment
  • Accommodates users of varying heights and weights
  • Lets you to exercise in perfect position
  • Provides optimum durability


  • The assembly can be difficult
  • Requires plenty of space to roll out fully
  • Calls for some fair mastery of technical skills to engage

Ironman iControl 400 Inversion Table

Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table


The table provides excellent stability for when you’re exercising, thanks to the steel frame construction. You won’t rock back and forth, or side to side when you’re using this inversion table. The construction is extremely durable, making it practical for any home gym.


The table includes enough padding to keep you comfortable when you’re exercising. It has thick foam for your head, neck, and back. You will be comfortable, even if you’re in the inverted position. When you can exercise comfortably, you’re more likely to stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.


You can lock the table at 180 degrees in the vertical position, thanks to the iControl. It is ideal for those that want to expand their exercise regimen, and try out some new moves on the table. The iControl is optimal for those that work out alone.

Stretching Bar

There is a stretching bar included with this table that provides you some extra stretches before you get started. You can fully stretch out your back muscles, allowing you to tackle any exercises quickly and easily.

Heavy duty Frame Construction

​​Top of its key features is the heavy duty frame construction. Its frame is made using tough and heavy stainless steel. This material and the construction at large brings along two main benefits. For one, it is strong and sturdy enough to accommodate just about any other heavy person. Secondly, it is stable enough to let you carry out any maneuvers with ease and utmost reliability. This is not to mention that you will also use the table for a fairly long duration of time without it getting damaged.

Stretching Bar

In the course of opening and closing the table, your hands and fingers are more likely to be squeezed in between the joints. If and when this happens, your fingers may sustain wounds, bleed, and be prone to other forms of damages. This inversion aims to avert this particular issue as well. It is equipped with a stretching bar whose aim is to prevent your fingers from sustaining injuries in the process of opening or closing the table.


  • User height adjustments 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches
  • Revolutionary iControl Disk Brake System
  • Soft Foam Backrest
  • Full loop foam covered handlebars
  • Ankle Locking System
  • Handle Bars and Item Holder
  • Heavy Duty Frame Construction
  • 180-degree Inverting Position
  • Scratch resistant powder coated finish


  • You can control the braking system
  • The ankle cuffs are easy to adjust
  • The handles are sturdy
  • Accommodates a higher weight capacity (275 pounds/124.7kg)
  • Super quiet and smooth indeed
  • Features the US and International patent-pending iControl system
  • Accompanied by 1-year limited warranty
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Returns to the upright position easily after a workout
  • Exceedingly strong, tough and reliable


  • Disc brake can break easily
  • May be complicated to the average user
  • Moderately expensive

Confidence Pro Folding Inversion Table

Confidence Pro Folding Inversion Table

Decompress Your Spine

This Confidence Pro inversion table will help your back recover from any pain you feel, due to any disc problems. It stimulates your blood flow, and reduces back fatigue from sitting or walking all day. You will feel more relaxed, and less stressed after using the table.


The table is adjustable for anyone under five feet to over six feet. No matter how tall you are, you can use the table comfortably. You can readjust the table if you have it in your home gym. It’s the best way to share the table, especially when you can adjust it for yourself.

Side Covers

The side covers prevent any accidents happening to your fingers. When you’re exercising, you might not focus on your finder placement. Adding an extra layer of security will prevent any accidents, and allow you to work out comfortably. It’s practical for anyone exercising frequently.


The table is made from steel, making it more durable and stable when you’re exercising. No matter how far you want to push your limits, you can use this table to your advantage. It won’t move around, or make adequate noise, making it ideal for any home gym.

Sturdy Steel Construction

​The key feature is the sturdy steel construction. The frame, the support struts, as do all the metallic components feature the steel material. This material is famed world over for its strength, vitality, and support. For this reason, you may count on the table not to let you down at all in times of use. Regardless of your weight or the rigor of your exercise, you may count on it to offer you the needed support.

Side Covers

It also has the rare side cover features. This is an attachment that seals the openings within the joints and parts of the table. As such, they prevent your fingers from getting trapped in between these openings. 

