best vertical climbers

Best Vertical Climbers

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What is the easiest combination of cardio and strength workout? This may puzzle you for a while. But this is possible if you try climbing. Without being a professional climber you can achieve that feat. The best vertical climber is the answer for millions.

It is that one home gym item that burns calories in bulk. Not only it burns calories but also strengthen your muscles. You got to tone your body shape with a climber. The interesting feature of all, you feel like climbing a Kilimanjaro while you are moving the pedals at home.

Vertical climbers are one of those gadgets that fit most of our budget. Also, they are foldable and space-saving. You can monitor your progress while climbing on the most comfortable mountain ride. It is of no big risk yet serves the purpose. Let’s dive deep to know more about these vertical climbers.

Top 7 Best Vertical Climbers

  1. MaxiClimber Original Patented Vertical Climber
  2. Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper
  3. CITYBIRDS Vertical Climber
  4. Best Choice Products Vertical Climber
  5. ANCHEER Climber Indoor Vertical Climber
  6. Ader Fitnessclub Vertical Climber
  7. Aceshin Vertical Climber

1. MaxiClimber Original Patented Vertical Climber MaxiClimber Original Patented Vertical Climber

The maxi climber is the best popular choice in the market for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is easy to set. In fact, it comes 90% pre-assembled. So, unbox and use it in minutes. Besides, its compact folding design saves a lot of floor space. You can easily store it after uses.

The unit is also good to try a full-body workout. Yes, you can combine muscle toning and calorie burning in one simple step. Other than that, the low impact workout does not press hard on your joints like ankle or knees. Anyone of heavyweight up to 240 pounds can try that with ease.

The best of all is its fitness app. Here you can track your progress or follow a routine for a perfect goal. There are routines like 21 days maxi-challenge interval programs and meal plans with 80+ recipes. Climbing an hour on this can burn twice more calories than a treadmill. Last but not least, the 200 dollars quality unit has a year of warranty and manual for safe use.


  • Fitness apps.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Supports up to 240 pounds.
  • One year warranty


  • Seams may tear off.

2. Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

It is one of those vertical climbers that ticks every box of demand. The sturdy unit is stable enough to support up to 220lbs. Furthermore, it has two different hydraulic cylinders with 12 adjustable settings. You can either increase or decrease the tempo to customize your workout.

Your gadget is of no use if it lacks a monitoring option. Yes, the climber has LCD to track progress like time, scan and calories. What’s more, is its space-saving design. You can store it anywhere at home while slimming is on. It’s foldable and always fits the budget.

You got to love this gadget when you know you can target muscles. This allows you to target hamstring, glutes, quads, and many more. Though it lacks a warranty, a safe play can run this over years.


  • Digital monitor.
  • Foldable design.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders.


  • No warranty.

3. CITYBIRDS Vertical Climber

“Quality adjusts price” is the perfect tagline for this. Unlike others, it is upgraded to a new 2020 version. There are wear-resistant material and one year warranty on this. Also, you will love its first 30 days full refund policy.

To add more to this, it can sustain loads up to 300lbs. Not only that but also it has five adjustable heights to choose from. Other than that, this portable gadget saves almost 80% of floor space. Climbing only an hour on this can help you to burn 500 calories.

The exceptional combination of cardio and low-impact workout is also good to tone muscles. You can strengthen your lower portion in accordance with the core. Like other quality climbers, it also offers LCD to track progress.

Citybirds is also popular for its wear-resistant pulleys and durable foot pedals. And the steel-springs avoid friction between pedals and frame. Also, good to reduce the impact on the knees. Overall, a quality item in the budget.


  • Five adjustable height.
  • Multi-function LCD monitor.
  • Wear-resistance Pulleys.
  • Steel springs.


  • Difficult to assemble.

4. Best Choice Products Vertical Climber

Best choice products hardly upset their consumers. Its vertical climber is also a quality one. Anyone who is looking to burn out some calories can try this with confidence. It is the perfect combination of strength training and cardio workout.

This unit is well crafted with eight levels of magnetic resistance. Not only that but also adjustable pedal straps assures safety. Besides, its non-slip foot glides can mimic the motions of rock climbing. Also, the low-impact workout has the least impact on your joints.

That’s not all! It can sustain loads up to 330lbs. There is also an LCD to track records like speed, time, distance, scan, and calories. Overall, a quality item to fit in every home gym.


