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After long days of hard toil, people search for relaxing a bit. Indeed, a massage is always a good option for that. People invest a lot more money on massage parlors. The first and prime line importance of massage is an excellent massage table. What if the table is portable? Yes, it surely adds benefits to save spaces. The top portable massage table is what you need to start your relax mission. Here at Fitgeeky, we will discuss 7 best portable massage tables for you.

It is not that a portable massage table adjusts to a space of your choice. But, it is also the critical requirement of a good massage. Most unit is height adjustable and easy to set. You will also find most of it with padded foam cushioning. So, comfort counts big on it. There are three major types of this table- Student table, aluminum table, and adjustable table. Let's dive deep to find more about the best portable massage table.

Our Top Pick

Therapist’s Choice® Deluxe Massage Table Fleece Pad Set, 2 PC Set (Fitted Corners Fully Wrap Around Sides of Table, Massage Table not Included)

Therapist’s Choice® Table

Editor's Rating

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table, Black

Sierra Comfort Portable Table

Editor's Rating

Massage Table Portable Massage Bed Spa Bed 73 Inches Long 28 Inchs Wide Hight Adjustable Massage Table 2 Folding Massage Bed Spa Bed Facial Cradle Salon Bed W/Carry Case

BestMassage PortableTable 

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Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table, Black

This massage table is a complete package of your needs. The unit is lightweight and comes with adjustable face cradle and face cushion. Also, this has fitted bottom and face cushion sheets for a real cozy experience.

This is also a unit with Beech Hardwood Frame and adjustable heights. You will also get 2 inches high-density foam deck. That is what makes it you more reliant for a good massage. Other than that, it has multiple frame support cables and threaded support bars. That ensures additional safety and stability.

Is that all? No, the unit is cheap in comparison to others and offers two years of warranty. Unlike most other tables, it has a carry bag with a shoulder strap. So, a much less hassle to move with the item. Another important fact to look at is, you don't need any tools for assembly.

This Rectangle Wood, Leather Table weighs 31 pounds and has a maximum carrying capacity of 400 pounds. There are 9 points in the table height adjustment for this adjustment.

Customer Review

I am passionate about online shopping. I can quickly scroll and find the items of my need. This one is just another good find. To beat the drum, I never go after expensive stuff. This one is reasonable and fits all my needs. It has been six months of my use and no real hiccups at all. You can really try this sturdy table before you spend tons on a salon.

Rod Dolan.


  • No tools needed for assembly.
  • Light Adjustable Face Cradle plus Face Cushion.
  • Threaded Support Bar for Stability Safety and stability.
  • Water & Oil Resistant PU Leather cushioning.


  • It squeaks a bit.
Massage Table Portable Massage Bed Spa Bed 73 Inches Long 28 Inchs Wide Hight Adjustable Massage Table 2 Folding Massage Bed Spa Bed Facial Cradle Salon Bed W/Carry Case

This is another market best at a reasonable price to hit the list. This massage bed's height can be easily adjusted by fixing knobs at 24" to 34". This is an ideal design for therapists for fixing knobs of different heights. Also, a table that sustains loads up to 450lbs easily. Not only that, but also it has widened metal hinges for easy folding.

What makes the unit more comfortable? Well, it has padded premium quality foam to find you cozy and relax. Besides, its deluxe PVC leather is skin-friendly. So, you don't really feel any irritation after long hours of use. Also, its hardwood frame structure makes the table more stable.

It is not that this has only folding benefits, but it The portable massage table has a permanent portable case to fold your massage table, quickly open the table, and put it in the case. So, you can quickly transfer this lightweight, portable happiness. To add more, it has a humanized hand pellet and flexible headrest. That means you can try every possible option in a massage.

Customer Review

I am a massage therapist. Because of my profession, I have to travel a lot. So, Basically, I was looking for lightweight, portable stuff. After hours of research on Amazon, I picked this one. This has everything I needed. That too within a good price. Not to mention- it has been almost a year already, and I found it cool. In fact, I am sold!!!