They, therefore, prevent the accompanying problems and issues such as bleedings, perforations, and injuries. This being the case, your safety shall be upheld at all times. You have also conferred the rare privilege of performing rigorous exercises.


  • Adjustable heights (from 5 feet to 6 feet 6 inches)
  • Side covers
  • 22 cm armrest height
  • Table size (110 cm by 49cm)


  • Produces excellent results
  • It is priced reasonably
  • Includes a warranty
  • Decompresses the spine
  • Alleviates back pain
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Relaxes and reduces stress
  • 12-month warranty


  • The instructions are unclear
  • Comes incomplete and in need of assembly
  • Less comprehensive warranty

Ermer Foldable Premium Gravity Inversion Table

Ermer Foldable Premium Gravity Inversion Table


The ermer foldable table is made from steel, providing stability and durability for anyone exercising on the table. No matter how hard you exercise, the table won’t rattle and shake, making it ideal for anyone. You won’t fall over when you’re pushing your limits.

Leather Backrest

The leather backrest provides comfort when you’re exercising, making it ideal for those that love to exercise. You won’t have to deal with too much fatigue on your back and body when you’re exercising. You can accomplish any fitness goals you set your mind to with the table.

Safety Bar

The safety bar provides an extra level of security when you’re inverted. You won’t fall out when the safety bar is holding you up. No matter how you want to exercise, you won’t be limited when you’re using this table. It’s practical for anyone’s home gym.

Reduce Back Issues

Inverted tables are ideal for helping deal with back issues. They provide excellent relief and help your back stretch out and decompress. You’ll feel better, and your posture will improve when you’re using this inversion table to help you accomplish your goals.

Steel Tubular Frame

​​​​Its frame is manufactured using the steel material. It is also tubular in nature and is thus comparatively lighter. This table is lighter than most others that have the same degree of toughness and strength. In case your search for the right inversion table is dictated by the need for use in remote locations. You will find it pretty convenient to carry along and deploy in remote locations with ease.

Thick-padded Backrest Platform

To comfortably seat and support your back, the table has a thick-padded backrest platform. This platform is tough yet comfortable enough to offer the needed support. As such, the table is excellent for working the spine, vertebral column and the entire back portion of your body. Among the other benefits that this platform confers is the ability to straighten the discs that make up the back region. It has the ability indeed to bring them back to shape.


  • Innovative design
  • Full 180-degree inversion
  • Upgraded easy ankle lock-and-release system
  • Adjustable height (from 4 feet to 6 1/2 feet tall
  • 300 pounds maximum weight capacity
  • Stationary designed frame
  • Excellent control mechanism
  • Fold able for easy storage
  • Aesthetic design and construction
  • Maximum comfortable handles


  • Great for beginners
  • It is comfortable
  • It is easy to use
  • Convenient to store and carry around
  • Alleviates back pains
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves joint health
  • Assists to realign and re hydrate vertebral discs
  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Reduces nerve pressure


  • May not be good for everyone
  • Less comprehensive than most tables
  • Not so worthy a purchase

Goplus Foldable 2015 Premium Inversion Table

Goplus Foldable 2015 Premium Gravity Inversion Table


If you’re looking for a table that is easy to adjust, this is the one for you. No matter how tall or short you are, you can put the table in the perfect position for exercising. It’s ideal for anyone looking to start their own home gym. You and others can use the table at your convenience.


The goplus foldable table is durable and stable enough to hold the heaviest people. It will hold people up to 300 lbs. No matter how big or small you are, you can rely on this inversion table to help you lose weight and exercise. You will feel a lot better when you’re using this table.

Comfortable Pad

The pad is comfortable enough for anyone to use. You will notice the difference when you exercise with a comfortable pad. When you’re pushing your limits, you need a comfortable backrest to help you achieve your goals. It’s ideal for anyone with a home gym.

Full Inversion

The table helps you to go full inversion, making it ideal for anyone looking to expand their exercises. No matter what you want to accomplish for your fitness goals, this table will help you. It’s ideal for those serious about getting into shape, and will help you when you need it the most.

