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What is the best space-saving home gym equipment to burn calories? This is a common ask among millions. Though different expert has different opinions, if you consider all goods, then you have one answer. The best mini stepper machine can keep you active anytime, anywhere, to find fitness. The portable good is unique for cardio and lower body strength training. You can take it to the office or use it under desk anytime. You don't have to stand all the time to burn body fats.

A stepper machine replicates the action of climbing stairs. Because of climbing action, it mainly focuses on lower body strengthening. These machines can be either corded or cordless. Other than that, you will find up/down stepper and twister stepper for specific uses. The unit not only increases muscle endurance but also tones body shape. It also offers one of the best cardio workouts to keep yourself fit. Let's find more about the best mini stepper machines in 2020.

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Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black

Xiser Mini Stairmaster

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Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

Sunny Health Mini Stepper 

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Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper - NO. 045

Sunny Health  Twist Stepper 

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Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

Sunny health and mini stepper is one of the market best for its whole body workout support. It features removable training bands for easy workouts. You can try low impact aerobic exercise and cardio while engaging 20 different core muscles.

The unit is constructed with industrial-strength steel and is long-lasting. Other than that, it has an LCD console to track speed, time, calories, and many more. Its foam-padded resistance bands ensure comfy while non-slip grip assures safety.

This machine is also unique for its hydraulic drive system. So, it provides smoothness in stepping motion. Its large textured footplates assure comfortable, safe non-slip footing. Furthermore, the lightweight, portable unit comes at an affordable range.

Customer Review

I was a bit skeptical about it. But, it proved me wrong. This mini gear turned really useful. I can work my shoulders and back along with lower body workouts. It's light yet safe to play. I had a couple of steppers earlier, but this one is damn smooth. You can't get better in 70 dollars.

Edgar Bock.


  • Slip-resistance footplates.
  • Removable resistance bands.
  • Total Body Workout.
  • LCD monitor.


  • The unit is a bit squeaky.
Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper - NO. 045

Are you searching the best twist stepper? Then take a look at this unit. It has everything you need. Its twisting action can challenge your cardio workouts. Also, it is a machine with a low impact whole body workout.

To add more, it features removable resistance belts for upper body workout. Yes, you can try chest, back, arms, and shoulder for the strength training program. Besides, it has non-slip foot pedals for your workout safety.

This equipment is also unique for its adjustable height. Though it constructed with steel. Just like other stepper machines, it has an LCD console to track your workout records. but considering its price, it's a worthy package to go with. The product can weigh up to 20 pounds and can hold up to a maximum of 250 pounds.

Customer Review

It's fun to sweat on twisted stepper like this. It feels like more of dancing up and down the stairs. The exercise does not blow heavy stress, but it is efficient. What attracted me most is its height adjustment. It doubled the fun, and I can challenge more in every workout. Jesus, that's a hell of a pie!!!

Scott Silva.


  • Adjustable height.
  • Digital monitor.
  • Non-slip foot pedals.


  • no warranty period
Bionic Body Magnetic Tension Under-Desk Elliptical Mini Stepper Trainer with Resistance Tubes NS-1009

Bionic body elliptical is the machine of all needs. It's all in one workstation that allows both upper and lower body workouts. Importantly, it is a machine that works both as a stepper and elliptical at a time. Besides, it features resistance tubes for exclusive upper body workouts.

This unit is also unique for its adjustable magnetic resistance levels. Well, you can adjust the resistance level with a lever and tailor your workout programs. Just like others, it has to keep track of your progress. Yes, you can track the number of strides per minute, calories burned, exercise time, and many more.

That's not all! This unit has slip-resistant pedals for your workout safety. Also, you can add heavy-duty resistance bands for a diverse variation. To add more, this compact unit allows you to sweat both at seating and at standing. Furthermore, this lightweight home gym equipment offers. It is mild in weight; that means you can easily carry it to the office or where you need it.

Customer Review

This machine is a super boss. It is a good combination of both stepper and elliptical machines. Guess what? It has resistance bands for upper body workouts. Not only it helped me to burn calories, but also it helped to shape my figure. Now, I have a stronger biceps and no more bad posture issues to deal with. Hola! I damn love it.

Marijan Katouric.


  • Adjustable magnetic resistance.
  • Electronic fitness monitor.
  • Slip-resistant pedals.


  • The unit is a bit heavy.
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black

Are you looking for a stepper that is exceptional? If yes, then watch out for Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster. It is the only stepper that can be used for aerobic protocols and sprint training HIT.

