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Best Medicine Ball Rebounder [10 Affordable]

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Are you in search of throw and catch exercise? Then the best medicine ball rebounders can be the solution for you. It not only improve your reflex but also burn calories to keep you fit. Also, you will find mini trampolines that allow you to jump for a better cardio workout. It is fun to strengthen your muscles without trying any hard rocks.

In most cases, these units have adjustable angles to challenge you in multiple workouts. You can try sit-up throws, head-over throws, lunge jump throws, and more. Some brands are foldable and offers space-saving design. Also, they are easy to assemble and are constructed with durable material. The anti-slid legs assure safety. To know a lot more about them, let’s focus on some market hits.

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Top 10 Best medicine ball rebounder

  1. Day1Fitness Medicine Ball Rebounder
  2. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline
  3. Maximus Life Indoor Mini Trampoline Rebounder
  4. Champion Sports Medicine Ball Rebounder
  5. BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline Rebounder
  6. Body-Solid GBR10 Medicine Ball
  7. SereneLife Adjustable Mini Rebounder
  8. Valor Fitness RX-T2 Med Ball Rebound
  9. MOVTOTOP Mini Trampoline
  10. ATIVAFIT Foldable Trampoline Rebounder

1. Day1Fitness Medicine Ball Rebounder

This unit is of pure quality. The Day1Fitness medicine ball rebounder is built with sturdy stainless steel and extra-wide trampoline surfaces. It features nine adjustable positions from 27 to 33.5 inches incline. Not only that, but also, it is convenient to store up to 5 medicine balls.

No wonder it offers a wide range of workouts. Yes, you can try jump lunge throws, overhead throws, sit-up throws, and lot more. It is perfect for both professional and personal uses. If you are not satisfied with this med ball rebounder, the company will refund it in the first 30 days.


  • Adjustable to 9 different positions.
  • Storage up to 5 medicine balls.
  • Extra-wide surface with protective cover.
  • 30 days of full refund.


  • It is a bit costly.

2. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Who does not want to improve cardio and burn calories with ease? This trampoline is the perfect package for this. Its heavy-duty rebounding surface supports users up to 250 pounds. Also, this convenient trampoline is 36 inches wide and foldable.

To add more, it is easy to assemble and is safe with 30 tension resistance bands. Not only that, but also it has six detachable rubber-tipped legs to protect floor space. Guess what? It includes three online workout videos- of which there are two high energy routines to prepare your goals. This trampoline features a safety pad to cover bands. That assures safety in bouncing.


  • Thirty tension resistance bands.
  • The trampoline supports up to 250 pounds.
  • Three online workout videos.


  • No refund or warranty.

3. Maximus Life Indoor Mini Trampoline Rebounder Maximus Life Indoor Mini Trampoline Rebounder

What if a fitness trampoline offers online videos, a workout DVD, and a bounce counter? Watch out this brand where you can try whole-body workouts and burn some calories away. It is also great to tone and strengthens your body muscles at the same time.

This trampoline is excellent as it does not require to assemble every time. The foldable design is 32 inches wide and can sustain up to 120kg persons. This is not only great for aerobics or cardio but also detoxifies the body and drains the lymphatic system. The unit is backed by customer support and a full warranty.


  • No assembly required.
  • Workout DVD and online videos.
  • Offers bounce counter.


  • Springs may break on regular uses.

4. Champion Sports Medicine Ball Rebounder Champion Sports Medicine Ball Rebounder

As the name suggests, this is a true champion for medicine ball rebounder. Unlike most other units, this is adjustable to 60 degrees for more variations in the workout. Also, it features 28 inches diameter multi-purpose rebounder. That is just perfect for beginners and anyone with rehabilitation exercise.

Though it does not come up with warranties but it is built with a solid tubular steel frame. Not only that but also it has a neoprene grip for stability in long term uses. Furthermore, it features a built-in tray to hold balls separately.


  • Adjustable angles up to 60 degrees.
  • Solid handles with neoprene grip.
  • Built-in tray to hold balls.


  • No warranty.

5. BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline Rebounder BCAN 40


This is an amazing foldable mini-trampoline. It comes with four adjustable handle heights from 32 to 42 inches. Also, it is covered with foam material for better grip and comfort. Also, its high-quality steel material and PP material can sustain loads up to 330lbs.