Heavy-duty Steel Frame

​A heavy-duty steel frame forms the central support upon which other structures, parts, and components are attached or fixed. Being heavy duty means that the frame is heavy, tough, reliable, and extremely durable. It is pretty resistant to all the familiar elements of wear and tear. It is also stable and reliable. You may look up to it to shed excess weight.

Sturdy and Durable

On the whole, the table is sturdy and durable. It neither shakes nor fidgets, unnecessarily even when subjected to extreme force. On the contrary, it stays firmly fixed onto the ground or floor on which it is mounted. It is also durable in the sense that it is less affected by the agents of deterioration. Because of this, it lasts longer and exudes its benefits without any undue failures or breakdowns.


  • Nylon support pads
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Unprecedented stability


  • It is sturdy
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The table is easy to use
  • Helps posture
  • Increases body flexibility
  • Eliminates back and neck pain
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Fights compression fatigue
  • Restores lost moisture to your discs
  • Returns your discs to the original shapes


  • The ankle pads are uncomfortable
  • Quite an obscure brand
  • Possesses some delicate parts and components

TruBalance Synergy NL Pro Deluxe Inversion Table

TruBalance Synergy NL Pro Deluxe Inversion Table

Folds Up

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home, you need a table that is easy to fold up and put away. This truebalance synergy table folds up into a compact design, allowing you to put it away when you’re not using it. No matter where you want to keep the table, you can put it anywhere you want.

Professional Quality

The table is made from professional parts, making the quality one of the best available. If you don’t want a cheap inversion table made from scraps and other parts, this is the one for you. You’ll enjoy using this inversion table at your leisure.

Padded Support

The table includes padded support for your back, making it ideal for anyone looking to exercise comfortably. You won’t have to worry about your back stiffening up when you’re using this table. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable table to exercise on.

Release Lever

When you’re done exercising, you can use the release lever to get off the table quickly and easily. You don’t have to worry about undoing a lot of straps, or undoing too many bars. It’s ideal for those that need to get off the table quickly.

Unique Adjustable Crossbar

​​Unlike most other tables in existence today, this one has adjustable crossbars. This is simply a metallic frame that runs horizontally and connects the two legs of the table. As stated, it is adjustable in the sense that its length can be diminished to accommodate the limited space available. In consequence of this, you may count on the table to fit just about every other storage space you may have in mind.

Padded Back Support

The table is also an excellent companion for the working of your back. It makes this possible because of the existence of padded back support. This support is tough yet soft and comfortable enough not to inflict further harms and injuries to your back. In light of this, you may place your bet on the table not to let you down at all especially if you have back problems.


  • Extended-release lever
  • Adjustable steel angle bar
  • Heat treated tubular powder-coated steel
  • Easy folding frame
  • Rolled foam ankle supports
  • Durable textured finish steel handles
  • Professional Quality
  • Extra-long safety handles
  • Newest V-fold tubular steel frame
  • Heavy duty industrial quality materials


  • Relieves back pain
  • Easy to use
  • It is stable
  • Accommodates higher weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Does not bend when unlocked
  • Has a higher maximum inverting angle
  • Folds more accessible storage and transportation
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Relieves fatigued, stiff, and painful muscles
  • Slows down aging due to gravity


  • The foam foot rests can move
  • Backed by less comprehensive warranty
  • Less safe when compared to other tables

Things to Consider - An Inversion Table


The size of the table should fit comfortably in your home. You want to make sure there is enough space between the table and anything else in the area. When you’re looking for an inversion table, you want to make sure that it won’t take up too much space, or is too difficult to get in and out of. You can measure the area you want to put it, and see if it will fit properly. You should also make sure you can fit on the table comfortably, and everything fits just right.


You want to make sure the table is stable enough when you’re using it so you don’t fall over. To ensure the table is sturdy, you can make sure it has some rubber on the feet to keep it from slipping. The table should be durable enough to manage heavy people, and won’t rock back and forth when you’re exercising. It’s good practice to make sure the construction is steel, and most of the inversion tables are made from steel. Staying safe is the best way to ensure you stay on top of your fitness goals.


