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24 Best Kettlebells Exercises

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Are you looking to exercise thoroughly and effectively? Think of the kettlebells. These are steel balls that are made of cast iron. They comprise some handles which are attached to their tops. With these balls, you may be able to perform numerous kinds of exercising.

We have sampled many of the best kettlebells exercises. The conversations that follow shall showcase to you how best to utilize this equipment for your robust health and care. We believe that you shall derive the very best of them after going through this review.

24 Best Kettlebells Exercises

i. Kettlebell Snatch

a) Targets: core, ribs, quads, shoulders, hamstrings, and pelvis.
b) Level: Intermediate
c) How to:

  • Stand and stretch your feet and shoulders wide apart.
  • Hold a kettlebell in your right hand. Place it at your shoulders.
  • Hold the handle of the kettlebell diagonally. This should be right above your hand or close fingers.
  • Press the bell to lock out your elbow.
  • Lower your ribs, core, and pelvis to the floor level.
  • Lower the kettlebell weight to the rack position.
  • Bend your forearm inwards to the middle of your body. At the same time, extend your elbow. This shall allow gravity to pull the bell towards the floor.
  • Extend your hips to stand tall when they are fully bent. Rise while pulling your elbow straight vertically.
  • Do so until you cannot rise any more. It is one of the best kettlebells exercises.

ii. Kettlebell Windmill

a) Targets: hips, shoulders, core muscles, and abdominals
b) Level: Intermediate and Advanced
c) How to: Take a wider stance which is shoulder width. Place the feet in the position at about 45° from the arms. Make appropriate adjustments if need be. Angle your feet. Do so by turning on the ball or heel respectively. Perform the ‘shift and lift’.

Do so at a 45° angle to get the leg in a vertical position. Extend the hips and legs as much as possible. Keep the rear heel down. Extend the upper body in a straight line from the hips. Rotate the t-spine to let the arm that holds the kettlebell vertical. Ride down the interior of your front leg to provide the guide.

iii. Kettlebell Clean

kettlebell clean

a) Targets: wrist, chest, forearm, glutes, quadriceps, core, deltoids, and rhomboids
b) Level: Basic
c) How to: Stretch the feet shoulder-wide apart. Place the kettlebell on the floor. Put it right in front of you and in between your feet. Bend slightly at the knees. Grasp the kettlebell and pull it right back between your legs. Use one of your hands to generate the momentum.

Drive your hips forwards. Straighten your back to trigger the upwards motions of the kettlebell. Let the kettlebell go past the height of the belly button. Pull it back gently. Slide your fist around and under it. Push it out to enable it to swing down between your legs. Repeat the exercise severally.

iv. Kettlebell Clean and Press

a) Targets: upper body, lower body, forearm, lats, traps, upper back, and biceps
b) Level: Advanced
c) How to: Bend your waist downwards. Pick up the kettlebell. Let it swing freely in between your legs. Place your upper arm against your side. Do so by employing the pulling up motion. This is much like starting a lawnmower. Implement the uppercut motion thereafter. This will strengthen the arms and core.

Next, place the bell end upwards. Fix it between your forearm and biceps. From this position, press the kettlebell. Make it get straight up to lock out your arms. Return it to rack position. Drop the weight smoothly into a swing. Take care not to jerk your arms. Repeat the entire exercise over again.

v. Kettlebell Goblet Squat

kettlebell goblet squat

a) Targets: shoulders, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and quads
b) Level: Intermediate
c) How to: Get hold of a kettlebell. Place it at the chest level. Put your feet in a squat stance. Your heels should be hip wide apart. Sit the hips below the heels. Pull your groin between the thighs. Descend as you support your weight.

Let it stay above the chest line. While at the bottom, contract your muscles. Raise your chest high with the weight. Pause periodically to feel the need to resist the forward flexion. While standing, lift the weight and chest. Make them stay higher than your chest. Never shoot your hips backward. Repeat a couple of times, for best results.

vi. Kettlebell Push Press

kettlebell push press

a) Targets: shoulders, triceps, and chest
b) Level: Intermediate
c) How to: Raise some two kettlebells. Place them at the levels of your shoulders. Squat down a few inches. Reverse the motions faster and effectively. Take advantage of the momentum from your legs. Use them to propel the weights above your heads.

Lock the kettlebells. As soon as this is done, lower them. Place them at the chest level. Repeat the exercise a couple of times for better outcomes.

vii. Kettlebell Turkish Get-up

a) Targets: core, abdomen, and chest
b) Level: Advanced
c) How to: This by far is the most complicated exercise. To implement it, lie with your face up. Hold a kettlebell in your left hand. Extend your arms. Fix your eyes on the bell. Put your left knee bent and your other foot planted firmly. Extend your right arm and legs. Fix them at an angle of around 45°.

Roll your forearm and right hip forcefully. Lock your left arm in place all along. Drive the knuckles of your left hand towards your ceilings. Press your right palm firmly onto the floor. Maintain your left arm straight over your head. Throw your right leg right behind you.