The best is yet to count. Yes, it is foldable to 1/4th of its sizes. So, it is easy to store in a car trunk, closet, or even under the bed. Also, it is unique for its closed design and steel spring for added safety. The unit is anti-slip because of its rubber padding on six detachable steel tubes.

Other than that, its PP mat is waterproof and easy to clean. Besides, you will get one year of warranty and lifetime after-sale service on this. The unit is so efficient that only 10 minutes of jumping will burn a heck of calories. Yes, it is possible to burn calories equivalent to 20 minutes of swimming, 30 minutes of cycling, and one hour of jogging.


  • Lifetime after-sale service.
  • Anti-slid and waterproof.
  • Adjustable foam handles.


  • Springs may squeak.

6. Body-Solid GBR10 Medicine Ball


This is a classic med ball rebounder. The sturdy unit features 2in x2 in the frame and reinforced extra strength nylon trampoline. Its nylon safety skirt covers the spring to avoid contact with hands or med balls during uses. Not only that, but also, it has a medicine ball storage area behind the trampoline.

Unlike most other units, it has four weighted plate storage horns. So, it helps to save extra floor space. You can also adjust its trampoline to 8 different angles from 30 to 60 degrees. So, you can perform versatile workouts from different angles to challenge yourself. It is just perfect for sit-up throws, jump lunge throws, standing side throws, and more.


  • Adjustable to eight different angles.
  • Storage area for medicine balls.
  • Weight plate storage horn.


  • No warranty.

7. SereneLife Adjustable Mini Rebounder SereneLife Adjustable Mini Rebounder


The SereneLife Sports Adult Size Trampoline is pure quality in an affordable range. To ensure sustained bouncing and coil spring for high elasticity, it is built with heavy-duty polypropylene material. Its assemble size at 40″ x 35-46″ from the ground to the top. It is also a unit to support loads up to 220lbs.

Well, that’s not all! It has a padded handlebar for safe and comfortable gripping. You can adjust its height from 35 to 46 inches, depending on your height. This is an absolute space-saver. Why? You can fold it and store it to any corner of your home or gym. It is easy to assemble, and the company offers a free kit bag.


  • Foldable and space saver.
  • Height adjustable padded handlebar.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • No warranty.

8. Valor Fitness RX-T2 Med Ball Rebound

Valor has been one of the famous brands of fitness for home gym equipment. The Valor med ball rebounder is also a quality piece with a heavy-duty solid steel frame. It features 36 inches wide extra strength nylon trampoline. Because of its nylon safety skirts, it covers spring and prevents contact from medicine balls.

Like other quality trampolines, it has eight adjustable angles. From lower to higher, this varies from 32 to 55-degree angles. The unit is also versatile for wide ranges of workouts. You can try, standing side throws, other throws, overhead throws, sit up throws, medicine ball crunches, and a lot more.

However, it is also good for rehabilitation, circuits, cross-training, and others. The unit features three different med ball storage on sides. Besides, the rear of the trampoline helps to keep the floor clean and organized for you. Make sure it is not for human propulsion but only for home and light commercial uses.


  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Adjustable to eight different positions.
  • Three different med ball storage areas.


  • No warranty or refund policy.

9. MOVTOTOP Mini Trampoline

Let’s focus on a trampoline that is easy to assemble and takes a maximum load. MOVTOTOP mini trampoline is so good that it can sustain impacts of 300 pounds. Furthermore, it features 32 great resistance spring and stainless steel legs.

This trampoline is foldable and convenient to store anywhere in your car, garage, or even living room. Only a 15 minutes jump on this is good enough to replace 30 minutes of running. The high dose calorie buster offers a year of warranty. Guess what? This unit includes lifetime benefits. Yes, it provides 24/7 after-sale customer service.


  • One year warranty.
  • Supports up to 300 pounds.
  • Foldable and convenient.


  • The springs are way too tight.

10. ATIVAFIT Foldable Trampoline Rebounder ATIVAFIT Foldable Trampoline Rebounder

This is one of the easiest to install and store. Ten minutes is what you need to unbox and fully assemble to put on a show for jumping. It features six steel legs with an anti-slid rubber material. Besides, its sturdy construction can support up to 330lbs.