Julia Morales.


  • Quality foam padding.
  • Flexible headrest and Humanized hand pallet.
  • Easy setup and height adjustment.
  • No hassle to clean.


  • The head cradle is flimsy.
MaxKare Portable Massage Table 84'' With Carrying Bag & Accessories, 3 Fold, Extra Wide, Black.

This is another functional variant of a portable massage table. With a price of just under 80 bucks, surely it sets its place of importance. To add more, the unit is special with a big range of headrest adjustment.

This unit is also compact with reinforced hardwood frame with steel supporting cables. Not only that, but also it can sustain loads up to 496 pounds. Things get more in line with detachable headrest, armrests, and arm sling.

It is always undone without top-quality comfort notch. The unit has quality foam padded with High-grade PU leather covering. Also, it is oil and waterproof and has no irritation on the skin. This unit includes a carry case too. So, it is easy to fold and easy to carry.

The MaxKare Portable Massage table has a 2-inch thick sponge that gives you a soft feeling and a comfortable experience. It uses luxurious PVC leather that is durable, soft, and easy to clean. Another nice thing is that the foldable massage table can be easily folded in 30 seconds due to the foldable design. MaxKare Portable Massage After folding the bed, it becomes a portable case, so it is almost easy to carry, especially for mobile therapists. The massage table weighs about 34 pounds.

Customer Review

Sturdy and comfortable- two best words to describe it. Also, a lightweight cheese to carry anywhere I want. I found it good at the price too. Unlike others, you can set headrest to good height ranges. Also, the leather quality is good. No real hiccups in oil spills. Tune in!!! This is one hell of good damn quality stuff. 

Tony Botello.


  • Easy height adjustment.
  • High-grade soft PU leather.
  • Detachable arm sling, armrests, and headrest.
  • Include one Free Carry Case.


  • No warranty.
Massage Table Massage Bed Spa Bed 73” Long 2 Folding Portable Massage Table W/Carry Case Heigh Adjustable Salon Bed Face Cradle Bed

This is a fully-featured economic portable massage table. It is easy to set and easy to adjust. Also, the lightweight unit comes with a carrying bag. So, you can easily move it to your destination of choice.

This unit is also sturdy with a hardwood frame structure and with heavy-duty cords. Also, the24 inch wide massage table is spacious for any massage method. It has 2 inches thick sponge for comfort. Not only that but also it has a humanized hand pallet and flexible headrest to hike your comfort.

Well, that's not all! This unit has PVC leather covering. The leather quality is so good that it does not cause any itchiness to your skin. In addition, it has no foul smell and is simple to clean. Last but not least, the installation is so easy that you can do it within 5 minutes.

The height of the massage table has been adjusted from 24 "to 34". The massage table is made with the highest quality beech that can hold up to 450 pounds on the table. You will find PayLessHere Massage tables in 4 different colors.

Customer Review

I feel happy about this purchase. You can't expect better of this within 70 dollars. The comfort level is good, and I found it easy to set up. Other than that, the sturdy construction gave it a good run. I have used it for over a year now, and it's just great. Yesterday, I bought another one to gift my friend. A perfect material to relax your body. 

Donald Neeley.


  • Easy set-up.
  • Quality foam padding.
  • Height adjustment.
  • Affordable price.


  • No warranty.
Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table with Backrest - Black

This one’s special. Before you jump over its high prices, it would be better to count its quality features. Unlike others, it has tilting backrest, and a plush bolsters for lumbar support. Also, a thick layer of foam padding for top-quality comfort.

This table also features a hardwood frame with durable support cable and can hold load up to 450lbs. In addition, it has non-slip and non-marring feet to ensure the highest safety and stability. So, you get floor protection with this table.

Cutting deep-it has quality leather covering, which is oil and waterproof. Also, you can customize the table with detachable accessories. You can add a humanized hand pallet, winged armrest, and many more. Last but not least, there is a carrier bag for your convenient transport.