Place your right knee down onto the floor. Maintain your left arm straight with your eyes firmly fixed on the bell. While in this position, press through your left foot. This is to raise your hips high. Raise yourself to your right hand. Extend your right leg with the heel on the floor. Create a straight line with your arms.

Lift your right hand off the floor. This is to rise to kneel. Maintain the position of the left arm using your biceps and as close to your ears as possible. Tighten your abs at the same time. Lastly, remove your eyes from the bell. Instead, look straight ahead of you. Stand up. Squeeze your glutes. Pull your shoulder blades downwards and backward. Maintain a solid trunk at all times.

viii. Kettlebell Thruster (Squat and Press)

a) Targets: triceps, glutes, upper traps, hamstrings, hip flexors, quadriceps, and shoulders
b) Level: Intermediate
c) How to: Extend the legs and hips to clean the kettlebells. Pull them towards your shoulders. Rotate your wrists in the process of so doing. Proceed from this starting point onwards. Squat as you flex your knees and hips. Lower your hips in between your legs. Keep an upright and straight back in the process of descending as low as you possibly can.

While at the bottom, reverse your direction. Stand while extending your hips and knees. Push them down through your heels. Press the kettlebells overhead as you do so. Extend your arms straight up. Use the momentum from your squat to drive your weight upwards. Proceed to the next repetition. Return your weight to your shoulders.

ix. Kettlebell Halo

a) Targets: shoulders
b) Level: Basic
c) How to: Hold the ball or the body of the kettlebell. Turn the kettlebell towards the back of your next. Turn the kettlebell over at your neck’s back. Alternatively, hold the kettlebell upside down by its horns. This is the same one that is utilized by the Goblet Squat.

Again it should be turned at an angle of 180° at the back of your neck. You have the options of either performing one direction severally before proceeding to another one. You will experience some better flows in so doing.

x. Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift

a) Targets: Hamstring muscles, oblique, cores, gluteus, trapezius, and forearm
b) Level: Advanced
c) How to: This exercise is pretty similar to the kettlebell single-handed deadlift. It, however, requires that you maintain a very flat lower back. At the same time, you have to bend forwards from your hips. Keep your chest up. Place your focus down at around 3 feet right in front of you. Do not open the hips excessively.

Keep the rear toes pointing downwards rather than outwards. Corkscrew your rear foot inwards. Your leg that is standing ought to have some slightly soft knee. Do not lock out your knees fully. If you have to bend forwards, do so only as far as the hamstrings might permit. Do not reach drop or reach your shoulder. As your lower backs begin to bend, you get to attain your maximum capability. Struggle to touch the floor. Gauge the depth by using the small box or steps. Maintain a good grip at all times of the exercise. This is to make your shoulder muscles stable.

xi. Kettlebell Overhead Press

a) Targets: upper body, core, shoulders
b) Level: Intermediate
c) How to: Pick the kettlebell safely. Invert it by the horns. Maintain the core tension at this time. Press the kettlebell overhead. Pull the kettlebell downward to its position actively. Repeat the above exercises a couple of times. Keep this kettlebell right in front for you. Prevent it from getting directly above your heat. Do so by placing it right at the top position. Desist from over-extending your lower back. Squeeze your glutes. Exercise moderately to spare your spine throughout the exercising regime.

xii. Kettlebell Arm Bar

a) Targets: arms
b) Level: Basic
c) How to: Lie with your face on the ground. Place the kettlebell right next to your right shoulder. Grab it with your both hands by rolling onto your side. Roll onto your back a second time. Press the kettlebell up. While at it, maintain your arms vertical. Put your left arm on the ground. Extend it over your head. Place the biceps next to your ear. Bend your right leg. Spread your foot flat on the ground or floor. Push through your foot. Roll onto your left side by rotating your hips carefully. Keep the kettlebell overhead.

Spread your arms out. You will feel some stretch in your chest as well as the thoracic spine. Roll on your left side as far as you can. Stretch your legs fully to attain a greater range of motion. Re-position as needed with your hips. Repeat the steps on your opposite side.

xiii. Kettlebell Slingshot

a) Targets: core, obliques, abs, arms, and back
b) Level: Advanced
c) How to: Hold the kettlebell with your one hand. Bend your arm slightly at the elbow joint. Lift the kettlebell to the level of your chest. Swing it behind your back. Grab it with your other hand. Swing the kettlebell around your body. Be careful while changing over your hands. Swap and swing it around your body. Perform a number of repetitions for improved functionality.

xiv. Kettlebell Overhead Squat

a) Targets: shoulders, and legs
b) Level: Basic
c) How to: Hold the kettlebell in your hand. Extend your arm outwards. Put it directly above your head. At the same time, spread your legs at a distance of about shoulder-wide. Bend your knees. Squat down by lowering yourself. Keep the kettlebell extended. Balance by using another arm. Repeat the whole process.