The unit comes with three adjustable handle height from 35 to 43inches. Just like others, its handle is covered with foam materials for a comfortable grip. Because of its heavy-duty polypropylene jump mats, it sustains excellent bouncing. This is also a gadget to improve your balance and body coordination. No wonder it improves cardio and helps in weight loss.


  • Height adjustable foam handles.
  • Easy installation and storage.
  • Maximum loads of 330 pounds.


  • No warranty and customer support.

What Makes a Good Rebounder?

There are only a few important factors to decide on a good rebounder. The function is simple, throw weighted balls, and it will bounce back to you. Let’s consider a few facts to find a quality rebounder.

Durability: A med ball rebounder should sustain loads of at least 20lbs. Also, look for stainless steel construction and good numbers of spring with a trampoline. Any warranty or money refund policy would add confidence to its long-term uses.

Angle of Adjustment: This is the best key factor to judge your med ball rebounder. A wide-angle of adjustment allows you to try more challenging workouts. Generally, 30 to 60 degrees range provides better challenges in exercise.

Stability: The unit must not slide down the floor over repeated impacts on the trampoline. It shouldn’t be light but sturdy to sustain your explosive throws. Try to buy units that are anti-slid and provide stability during workouts. Also, don’t go after too heavy units, or else it would be difficult to move around.

Advantages of Using a Medicine Ball Rebounder

Medicine ball rebound is no luxury but a complete package of benefits. Some advantages of using this med balls include-

Improves cardio fitness: This throw and catch mechanism improves aerobic workouts and circulates more oxygen to muscles. A better cardio fitness means more oxygen supply and better detoxification from the body.

Strengthen body muscles: Throwing med balls improves not only upper body muscles like shoulder and biceps but also develop core muscles. You can change the angles of the trampoline for the more advanced challenge and target muscle development.

Good for balance and posture: Whether it is jumping on the trampoline or throwing balls on the trampoline, it always improves body balance. Also, a targeted practice helps to strengthen your spine and so it is good to posture.

Better coordination: No wonder smashing med balls on the trampoline and your throwing action enhance your hand and eye coordination. That is good for sports like rugby, basketball, football and more.

Best Way to Use a Rebounder?

It is vital to consider some space before you invest on the rebounder. You can either press it against a wall or press it under heavyweights. That makes the unit stable for your workouts. Besides, look for areas where you can store it safely.

Uses: A rebounder is mostly used for fitness training or for physical therapy. You can add plyometric or reactive training to strengthen your core muscles. They not only help to improve explosive power but also shreds unwanted body fats.

Fitness is the Key: This versatile equipment allows you to try upper body, lower body, and core body workouts. You can either increase the weight of medicine ball or number of reps to challenge more in your workouts.

What is the standard to scale up your challenges? Once you are flexible on 15 reps in good form, you are ready for next weight levels. Make sure you are not overdoing any workouts to increase endurance. Thirty minutes per day would be enough for your improvements.

Other than that, changing angles have a profound effect on your workouts. You can replace your existing workouts with medicine ball rebounder or mix them for more benefits in a quick time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best medicine ball size for beginners?
Ans: There is no fixed guideline for this. But, the American council on exercise believes 4 to 15 pounds are ideal weight to start with. It would be better to increase the number of reps than to try heavyweights earlier.

Q: What is the recommended medicine ball size for women as a beginner?
Ans: Women shouldn’t try more than 10 pounds at the beginning. It would be better to start somewhere near five or six pounds.

Q: Can I use a medicine ball as a slam ball?
Ans: Slam balls are designed for throwing exercise. As medicine balls serve the same purpose, so it can be used as a replacement. Besides, slam balls are a bit heavier and can damage your trampoline if you try vice versa.

Q: What is inside of a medicine ball?
Ans: Medicine balls inside are stuffed with gels, sand, or it can be just air inflated. Besides, its shell can of different materials like vinyl, nylon, leather, or even dense rubber.

Final Verdict

This is pure fun to throw balls and improve your body coordination. This not only enhances your sports venture but burns a significant amount of calories. More importantly, there is no age or gender bound to this sport. Anyone can try the bliss to find extra fitness at home. Also, they are portable and easy to store—a perfect companion to count on the playground or in-home gym.

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