There are different types of foam that inversion tables use, and you want to make sure you get foam that is comfortable for you. Memory foam has started to become a popular choice for inversion tables, which is practical. Other inversion tables choose to use thick padding to keep you comfortable. You should make sure the ankle straps have enough padding to keep you from getting burned when you’re exercising. Finding the right padding for you shouldn’t be too difficult, and most inversion tables provide excellent padding.


The price of the inversion table should fit into your budget. You can get a quality inversion table for a decent price. Even if you’re not paying thousands of dollars for an inversion table, you can find some that are excellent quality for the price. If you think about it, if you’re starting a home gym, you don’t want to spend all your money on one piece of equipment. You would be better off settling for a good quality inversion table, and save some money for other equipment for your home gym.

Full Inversion

The table should let you go full inversion. Even if you’re worried you might fall off the table, there are plenty of safety measures in place. There are safety straps and safety bars to keep you connected to the table. There are some tables that don’t allow you to fully invert, and that won’t help you with your exercise goals. You should make sure the table can fully invert so you can do more exercises. If it doesn’t fully invert, you are limiting the amount of exercises you can do.


You want to make sure the table is easy to assemble, otherwise you will have a lot of issues putting it together. You can pay someone to assemble it for you, but that money will be taken out of your budget. You should make sure the table has all the parts you need to make sure you put it together properly. While some inversion tables may have some tools to help you put it together, you may need some extra tools. Make sure you’re prepared and ready to assemble it yourself, and you should follow the directions to ensure it is ready for you to use.

Top Benefits Of An Inversion Table

No one can deny the fact that inversion tables are great fitness and exercise tools. For one, an inversion table is simply a particular kind of table that permits you to stay in the upside down position. This position has a range of health and fitness benefits. Moreover, it differs from other forms of fitness in that it brings along almost no side effects.

Now we are going to look into the top benefits that the inversion table can confer to you.

Straightens the Back

Straightens the Back

This perhaps is the most significant of all the benefits of the inversion table. From time to time, our backs bend owing to the stress and impacts that they are subjected to. This may cause fractures, impede agility and lead to other health problems, to mention but a few.

These tables are able to restore your backs to the original conditions. This is because they apply some force onto the backbone. In so doing, they make the backbone return to their original straight planes.

Corrects Poor Posture

Corrects Poor Posture

Closely related to the above is the issue of poor posture. When our back is bent, we lose the ability to stand or sit upright. We mainly stay in the bent position. This has the same adverse consequences as the ones discussed above. This posture impedes our mobility and interferes with our agility. You will generally find walking or running around quite daunting.

By use of the inversion table, this condition can be reversed. This stems from the fact that the table and the posture it allows us to stay in have the impact of realigning the bones of the back, vertebral column, and the spine.

Aids in the Circulation of Blood

When in the upright position, the blood has to be pumped against gravity to reach the heart, head, brain, and the upper parts of the body. This may be a daunting task to the heart due to the need to put in the extra effort. This, however, is not the case when the body is inverted.

The position allows blood to flow along the force and direction of gravity to the heart. This minimizes the effort that the heart has to put to make the blood reach the said parts of the body.

Promotes Breathing

Promotes Breathing

Like the heart, the diaphragm also has to pump air into the lungs against gravity when we are in the upright position. This impedes the smooth flow of air as is the case with blood. It leads to the deprivation of oxygen and the accompanying side effects.

When you utilize the inversion table, you reverse the direction of the functioning of the diaphragm. You make it easier for it to pump air into the lungs. This leads to improved breathing and healthier bodies.

Strengthens the Muscles

Strengthens the Muscles

By being in the inverted position, you also get to work out your body muscles. This happens mainly by reason of furnishing extra force and gravity on the upper portions of your body. Muscles are generally strengthened by use and weakened by disuse.

These extra force and gravity thus have the tendency to strengthening them. This is especially the case for the upper portions of the body such as hands, chest, and head regions. They are the ones that are rarely subjected to such forces under normal circumstances.