xv. Kettlebell Good Morning

a) Targets: feet, chest, shoulders, and knees
b) Level: Intermediate
c) How to: Hold the kettlebell by the horns. Take it over your shoulder. Rest it comfortably in between your shoulder blades. Do not let it dig your spine. Keep your elbows nice and close together. Maintain your chest hinged at your hips. Push your buttocks backward. Do so to your weight over your heels. Bend your knees slightly. Keep your lower back flat while your chest up throughout your exercising duration. Go down as far as you probably can. Do not compromise your technique. Work on the flexibility of your hips and hamstrings by going deeper.

xvi. Kettlebell Side Lunge

a) Targets: thighs, lower back, and hips
b) Level: Advanced
c) How to: Generally speaking, this exercise will enhance your training. It is also great for functional strength and hip mobility. Lunge to your side to place large demands on your quads and buttocks. Use both hands to hold the kettlebell. Keep them high on your chest under your chin. Kindly ensure that you do not strain your lower back. Lower the weight to your midsection. You will feel your back extensors struggling to maintain your spine upright. Keep the kettlebell as high as possible.

xvii. Kettlebell Pistol Squat

a) Targets: hips, legs, and lower back
b) Level: Advanced
c) How to: Hold one of your legs off of the floor. Squat down on the other one. Flex the knee and sit back with your hips. Hold the kettlebell up in front of you. Hold its bottom for one second. Maintain your weight at the back and on your mid-foot and heels. Reverse the motion. Drive through the heel. Keep head and chest up as you do so. Lower your weight slowly until you hit the rock bottom. Pause for some 2-3 seconds before proceeding. Repeat the procedures a couple of time.

xviii. Kettlebell Deck Squat

a) Targets: hips, back and abdomen
b) Level: Intermediate
c) How to: Squat to the bottom and then roll backward. Plant your feet firmly on the floor. Place the kettlebell over your head. Perform a bridge. Throw your arms forwards and backward. Use the momentum of the kettlebell to do so. Stand back to the starting position. You will need some good hip mobility to succeed in this exercise. You might struggle if you are unable to perform a simple deep squat. To make it easier, you might want to separate your feet far apart. Practice severally for better outcomes.

xix. Kettlebell Bottoms Up Clean

a) Targets: core, lower abdomen
b) Level: Intermediate
c) How to: In this exercise, you will try and pause the kettlebell. Hold it for a couple of seconds. Take the kettlebell back down. Repeat the procedure severally. While in that low position, keep the flat of the back nicely. At the same time, your core should be nice and tight. Pause and then re-attempt the procedure. Drive, pause, and then back down again. While at it, behold the kettlebell keenly. Be sure not to fall towards your face.

xx. Kettlebell Bottoms-up Press

a) Targets: glutes and abdominals
b) Level: Intermediate
c) How to: Lock your body in a stronger position. Take a strong breath in. Lock your legs, abdominals, and glutes. Pack your shoulders strongly inside their sockets. Ball the opposite hands into some fists. Increase the tension with which you hold the ball. Squeeze the handles continuously and faster. Press the bell straight upwards.

xxi. Kettlebell Squat and Press

a) Targets: palms, hands, wrists, and arms
b) Level: Advanced
c) How to: Grab the kettlebell right in front of your thighs. Use both hands with the palms facing in. Spread your feet at a distance that is hip wide. Bend your knees slightly. Hinge your hips appropriately. Push your butt backward. Lower your torso and the kettlebell towards the ground. Place your shoulders backward and your back flat.

xxii. Kettlebell High Pulls

a) Targets: trapezius, rhomboid, abdominal, gluteus, and hamstring
b) Level: Basic
c) How to: Hold a one-handed swing at the top. Pull the kettlebell towards your shoulder. Maintain your wrist both horizontal and straight. Raise your elbow high. Push the kettlebell back out a second time. Maintain it along the original path. It will drop back down into the lower parts of the swing. Repeat the movements. Breathe rhythmically from time to time. Employ some great wrist strength and forearm. Control the kettlebell appropriately. Take care of the sweat and grease. Let them not interfere with your grip. You do not want to slip or fall.

xxiii. Kettlebell Bob and Weave

a) Targets: thighs
b) Level: Basic
c) How to: Hold of the kettlebells by their horns. Squat and lunge to one of your side. Pretend that you are ducking under some imaginary line. Straighten your back up. Duck to that other side.

xxiv. Kettlebell Clean and Push Press

a) Targets: shoulder and chest
b) Level: Basic
c) How to: Clean the kettlebell up. Place it in a rack position. Bend your knees slightly. Push your hips back to perform a quarter squat. Drive your hips forwards. Straighten your legs. Perform the movements vigorously. Pop the kettle bell out of the rack position. Press it a little. This is to implement the first part of the press. Employ the shoulder power to do the rest.


It is not enough to know about the best kettlebells workouts as demonstrated above. It pays to take the next bold step to acquire and leverage their awesome benefits. That is why we now encourage you to skim the list above and identify the right exercise for your unique circumstance. You should thereafter proceed to buy the kettlebell and implement the exercise. You are not the only one who wants to stay in shape, aren’t you? Do go ahead and share this information as far wide as you possibly can. All the best in your next fitness undertaking!

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