You will find this Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table in 2 colors with an Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5. This massage table weighs only 35 pounds and uses 3 "full foam.

Customer Review

No big issues with this table. Yes, I have spent a bit more than others. But, considering its features and quality, it is worth of my expenditure. You can't find a plush bolster for lumbar support in all. People with back pain can get some real benefits with this. I had a couple of massage tables earlier. Trust me; this one is the best. A good find after hours of research on Amazon.

Denis Cupples.


  • Hardwood frame and durable steel support cables.
  • Oil and waterproof.
  • Customize accessories.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • It is costly.
Therapist’s Choice® Deluxe Massage Table Fleece Pad Set, 2 PC Set (Fitted Corners Fully Wrap Around Sides of Table, Massage Table not Included)

This is probably the cheapest of all options. Unlike others, it has fleece toppings throughout the table. Its hypo-allergenic high density can keep you warm in winter generation. Well, to add more. The unit comes with a universal size to fit all body shape.

That's not all. This table has an elastic corner strap which prevents slipping. The unit is a fluff dive with fully wrap sides and corners. So, comfort is guaranteed with softness. Though it has no warranty, if you put good care, then you may use it in the long run. The table and cradle cover is fully wrapped in synthetic with a top sheet 100% polyester standard fleece pad set with corners.

Customer Review

I was searching for something comfortable. This fluff beast is damn satisfying. It sounds like heaven in every Spa. Other than that, I found these fleece cover warm enough in the days of snow. No wonder, you may ask for its durability. I have been using this for over a year now, and it just went smoothly. Surely, a good buy at a low price.

Rosalie Carlson.


  • Low-cost table.
  • Soft Fleece topping.
  • Elastic corners straps prevent slipping.
  • Easy to set up.


  • It sheds too often.
Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Massage Bed 3 Folding 84 Inch Aluminium Frame Lightweight Height Adjustable Salon Spa Table with Carry Case - Black

This is probably one of the best in the market. Unlike others, it is a three-fold massage bed with adjustable backrest for maximum comfort. Also, a unit with two removable armrests and hand pallet. You can fold the entire table and carry it with a portable case. Once you fold it, the portable case has clasps for security.

Cutting deep- this unit is sturdy with aluminum alloy and Beechwood construction. Also, there is soft foam cushioning with durable PVC leather. You will find no foal smell and absolutely oil and waterproof. The unit is also easy to clean, as well.

To add more, it has a large weight capacity of 551.2lbs. So, you don't really have to think unless you are sumo. Unlike others, its headrest has a quick fix-locking device. So, you can adjust the angle of the headrest for maximum comfort. With all those features, it serves multipurpose needs like acupuncture, Spa, beauty salon, and many more.

This Portable Massage Bed can be adjusted to 8 different positions according to your needs. This massage table uses 2-inch foam, which you will find in 2 attractive colors.

Customer Review

This is sturdy, soft, and no big hassle in setting up. I had a couple of wooden tables earlier, but they did not perform well. In fact, I found them squeaky and unstable. This one special in every case. The most exciting feature includes a fix locking device for headrest adjustment. That is cool!! Also, its cushion is so cozy and Spa demanding. I feel like I can set it anywhere for a dive in the sea of pleasure.

Harvey Okelley.


  • Adjustable three-fold massage bed.
  • Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Easy to assemble and remove accessories.


  • It is expensive.

Things to consider before buying the best portable massage table

Almost all customers want the best product at a reasonable price. Now, the big question arrives- what is the best product? This depends on some key factors. Yes, factors in determining the best possible option for you. Let's put some light on these criteria.

Size of the table

You may think that all of them maintain the same size for massage. Not at all! Size can vary across brands, and this also affects your flexibility to choose it as a portable option. You can find some clear indications about size in product reviews. So, please scroll slowly and read specifications with carefully.