Furthermore, it is also the lightest stepper in the market that weighs only 13.5 lbs. Also, it is a unit that is easy to assemble and disassemble within minutes. That's not all! Its ergonomically optimum design is built with cast Aircraft Alloy.

Because of its dimension, it can be easily folded. It is also the best stepper in terms of its support capacity. It can sustain loads up to 400lbs. The made in USA unit is also diverse in its uses. You can try this for muscle strengthening, posture improvement, fat burning, and many more. Though it is expensive but it is long-lasting.

Customer Review

The machine is damn cool with its performance. It's been more than a year and still going great. It is so lightweight that my five years old son moves it away. Importantly, there is no maintenance for this equipment. Even if mini size sumo, try this, it won't break apart. That's just damn awesome. You can't get better than that. Indeed, a perfect a blow in the gym!!!!

Eric Anderson.


  • Adjustable resistance.
  • The lightest stepper in the market.
  • Biomechanically ergonomics.
  • Cast aircraft alloy.


  • It is expensive.
Stamina InStride Pro Electronic Stepper

Marcy MS-95 is the best comfortable stepper to go with. The machine comes with heavy steel frame construction, and it is also lightweight. This home gym equipment is also cool as it can sustain loads up to 250lbs.

The unit also features extra-wide non-slip pedals and ergonomic handles for safe and comfy workouts. That's not all! The space-saving design and affordable price make it a top choice. To hit the final dust, it has skid-resistant floor protectors. So, it avoids any slip off during intense exercise.

This Mini Stepper uses a hydraulic drive system to withstand shock despite intense pressure. LCD computer displays have been used to count, display time, and burn calories.

Customer Review

It is not bad for my dollars. I found it a sturdy, secure, and easy-to-go option. Unlike others, its ergonomic handles offer much comfy in exercise. I also loved its hydraulic system. That is smooth and secure. The portable gear also stays fixed to its position. So, no more slip off in hard stepping. I feel running up the twin towers. Ha Ha! That's too much fun. Try it! 

Ryan Felix.


  • Hydraulic drive system.
  • Space-saving compact design.
  • Skid-resistant floor protectors.
  • Ergonomic handles.


  • The unit is a bit squeaky.

What are Stepper Machines?

A stepper machine resembles more of a staircase climbing. It is a machine that offers low-impact aerobic workouts for all different age groups. This machine has a customized resistance level to work your lower body strengthening. Because of high-intensity pedal movement, your muscles stretch. Mostly the lower body muscles like hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and to some extent, to your booty as well.

As it resembles more like running up the stairs, so it presses some stress on your heart. Because of added stress, the heart pumps more blood, and there is more oxygen supply to your muscles. Expert says 20 minutes daily on a stepper will cut most of your body fats. It is possible to burn more than 200 calories per day with low-impact workouts.

Furthermore, most stepper machines have an LCD console to track your progress. You can find a number of strides per minute, calories burned, scan, total exercise time, etc. Also, there are machines with removable resistance bands. That allows you to strengthen your upper body muscles as well. The best of all include its lightweight and portable option. You can try it anywhere, even under the desk- both as sitting or standing.

Types of Stepper Machines

Are all steppers the same? No, there are differences among its variants. We have five major categories of a stepper with unique specifications or so. Let's dive deep.

The side Stepper Machines

This stepper is exclusive as it helps to step from side to side. Because of such action, it can target your inner and thigh muscles. This stepper is excellent to shape your thighs from all different angles. Most athletes like sprint runners try this as a core item.

The stair stepper Machine

If you need the best balance and stable unit, then the stair stepper is the best. Though it is heavier than other stepper machines but provides that extra stability in workouts. No matter how heavy you are? This machine is ready to sustain sumo. You will feel like long staircase climbing and challenge cardio every time you use it.

The Twister Stepper Workout Machine

As the name suggests, it twists every time you exercise. Because of twisting, you can target your core, abs, and oblique muscles. That's more of a bodybuilding purpose. Besides, the extra stretch not only targets your tummy but also tones your lower body portion. This equipment comes with removable resistance bands for comfortable workouts.

The Mini Stepper Machine

When you run out of space, then try the mini stepper. This is just the miniature version of a large stepper. These variants have no handles and are difficult to balance in standing workouts. It is usually used while you are sitting and trying to run workouts under the desk. The best of all types for office or at home. It's easy, simple, and effective.

The Elliptical Stepper Machine

The elliptical works both on the upper and lower body muscles. It has elliptical arms for the ease of workout purposes. So, it is effective to tone the whole body muscles. People try this for fat loss and calorie burn out issues. They are lightweight, and you can track all your workout progress.

