Best Plyometric Boxes for Jumping

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You may have tried tons of home gym equipment to find miracles in fitness. Some of them were worthy, and some are still questioning their use. No matter what, people love to shred weight and want to tone muscles in the best flexible form. The best plyometric box for jumping is the perfect tool to help get you to the destination. It is easy and simple to increase muscle strength naturally.

The Plyo box is unique, offering different heights to challenge your jumping capacities. Jumping over 30 inches naturally strengthens your leg muscles and makes your body flexible for any sport. These boxes are affordable and durable for long-term use. The best part is it has no age or gender limit to use these jumping stimuli. You start from lower heights and gradually increase your jumping potential.

Let’s learn more about these plyo boxes for the fitness expedition.

Top 8 Best Plyometric Boxes for Jumping

  1. Yes4All Plyo Jumping Box
  2. BalanceFrom Plyometric Jumping Box
  3. j/fit Plyometric Box for Training
  4. REP FITNESS Plyometric Box for Jump Training
  5. Synergee 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box
  6. Titan Fitness Foam Plyometric Box
  7. Rage Fitness Steel Plyo Box
  8. Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box

1. Yes4All Plyo Jumping Box

Yes4All Plyo Jumping Box
Regarding quality, keep Yes4All plyo boxes at the top of your list. It is constructed with high-quality, dense foam and with non-slipping PVC coverings. This cover is easy to clean and resists wear and tear on repeated actions.

This box is adjustable to three different heights without assembling it every time. The three different heights are 20, 24, and 30 inches in all three dimensions, like height, width, and length. This box is excellent for HIIT exercises, MMA, Crossfit workouts, and more.

Because of adjustable heights, you can try this to challenge push-ups, step-ups, dips, squats, box squats, lunges, and more. Furthermore, this box can sustain loads up to 350 lbs. The 100 dollars unit is perfect for burning calories and improving body fitness for any sport.


  • Adjustable to three different heights.
  • High-quality foam and PVC leather construction.
  • Slip-proof.


  • Too light for heavy-weight athletes.

2. BalanceFrom Plyometric Jumping Box

 BalanceFrom Plyometric Jumping Box
This is the best in business. It comes in two styles – regular with 16 pounds and heavy-duty with 60 pounds. It is unnecessary to assemble as its three dimensions will provide three different heights for workouts. Rotate to challenge yourself to 20 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches of height.

The box is durable with high-density durable foam material and covered with anti-slip surfaces. That brings more stability and prevents injury during jumping. Though it is marginally expensive, it offers two years of support from the date of purchase.


  • Rotate the box to three different heights.
  • Anti-slip texture.
  • Two years of customer support.


  • Seams can split.

3. j/fit Plyometric Box for Training

j/fit Plyometric Box for Training
If you are searching for indestructible plyo boxes, watch out for this. Its sturdy stainless steel frame and rubber stopper ensure safety. Because of the rubber stopper, it does not slide, and it can easily sustain loads over 400 pounds.

This plyo box has four different sizes-12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches. Other than that, it comes with a non-slip tapered plyometric platform. So it is ideal for jump squats, step-ups, lateral step over, bumper jumps, and more. The affordable unit is also space-saving as you stack one over another.


  • Non-slip tapered plyometric platform.
  • Stable rubber stoppers.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.


  • Not adjustable.

4. REP FITNESS Plyometric Box for Jump Training

REP FITNESS Plyometric Box for Jump Training
REP Fitness box has everything you need. It offers four different boxes, each having three different height dimensions. Furthermore, its plywood is 3/4 inches thick and sustains loads up to 400 lbs. Because of its puzzle box design, it does not have internal braces. Yet it is safe for the step up, box squats, and other HIIT exercises.

To add more, these boxes have sanded-down edges for safety and comfort. You don’t need to sweat hard to assemble it; these boxes are CNC machined for a precise fit. Because of its pre-drilled hole, you can assemble your box in five minutes. Also, it is the most affordable quality unit if you compare it with other plyo boxes.


  • Rounded bevel edges for safety.
  • Pre-drilled holes for quick assembly.
  • Smooth sanded handles.


  • No internal brace.