Combats Varicose Veins

Varicose veins arise whenever the flow of blood in the veins is impeded. Faulty valves mainly cause them in the veins or inelastic veins. They cause blood to accumulate at strategic locations within these veins. This may lead to several health issues.

The upside-down position allows blood to flow unhindered. The position, therefore, eliminates clots and other impediments within the circulatory system. This, in turn, helps to combat these varicose veins. It also brings along the benefit of enhanced circulation of blood as a whole.

Sheds Excess Weights

Sheds Excess Weights

It is no secret that a robust breathing, faster flows of blood, and strengthen muscles all have a bearing on weight loss. When blood flows faster, it furnishes oxygen and heat which burns the unwanted fat from the body.

The same case applies when you breathe faster and have stronger muscles. Oxygen, which is a crucial ingredient of the elimination of fat, is supplied in plenty. This oxygen burns excess fat to leave behind a leaner mass. The table does not introduce harmful chemicals to the body or leave behind undesirable side effects.

Boosts Mood and Suppresses Stress

Exercises generally speaking have a positive impact on the mood. When you exercise, your body releases plenty of ‘feel happy’ hormones called endorphins. These hormones travel to all the corners of the body. They leave behind an invigorating effect on all the parts of the body concerned.

This feeling of happiness will leave you energized and ready to face your day with zeal and zest. It also slows down the cancers and other chronic conditions. You, therefore, end up living longer than ordinarily would have been the case.

Expedites the Detoxification of the Body

Your body accumulates plenty of toxins mainly from the foods you eat. Foods that are rich in sugar, fat, acid and salt are the key sources of these toxins. If and when these toxins are not eliminated in time, they will usually pile up and inflict untold damages to the various parts of the body.

When you exercise using the inversion table, you aid in the elimination of these toxins. This is mainly by reason of boosting the flow of blood, raising the levels of metabolism, and invigorating of the various bodily functions.

Simpler to Use

Lastly, these tables are generally easier to use. They do not require you to acquire or possess too technical skills to be able to master and engage. They are also comparatively easier to set up and utilize. This is not to mention that they hardly bring along any side effects.

In light of this, you will not have to break a sweat to use them at all. You will also receive the accompanying benefits but without the accompanying side effects. This contrasts sharply with other fitness equipment of its kind.

Well, as you may see from the foregoing, the benefits of the inversion table are too numerous to ignore at all. This being the case, you have no choice but to make an effort to acquire at last one and permanently keep it.

In case that cannot happen, then you are strongly advised to enroll in a gym and leverage its benefits. Check out other pages on this site to gain greater insight into how to help yourself on this.

Inversion Table Buying Guide

With so many inversion tables out there on the market, chances are you might not know how to obtain the right one. That is why you need a buying guide of this kind. We are going to meet that particular need precisely.

We have carried out in-depth research into the subject matter. We have identified those traits that the ideal inversion table ought to possess. We are going to examine them in greater details in the proceeding discussions. We hope this will give you the guidance you badly need to get started.
Ideally, an inversion table has to possess the following traits:

Strong and Durable

This is perhaps the most outstanding of all the traits. Turning upside down is a risky and demanding undertaking indeed. For this reason, the table has to be very strong and durable. This is to prevent it from breaking apart while suspending on it.

It is also necessary to minimize the likelihood of back problems and other associated issues arising in the course of an exercise. Be sure that it is manufactured using the most robust and most reliable materials available.


Your dimensions will typically change with time. These include such aspects as weight, height, and physical stature. Moreover, the chances are that at any given time, there could be more than one person who intends to utilize the inversion table.

For these two reasons, it is crucial that the table be adjustable. This is to mean that its dimensions should be able to increase or decrease. If this is the case, the table will be in the position to accommodate all kinds of users and ‘grow’ with your size.


Stability is, by all means, crucial in an exercise. This is due to the need to prevent the table from sliding and inflicting injuries and other problems. For this trait to be guaranteed, the table has to be more comprehensive and more substantial at the base than at the top.

It should also, if possible, possess clamps and other accessories through which it may be fixed firmly on the floor. This again is to minimize the likelihood of it slipping off and harming you while in practice.

