10 Of The Best Pain Diary Apps For Pain Management

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Mobile apps are palpation software programs that are designed and intended to run on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. They are put up with certain tasks and purposes in mind. The issue of back pain diary apps is certainly not left out either. There are indeed several mobile apps that are developed with the aim of mitigating these problems. We have identified and are going to examine the top ten such apps on the market today. The app is so easy that you use sitting on inversion chair. This is to give you the guidance you need to make the right decision.

Top 10 Best Pain Diary Apps for Pain Management


This app mainly operates by linking persons who are suffering from chronic pains. It helps to share their experiences and seek the necessary support and intervention. The app also allows researchers to obtain data anonymously from the various patients. This allows them to focus their research on specific areas that need thorough intervention.Generally speaking though, the app enables patients to pinpoint the exact locations of the pain on their body, track mood swings, trace fatigue, keep an eye on mood swings, and communicate with their physicians.Now You are free from monitoring problem. You should try to build muscle by lat machine.

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My Pain Dairy

By use of this app, it is possible to track the data of patients. This, in turn, could be used to establish connections between flare-up signs and reported events. It displays the results by use of color codes. This allows you to monitor the results easily.Besides these, the app also enables patients to send and receive selected pieces of information to their doctors. Examples of these pieces of information are photos, medication reminders, medical appointments, and follow-ups. It is available as a free download for iOS and Android smartphones.

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PainScale is the newest entrant in the field of apps for back pains. It is primarily intended to help you keep an accurate track of your symptoms. It is free for Android and iOS smartphones. It also provides access to various relevant contents and insights for your unique conditions. Besides the core functions, the app also allows your doctor to generate reports easily. This is not to mention that it gives you some health tips on a daily basis which might help you to mitigate the effects of back pains easily. It can deal with chronic pains, lower back pains, neck pains, fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, and nerve pains.

Manage My Pain

ManageMyPain is Available in both free and premium versions; this app is suited exclusively for Android smartphones. The app is generally intended to keep track of symptoms, generate charts that are easy to read, and other relevant to display to friends and families. On the whole, this app provides the adequate companionship that is needed to comfort patients who feel lonely. It does so by explaining their conditions better. It’s ‘free’ version namely the ‘lite’ version and the ‘pro’ version which is premium. It is only compatible with Android smartphones.

Chronic Pain Tracker

Just like the Manage My Pain app described above, this one also has the ‘lite’ and ‘pro’ versions. It, however, stands out from other apps in that it mainly keeps a diary of 19 different categories of the various aspects of back pains. These include intensity, duration, and triggers. This app also stands out in the manner in which it presents the data that is captured. It has the ability to generate the PDF versions of the data captured. This ensures better readability and satisfaction. Moreover, it even enables patients to synchronize their data with Dropbox and other online data storage and backup sites.

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FriBroMapp is much more than a pain tracking app. It incorporates sleep tracking and pain tracking in one app. It is not free-of-charge as most other apps of its kind. It is only available as a premium app. At present, it is available for only $2.99. Among the various issues it tracks are quality and amount of sleep, daily pain experiences, type of medications, and the number of drugs taken. It avails the reports in the form of the PDF format. This format makes the sharing of the said pieces of information quite simple. Its reports are very detailed. They can display one year’s worth of charts, graphs, and other detailed records of the pain and sleep patterns you have gone through.

WebMD Mobile Pain Coach

WebMD is famed for being great at issues to do with health and fitness. It also created and designed this app for the sake of mitigating back pains. This app is free-of-charge and is compatible with both the iOS and Android smartphones. The app works by offering users the ability to accurately track and pinpoint the location of the pain in their body. It further keeps a diary of those signs, symptoms, and triggers. It after that prints the customized reports of the pain for the doctors. Further to the above, it also educates the users on the following subject areas: eating, exercises, treatments, rest and relaxation, and moods.


In some instances, FlareDown is better to prevent the pain from arising, rather than wait for it to arise before responding to it. You can do exactly to do that. It does so by compiling a list of the past experienced triggers. It uses this data to predict the likelihood that pain may arise. This allows patients to put in place possible intervention mechanisms. You can also customize the app to respond to your unique symptoms, and conditions. This allows you to easily keep track of symptoms and analyze your health with time. Examples of these include food, appropriate medications, weather, natural treatments, mental health, activities, and other customizable additions.

iBeatPain for Teens

Teens are generally more active than adults. This makes them all the more susceptible to back pains and other forms of injuries. This app is specifically meant for such persons. It approaches this issue of managing back pains in a unique manner. It incorporates home therapies into active pain management strategies. Some of these strategies include relaxation techniques, sleep patterns, school participation rates, exercise and fitness, and self-care basics. It is available for free on iTunes for free and is compatible only with iOS phones.

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Fibromyalgia requires unique approach and care. This calls for an equally unique app. This is that kind of app. It adopts an integrated approach to the mitigation of this condition. This basically entails bringing on board all the various persons who are suffering from this condition. It mainly enables them to exchange ideas and personal experiences. Some of the major roles of this app are to maintain and follow up the updates and photos of members; post updates concerning your day-to-day up and downs; confer to you instant hugs, comments, and likes of the support team; and a host of questions and answers.

Final Speech 

Please note that the top ten apps we have discussed above are not all you may possibly look out for. There are indeed several others which are equally beneficial. However, the ten above are by far the most outstanding. You should, therefore, give them a higher priority in your search for the right app for back pains.

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