Frame plays a vital role in its durability and functionality. There are two types of the frame to choose yours. One is beech wood, while the other is aluminum. Both have pros and cons. They are well enough to serve you with the quality of your desire. Besides, aluminum is a bit heavy but more study. With proper care in uses, you can expect long-run service with this.


There is no big warranty on these tables. Only a few offer a year or two on this. The main reason behind it is the foam-padded leather cushioning. If there is overuse or a chance of scratch on the leather cover, then your comfort will fall apart in a quick time.

Customer review

This is the most crucial criterion if you are purchasing it online. This gives you a clear insight into the product. You can understand the quality through the opinions of different users. Yes, the users who have some real-time experience with that particular product. So, scroll before you buy it.

Foam Thickness

Customer satisfaction of the portable massage table depends a lot on its comfort. So, the foam thickness counts big before every purchase. Most massage tables come with 2 to 3 inches deep foam padding. Also, there are tables with fleece topping. So, check the review properly.


This puts enormous importance on buyers. Yes, you need adjustable headrest, humanized pallet, winged armrest, lumbar cushion, and many more. These additional accessories provide more comfort, and you can use the table with a larger dimension. Yes, functions like Spa, Beauty salon, acupuncture, and many more. Also, it is a physiological win when you get additional stuff with the main item.

Benefits of portable massage table

Once you had the taste of a massage, then you would like to repeat things again and again. The first and most important benefit of the portable table is it is lightweight. You can set it anywhere you want. It generally takes less than five minutes to set things up.

In the case of parlors, clients remove their clothes and target a specific group of muscles with this. Also, these tables are sturdy and are ready to take heavy loads. The leather covering is mostly oil and waterproof. So, no real hassle in cleaning.

Is that all? Not really! You can add accessories with this table and try different items like Spa, acupuncture, beauty salon, and many more. Accessories like adjustable headrest, humanized pallet, armrest, lumbar cushions, and other additions bring more options of choice for you. You can target specific muscles and get the full comfort out of this.

As most massage tables are wide and comfortable, so you can also use it as a semi-bed option for you. No wonder with adjustable headrest, you can dive in sleep with full comfort. Also, you can pack this bed in the quickest of time into a hand carry bag. That is space-saving and a good alternative option for your bed.

Different types of the portable massage table

Massage tables fall into three main categories. All of them have popularity and cons. Let's find more about them.

Aluminum table

This is the most common type to encounter. It is lightweight and can withstand heavy loads of more than 500lbs. Most aluminum tables come with adjustable height. They are a bit costly for a therapist. The price may jump near to 200 dollars or more. Though these tables do not have a lifetime warranty, if you use it with care, then it will run longer. Sometimes even to your next generation.

Student folding massage table

This is the simplest of all. It is also the most economical choice for folks. If you are an entry-level therapist and do not need any extensive massage therapy, then it is the perfect one for you. You can always find a good one within 100 dollars or so. It is constructed with beechwood and metal. The unit is easy to clean and easy to install.

Adjustable folding table

The current hike in the market, you can say. These tables come with multipurpose accessories like headrest, arm shelf, face rest, and many more. You can adjust the height of these add-ons as well. Especially headrest adjustment plays big role in multiple massage therapy. These tables are costly, and a good range of tables falls above 100 dollars range.

Frequently Asked questions

Q 1: Which frame is better for portable table wood or aluminum?

Q 2: Do we get a warranty in massage tables?

Q 3: Can I use this table as a physical therapy table?

Q 4: What is the average load that a massage table can hold?

Final verdict

It is not unusual to spend dollars on a portable massage table. The unit offers enough relaxation after a hard toil. You can set this lightweight and start your own spa at home. No wonder people spend tons on this relaxation at the parlor. Set your comfort to any corner you want. Also, don't feel shy about a good massage on this table. Most tables can sustain heavy loads. Yes, loads of obese people as well. Only sumos need to think twice before they hit the comfort.

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