5. Synergee 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box

 Synergee 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box
This is one plyo box with multifunction workout opportunities. This 3 in 1 wood plyo box has four versions to try full-body workouts like push-ups, step-ups, lunges, squats, and more. Also, it is ideal for boosting your leg power for running, lifting, gymnasts, cycling, etc.

This unit is also unique for its sturdy construction. With 3/4 inches plywood thickness, it can sustain loads up to 450 lbs. Not only that, but also it has inner supports, pre-drilled holes, and screws for easy and quick assembly. Furthermore, if you find any manufacturing defects, they will replace a new one for free.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sustain up to 450 lbs.
  • Free replacements on manufacturer’s defect.


  • No internal support.

6. Titan Fitness Foam Plyometric Box

The Titan Fitness 3 in 1 plyometric foam box is excellent for versatile workouts. You can try aerobic exercise, cross-training, physical therapy, push-ups, dips, step-ups, squats, lunges, and many more. This box does not need assembly as it offers three different heights across its dimension.

It is constructed with high-density foam and covered with anti-slip material on its surface. The box is too sturdy to support weight up to 350 lbs. Also, it has two different specifications of 19lbs and 67lbs. The best part of this box is its edges or sides never hurt your shin. So, it’s a safe toy to play with.


  • No assembly is required.
  • Slip-free surface.
  • Durable foam construction.


  • It may flip if you land on box edges.

7. Rage Fitness Steel Plyo Box

 Rage Fitness Steel Plyo Box
Regarding durability, nothing beats the standard rage fitness standard plyo box. The sturdy unit is built with 3/4 inches wood, 1/4 inches rubber top, and heavy gauge steel square tubing. There is no weight limit; anyone above 500 pounds can try this safely.

Its tapered design is also stable and comes in five heights- 12 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches. You don’t need to assemble this affordable unit. You can stack one over another to save a lot more floor space. That’s not all! It is worth multiple workouts like aerobics, stamina training, jumping, etc.


  • Available in five different sizes.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction.
  • Affordable unit.


  • Not adjustable.

8. Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box

Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box
Let’s talk about a masterpiece. The Stamina Extreme is the best plyo box in the industry. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel construction with durable non-slip jumping surfaces. It is adjustable to four heights- 12, 16, 20, and 24 inches.

Unlike others, this plyo box has a workout manual, and you don’t need to assemble it to get the height of your workout. Its space-saving design can hold up to 300 pounds. Because of its natural rubber latex non-slip surface, it is safe and stable to perform a wide range of workouts, including squats, lunges, and all.


  • No need to assemble.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Workout guidelines included.


  • It was expensive.

How to Achieve First Plyo Box Jumping without Fear

Standing face to face in front of the plyo box and planning to start your jumping mission is always challenging. There is a fear of knocking your shin and falling on the first attempt. That is why you should start with the height as low as you can. Fourteen inches or Eighteen inches is what suits most beginners.

Also, try compact foam plyo boxes instead of plywood boxes to avoid injuries. No need to jump from too distant Instead, jump from one and a half feet proximity and use shoes to protect your feet. Do not wear loose trousers. Instead, it would help if you tried tiny shorts for jumping.

Sometimes people feel shy about trying something new, among others. So, you can try it all alone, and jumping is no rocket science to learn. Another vital issue that you must focus on is landing. Jumping is not all about breaching heights but also about landing safely in stable conditions. Do not try any supporting medium; try to go all natural while jumping.

Things to Consider Before Buying Plyometric Boxes

The market is flooded with too many plyo box brands and designs. To find the best plyo box, you should look for some criteria.

i. Non-Slip Surface
Whenever you are jumping, your body moves further than the position you projected because of aerodynamic forces. If the box’s surface has non-slip properties, it has enough friction to contain you in a position. That prevents injury and gives you more stability to land on the box surface. Imaging jumping 30 inches and gliding to fall from its surface can cause severe injuries.

ii. Stability
No matter what, the box must be stable whenever you are jumping on it. In general, these plyo boxes can hold at least 350 pounds. Ensure that the box you pick is light enough to sustain the high pressure of your jumping. Some boxes are sturdy enough to support 500 lbs or more.

iii. Material
Plyo jump boxes can be constructed with compact foams, plywood, or stainless steel. Because of its construction, there is enough question about its durability. Furthermore, heavy-weight material is not easily portable. Ensure the box you pick has no sharp corners to injure your shin.

iv. Assembly
Not all plyo boxes require assembly. Most compact foam plyo boxes have three different height constructions. You need to rotate the box to challenge yourself with different heights. In the case of a plywood box, they have pre-drilled holes for quick assembly. Stainless steel plyo boxes are primarily in fixed shape and have a stackable set. That does not demand any assembly before workouts.

v. Customer Support
Some brands offer customer support and provide a completely new replacement if any manufacturers defect. But, in most cases, these boxes do not have a warranty or consumer support. So, tick this box before spending money on plyo boxes.