Reputable Brand

The manufacture, sale, and distribution of inversion tables are awash with several players. These players differ in their operational models and quality of products. Some brands of the inversion table have particularly stood out as being reliable and consistent in their overall quality.

As of the year 2018, these are the top inversion table brands: Teeter, Innova, and Ironman. They are stronger, more durable, and more likely to yield you a higher degree of satisfaction. Consider giving them a more top priority while searching for the right table for your back.


You definitely would not wish to break your back while on the lookout for the right inversion table. That is why you must also put into consideration the amount of money you have at your disposal. You must also see to it that the table you eventually acquire falls within your budget space.

For you to achieve these two ends, be sure that you carry out some feasibility study first and foremost. Proceed after that talk over a table that satisfies the two preconditions stated.

Backed by Generous Warranty

It is, by all means, necessary that a generous manufacturer’s warranty backs the inversion table you choose. This is for two reasons. For one, these tables are generally expensive. You, therefore, cannot gamble but see to it that you make the right possible choice or purchasing decision.

Secondly, they are prone to accidents and damages. This is since they are designed to accommodate large weights and awkward body positions. A generous warranty will help you to manage these issues if and when they arise.

Effective Motor

Though not a must, top inversion table has to possess a motor. This is to provide the rotational force that is necessary to power the movable parts and components. This power reduces or eliminates human effort. It is the process expedites the processes of workouts and muscle building.

The existence of this motor, therefore, enables you to work out your back and other body parts for an extended duration of time. This is not to mention that it reduces the likelihood that fatigue might arise and interfere with your enjoyment of the workouts.

Back Pads

Even though these tables are primarily designed to work out your back and spine, they still have to be comfortable. This is especially the case if you plan to use them for a prolonged duration of time.

Perhaps the best way to guarantee this maximum comfort is to be sure that they have back pads. These are soft cushions that are placed in the back areas of the table. They provide your back with a place to rest on and minimize discomfort.

Stable and Flexible Frame

It is the frame that provides the skeleton on which the other parts and components are fixed. It also provides support to the rest of the structures of the table. For this reasons, the frame has to be very tough, durable and stable. It is only then that it can be able to perform demanding and rigorous maneuvers too.

Closely related to the above consideration for flexibility. The exercises that are carried out using these tables are ordinarily rigorous and demanding. This is why it is also essential that the frame be flexible.

Comfortable Weight Capacity

Lastly, you have to be sure that the inversion table of choice has a comfortable weight capacity. In case you choose a table that has a limited weight capacity, you might end up breaking it apart. It may also not offer much help to any cadres of users.

Be sure to check out your weight first. Proceed after that to find one that closely accommodates your weight as possible. Give a reasonable extra allowance just in case your weight increases in the process.


Well, as you can see, the ideal inversion table has to possess very many outstanding traits and features. This is vital because there is absolutely no room for error. Any oversights and issues may often bring along undesirable consequences.

In light of this, we urge you to invest some time to make comparisons of various products before settling for the right one. You may also invoke the assistance of an expert in the field to help you out. You would not wish to gamble with your life, would you?

Top 10 Inversion Table Brands

The field of the manufacture of inversion tables is awash with several players, brands, and manufacturers. These manufacturers have varying specialties and also avail their tables at different prices. This makes the task of finding the best table by brand quite a challenging and daunting task.

Luckily, this ought not to be the case. We are here to help you out on this. We have carried out extensive research and identified the ten leading brands of the inversion table.

We are glad to discuss them here below:


This company came into existence in 1981. Roger Teeter founded it. In all, the company produces products that are higher in quality. Its services are also robust and are intended to bring out the best in others.

Its inversion tables are very robust and effective. They are durable, highly adjustable, and stable enough to let you carry out whichever maneuver you may want. They are also backed by generous warranty to safeguard you from any mishaps for a limited duration after purchase.


As the name suggests, Ironman inversion tables are pretty strong and durable just like iron is. This is because they are constructed chiefly of steel frames and are coated with scratch-resistant powder finish. They also have a higher weight capacity. They can accommodate a whopping 300 pounds.