  • 330pounds capacity.
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Non-slip foot glides.
  • Space-saving design.


  • No warranty.

5. ANCHEER Climber Indoor Vertical Climber

A quality vertical climber can always shape your body and core muscles. Because of the natural climbing motion, you can work your whole body. Not only that but also it is safe with five adjustable heights. Besides, it has a rich soft foam-embedded handle for comfortable use.

Unlike others, this climber comes 90% pre-assembled. Also, there is a product manual and a detailed installation video for you. Other than that, you will love its multi-function LCD display where you can track your records. Yes, all important-records like real-time, calories burned, speed, and more.

Here at ANCHEER, it can support loads up to 350lbs. That’s good enough to support any bulky mates. Also, its alloy steel material makes the unit sturdy and safe. Though it lacks a warranty, safe use can run this over years.


  • 90% pre-assembled.
  • 350lbs capacity.
  • Five adjustable height.
  • Non-slip foamy handles.


  • No warranty.

6. Ader Fitnessclub Vertical Climber Ader Fitnessclub Vertical Climber

Ader Fitness climber is light, effective, and the best cost-effective option in the market. You get your personal cardio and strength training in one item. Only an hour of climbing can burn more than 500 calories or so.

This fitness gadget is also good for its two-sided base. It adds stability while the folding design makes it simple for storage. You will also love its mini-computer with 5 different functions. You can count on your distance, calories, T-count, steps, and time.

For US folks, make sure that you are not ordering it from Alaska or Hawaii. No shipping to those options. Others can try this cheap yet a handy one for fat loss or strength training program. It is comfortable and safe for anyone within 300 pounds or so.


  • Five function mini-computer.
  • Folding design.
  • Affordable price.
  • Two-sided base.


  • No warranty.

7. Aceshin Vertical Climber

Aceshin is no ordinary among vertical climbers. It features all you need. First and foremost, the steel construction is coated with anti-rust paint. So, it is quite durable than others. Also, it features a weight capacity of 350pounds. Not only that but also five levels of adjustable heights to challenge workouts.

Just like others, it is foldable and space-saving. Besides, there is foamy, anti-slip handles for an intense workout. You will also love its LCD monitor. There are a lot of functions to count on progress. From rock hard abs to sexy legs, all is possible with one single unit. Only ten minutes on climbing on this can burn calories of half an hour running. Last but not least, it lacks a warranty but good to go over a year.


  • LCD digital display.
  • Folding and convenient.
  • 350 pounds capacity.
  • High-quality material.


  • No warranty.

What is Vertical Climber?

Climbing is a natural movement that burns more calories and tones our body. Since the caveman age, we have adapted this to new heights. Besides, how can you climb at home and mimic mountain climbing? The best vertical climber makes it possible for you.

This is an excellent tool as it combines both strength training and cardio workout. In most cases, these climbers are foldable and space-saving. You can try its adjustable height and challenge a more advanced workout. Also, it keeps a track of your record.

It is one of those workouts where you don’t hurt your palms. The adjustable handles are embedded with non-slip foam to keep you safe. Besides, the rhythmic up and down motion of pedals and handles helps you to shred a lot more fat. You burn out calories and put up strengths on muscles.

Other than that, vertical climbers are designed to engage both the lower and upper body. You build your core and gain fitness in a quick time. Also, it is an affordable home gym equipment for all.

Different Types of Vertical Climber

Though all vertical climber mimics mountain climbing, there are variants. Before you go for a vertical climber, let clear it out over its difference. Vertical climbers are of two main types. They are traditional climbers and transitional climbers.

Traditional Vertical Climbers: These climbers have pegs. That is similar to the back of your bicycle. To use this, you need to pump your arms and pull down the pegs. Stepping up and down will work through your whole body. This is the older version and requires a lot more effort.

Transitional climbers: This is the modern version of vertical climbing. It generally works through spring or hydraulic system. You can adjust your height and move its ergonomic handles to mimic mountain climbing. This is also a foldable option that is pretty easy to assemble.

Use of Vertical Climber

Using vertical climbers is no rocket science. Strike the handles ups and down and move pedals according to it. That is exactly what mimics mountain climbing. Make sure you invest adequate time to gain benefits from it. A session of fewer than 10 minutes is not effective for users.