Benefits of Plyometric Boxes

There is a lot to count on the benefits of plyometric training. Some of the best benefits of using plyo boxes are-

  • It increases physical strength and muscle power.
  • It improves body elasticity and physical speed.
  • Plyo box training helps to strengthen both upper and lower body muscles.
  • Jumping is an absolute calorie burner and hastens weight loss.
  • It boosts the competency of the neuromuscular system.
  • This box is a multifunctional tool.
  • Plyometric training reduces the risk of injuries.
  • It helps to improve your ability to advance in other sports.
  • It is lightweight and easy to move.
  • These boxes are space-saving in design.

Popular Plyo Box Workouts

Plyometric training is designed in focus to increase speed and power in sports. This exercise exerts much force on your muscles in short bursts. Because of extra stress, it increases your heart rate and improves your endurance level.

One of the best benefits of plyo workouts is it does not require extra space. Also, the box is lightweight and can be stored in any corner of your house. Even if you are unfamiliar with plyometric training, you can start with jumping. Besides, once you have a plyo box, you should know more about plyo jump box exercises. Some popular plyo box workouts include-

  • Step-ups.
  • Incline Push-ups.
  • Toe Taps.
  • Step Up, Step Down.
  • Knee Tucks.
  •  Step Up with Hop.
  • Bulgarian Split Squats.
  • Single-leg Glute Bridge.
  • Jumping Bulgarian Split squat.
  • Elevated Single Leg Squats.
  • Burpee Box Jumps.
  • Pike Push Up.
  • Glute Bridges.
  • Triceps Dips.
  • Incline Mountain climbers.
  • Box squat to Jump.
  • Box Jumps.
  • Box Shuffle.
  • Side-to-side sprawls.
  • Tricep Push up.
  • Decline Dynamic Plank.
  • Lateral Jumps.
  • Single-leg box jumps.
  • Leap Frogs.

Most newbies start their plyo training with box jumping. In case you are trying it for the first time, make sure you swing your arms back. Also, try to move your knees bend. It would help if you used your hamstring and glutes to push yourself up for the Jump. The best use of natural motion can help you to absorb impacts.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Do plyo box jumping builds muscles?
Ans: Surely, jumping tones your muscles and increases strength. Because of high jumping, you force your muscles for better coordination. Also, they burn calories and melt fat. Besides, jumping is a natural process, so you build your muscles naturally without any innervation of equipment.

Q: What is the best height to try box jumping for beginners?
Ans: For newbies, 18 to 20 inches are the best height for jumping. You should gradually increase your challenge to 30 inches. Trying too high can be harmful to your legs.

Q: Do box jumping hurt knees?
Ans: No wonder jumping is a high-impact activity and puts a lot of stress on joints like knees. Box jumping is an absolute calorie burner, but overdoing jumping can injure your knees. Make sure you give yourself rest after every ten minutes of jumping. In the case of plyo box jumping, it is better to try at most 40 minutes a day, or else it can injure your knees.

Q: What is the highest that someone has ever jumped?
Ans: Evan Unger from Canada has the record of jumping the highest vertical Jump of 63.5 inches in 2016. It is the new Guinness world record after Justin Bethel’s 60 inches jump.

Q: Do box jumping improves speed?
Ans: Definitely! Plyometric box jumping is mainly focused on speed. Jumping enables your hamstring and glutes to stretch in a split second. Furthermore, jumping helps to endure more force and stress on your body.

Final Verdict

Boxes for strength training may sound like they need to be more attractive to many of you. But, it is the natural way to develop body strength and mark success in sports. No matter what, it brings back the century-long-old method of deploying muscular activities. You burn calories and body fats and train yourself for the best sports activities. Try the plyo boxes, the magic boxes to turn the table for you in sports.


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