These tables are chiefly for those persons who are intent on shedding off extra weight. They are also well able to handle rigorous exercising and are hence suited for intense physical activity.

Pure Fitness

Slimness is the crucial trait of this inversion table. The inversion tables that are generated by this brand are incredibly compact. They can fit just about every other open space. This, notwithstanding the fact that they still exude the benefits that are brought about by ‘ordinary’ tables.

In all, you will find these tables more comfortable to use. They have curved handles for greater grip are adjustable, and may assume three positions at a time. The brand is very reputable and is hence reliable in the long run.


Innova specializes in the manufacture of heavy duty inversion tables. These are weighty, tough, and strong inversion tables. They are intended for intense, frequent, and prolonged use. They are also stationary for a large part as they may not be quickly moved out and about a given space.

In case you plan to open a gym, this indeed is the brand to look up to. You will obtain a higher value for your money besides spending less to repair and maintain the tables in the long run.


Short on space, or intending to exercise in a remote location? Try the Exerpeutic brand. This company specializes in the manufacture of inversion tables that are foldable. For this reason, you will find their products quite simple to move around and use in the most remote of locations.

Notwithstanding their foldable nature, they still bear the same traits as the standard tables. They are durable, reliable, and more straightforward to use. Moreover, the tables are accompanied by instruction manual for ease of use.

Health Mark

In case your search for the right inversion table is informed by the need to relax your back, relieve stress, and decompress your spine, the Health Mark brand is all you need. This is because the brand is intended explicitly for the accomplishments of the said workout objectives.

The brand is a bit technical though and is hence mainly usable by massage therapists and other cadres of users with the right technical skill. Because of this, the brand finds mostly applications in gyms and other commercial fitness centers.


Invertio inversion tables are wholly intended for home use. They are cheaper to afford, lighter in weight, durable, foldable, and compact in size. They are therefore able to fit small storage spaces and still exude the benefits of a standard inversion table.

Since the brand is mainly dedicated to home use products, the quality f the products are still superb. They exhibit superior construction, luxurious comfort, and may be customized to suit your unique preferences, size, and weight. They are therefore quite handy to utilize.


Sometimes working out the back and spine is not enough. You may need to go a step further and massage the various parts of your body. To expedite time and obtain impressive outcomes, you desperately want a table that is dual purpose. The Merax brand is indeed yours for the taking.

The brands comprise the vibration massage and can, therefore, carry out dual purposes of working your back and massaging your body. The tables also heat the body and are hence a great possession especially in the winter months.


The Stamina brand of inversion tables is intended for use in remote areas or locations. As such, they are extremely portable, very convenient to utilize, and highly versatile. Unlike most other brands, Stamina tables engage and work out the entire body.

It also manufactures and supplies Wonder Arms as a part of the inversion table package. These are artificial arms that are designed to work out your hands and arms, chest, backs, and shoulders. As you may see, this indeed is the most outstanding and comprehensive brand.

Body Champ

Fitness need not necessarily be a manual undertaking. It can be automated for the sake of expediting time and enhancing the overall experience. For this feat to be achieved, the machine in use has to be programmable and automated.

These are the needs that the Body Champ brands are designed to meet. Its tables are programmable, are automated, have sensors, and an anchor person of other elegant modern features. They require minimal attention to operate and are on the whole very resourceful. They, however, need a good mastery of the relevant technical skills. You may not find them that much use if you lack these vital skills.

Closing Remarks

Well, all of the ten brands we have highlighted and discussed above are indeed reputable, reliable, and confer greater returns to the value invested. You should, therefore, make it a point of settling for at least one of the brands in your search for the right inversion table.

As you may also have noted, each brand has its area of specialization. Some are designed for regular use, others for whole body workouts, others for use in remote locations, and so on. Factor this as well as your search for the right table.

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Final Verdict

For those looking for an inversion table, there is plenty to choose from. If you’re thinking about getting an inversion table, you should consider getting the Goplus Foldable 2015 Premium Gravity Inversion Table. It is easy to assemble and helps you to do any exercise you want. It’s ideal for those looking for a starter for their home gym.

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