You can try two to three sessions a day to burn out calories. Once you are accustomed, an hour of climbing can be the next challenge for you. For bodybuilders, you can add additional weight in vests for the next level workout. Last but not the least, altering speed is the best way to gain potentials in climbing.

Advantages of Vertical Climber

A vertical climber is always a better option among other home gym equipment. Some of its top benefits are-

High calorie-burning potential: Climbing is one of the best effective workouts to burn calories. Only an hour of climbing can burn nearly 500 calories for you. That is way better than running on a treadmill or stationary cycling. Besides, it also enhances your oxygen volume capacity and tone muscles.

Time efficient: Only 10 minutes a session per day can earn your strength and fitness. It is not always that you have time for workouts. But snipping only 10 minutes in climbing can help burn your calories.

Low-impact workout: Climbing at home is not only exciting but also helpful for people with injuries. It has the least impact on ankles and knees. Also, it develops better posture and fights back pains for you.

Whole Body workout: There are only a few items in the home gym that allows you to try the whole body workout. It is one of those coolest workouts where you can turn both upper and lower body muscles. Not to mention, climbing is a great combination of cardio and strength training.

Quick Installation: In most cases, vertical climbers come 80% pre-assembled for you. So, you can install the unit within minutes. Besides, this lightweight is foldable and saves a lot of floor space at home or office.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Vertical Climber?

Knowing the factors you need can help you to figure out the best climber with ease. From the flooded e-commerce market, you need to pick the one that serves you the most. Here are some parameters that you can look before buying a vertical climber.

Adjustable Height: Having a wide range of adjustable height maximizes your workout potential. It also cuts the chances of strain or pulls of muscles for any tall height. Having at least 5 different adjustable height is standard. If there is more to offer, grab it with full hands.

Digital Display: Your vertical climber is off no big use if it lacks a digital display. You need to track your progress and find the loopholes out of it. Also, it is a great opportunity to pull up a routine based on your performance.

Safety: Make sure the model you are picking is safe for climbing. Its handles must have anti-slip foam embedded. Also, look for anti-slip pedals with safety straps. As a newbie, don’t try any high-speed workout.

Warranty: Not all vertical climbers offer warranty and customer support. Though this is no expensive gadget, having a warranty is always a bonus in the list. Also, look for manual or instruction for your first kick.

Customer Review: A customer review is important when you buy it online. A quality product should always have more good ratings and positive feedback from its consumers. Besides, read a few negative feedback to understand the potential flaws of that product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do vertical climbers really work?
Ans: Vertical climber is an efficient masterpiece that plays on major muscle groups. You can strengthen both upper and lower body muscles and burn calories. Also, a great home gym equipment to tone your body at its best.

Q: How many calories can you burn on a vertical climber?
Ans: Vertical climbers are absolute calorie burner. Only an hour of climbing can help you to burn 500 or more calories. This is also a great combination of cardio and strength training. Make sure you do at least 10 minutes of climbing in a session to find its benefits.

Q: Does the maxi climber help lose belly fat?
Ans: Yes, this does help to lose belly fat. Besides, you have to be more tactical and must avoid common mistakes. You mustn’t eat before you go to the bed. Also, avoid eating fatty foods and foods containing high sugar content.

Q: Is the maxi climber bad for your knees?
Ans: Not at all! It can sustain loads up to 240pounds. This is exclusively designed for low-impact workouts. So, there is the least stress on the knees and joints of the lower body. Not only that but also it features non-stick grips. That assures a firm grip of your legs and arm during any intense workout.

Q: Are Vertical climbers worth it?
Ans: This the best match that anyone can get within budget. A vertical climber allows the whole body workout while shaping your muscles. You can burn calories in bulk with the least stress on your joints. Only two hundred dollars or so can get you a quality unit at home. Also, this is space-saving and easy to store at corners of your floor.

Q: Does the maxi climber build muscle?
Ans: Maxi climbers force arms and legs to work. It is also a machine to provide a full-body workout regime. A routine workout does help you to build muscles and strengthen your core. Six-packs are no impossible if you keep yourself engaged with climbing,

Final Verdict

A vertical climber is no less than a wonder. It is that one magical equipment that allows you to work on your major muscle groups. You burn calories and gain fitness in quick. Here at Fitgeeky, we have listed the best quality vertical climbers in the market. Read the reviews and pick the one that suits you most. It’s time to climb the Alps at home.

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