Safety Measures

The footplates must be non-slip to create some friction with the foot. Give more priority to the products that have safety band straps over foot pedals. Other than that, look for skid-resistant floor protectors. That is important to prevent unwanted slip-off during an intense workout session.

Who Are Most Suitable for Stepper Machines?

There is no restriction of any age group for stepper machine use. Besides, there are people who can prioritize this option on a high note. They are-

1. Someone who desires to tone leg muscles without getting them larger.
2. Someone who has a space crisis yet has a desire to weight loss and muscle strengthening.
3. People who get the least chances of climbing stairs.
4. Any person with weakness and lower body injuries.
5. People who have to work long hours on sitting.

Things to Consider before buying Stepper Machines

Before you buy a stepper, you better know some parameters to determine the best for you. Here is what you need to look into a stepper machine.

Step Height

This is crucial in terms of exercise patterns. In general, the Stepper should have a standard height of 8 inches or so. But, there are machines that have a height of 6 inches to 12 inches. Other than that, you will find a unit with height adjustment features. You have to pick the right height for the betterment of your workout.

Resistance adjustment

You must find a machine with an adjustable resistance option. Because of different resistance levels, you can challenge your workouts to a different height. Also, look for the units that have an instruction manual for easy operation.

Removable Resistance Bands

Not all stepper machines have removable resistance bands. These rubber bands allow you to go for upper body workouts. You can build more muscular biceps, shoulders, and back. Because of the low impact workout, this works great to relieve unusual back pain. Also, you have the flexibility to remove it and focus back on your lower body exercises.

Customer Reviews

This is one of the most important parameters when you are buying it online. It is difficult to judge product quality unless you have previous experience with it. So, it is always better to go through some customer reviews on that product. You will find both positive and negative comments on it. Do not neglect the negative ones. They are the potential problems that you may face with this product. Give a check on its ratings and percentage of people that gave it a good rating.

Check product dimensions

As stepper machines are popular for their space-saving features, so give a look at products dimension. Get an idea of the floor space and size of your new equipment. There are options that are foldable and easy to store. In such a case, you can go bold for the masterpiece.

LCD Console

LCD console is a kind of mandatory lookup in a stepper machine. This allows you to track your workout progress. Yes, you must know your calories burn, strides per minute, exercise time, scan, and many more. It is really important to set goals for an effective workout on Stepper.


The last thing that every customer should always look for is the warranty. Only a few of them offer a warranty on purchase. In the case of expensive Stepper, you can get up to 2 years of warranty. But, most of the time, the warranty frame falls under a year or so.

Stair or Stepper

Stair or Stepper, which is a better option. Why would I need a stepper when running on stairs are more available and free of cost. Let's compare some facts.

1. Moving up/downstairs have more impacts on joints. So, it is difficult for the elderly, fat, or for people to have lower-body injuries. Because of low-impact, stepper trumps on this logic.

2. Running all days down and up the stairs can bother the rest of your household. On the other hand, Stepper is smooth and space-saving. So, Stepper wins again.

3. Running down and up of the same staircase flight can surely bore you. While you can work on Stepper and enjoy a movie, TV or sports. So, stepper win continues.

4. It is almost impossible to track your workout records while you are sweating on a staircase. Besides, a stepper comes with an LCD console to track all your progress. You can set a target and intensify your workouts. So, Stepper won all its logical facts.

Benefits of Mini Stepper

The benefits of mini Stepper includes-
1. It tones your lower body muscles. Not only toning but also strengthens your lower and core muscles.

II. It is a space-saving option.
III. The unit is lightweight and portable.
IV. Mini steppers are perfect for aerobic and cardio workouts.
V. It puts low-impact on your joints.
VI. It increases muscle endurance.
VII. This burns calorie. Hence, great equipment for weight loss.
VIII. You can enjoy workouts in front of the TV.
IX. It is easy to assemble.
X. The unit is relatively inexpensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is Stepper as good as walking?

Q 2: Does the stepper burn belly fats?

Q 3: Does mini Stepper helps to tone bums?

Q 4: What muscles do a mini stepper works best?

Q 5: How efficient a mini stepper to burn calories?

Final Verdict

Buying Stepper for a home gym is no luxury at all. It is lightweight, portable, and serves the good that most people demand. Yes, from weight loss to muscle strengthening, lower body toning to cardio - it has every good combination you need. Importantly, it serves the good even if you are enjoying the best TV show. The low-impact aerobic workouts are always on the card to keep you healthy and fit. Try magic. You are never too late.

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