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What does weightlifting sound when it comes to your mind? A muscle man with sheer effort to raise tons of loads over the head. The number of weight plates just marks the event of weightlifting challenges. Whenever someone pushes their muscles to lift more weight, there is a chance of injury. Here come weightlifting belts to play. The top weightlifting belt is the best solution to prevent those unwanted muscle stretch.

These belts come in different sizes. But, they serve the same purposes. You will find most of them thick and comfortable. Because of extra thickness, they can provide extra stiffness. So, you can fight the spine away from bending. The belt material does not count big. The main purpose of these belts is to bring stability when you squat to lift a weight from the ground. Another important feature of these belts is to distribute pressure through your body.

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Holiday Sale - RitFit Weight Lifting Belt - Great for Squats, Crossfit, Lunges, Deadlift, Thrusters - Men and Women - 6 Inch Black - Firm & Comfortable Lumbar Support with Back Injury Protection

RitFit Weight Lifting Belt

Editor's Rating

Medium Weight Lifting Belt Powerlifting Belt with Lifting Equipment Weightlifting Belt Body Building Lifting Belt Power Weight Lifting Belt Squat Belt Leather Weightlifting Belt

Dark Iron Fitness Belt

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Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt, Olympic Lifting, Weight Belt, Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women, 6 Inch, Back Support for Lifting (Black, 27" - 32" Around Navel, X-Small)

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

Editor's Rating

Medium Weight Lifting Belt Powerlifting Belt with Lifting Equipment Weightlifting Belt Body Building Lifting Belt Power Weight Lifting Belt Squat Belt Leather Weightlifting Belt

This genuine leather belt is way better than any cheap belt in the industry. Yes, you can find belts of plastic, nylon, or Velcro, which does not last in real terms or so. This unit is also soft and supple and does not dig into your hips.

This is a belt that allows deadlift and squats over 600 pounds. It really does not break and eliminates pain in lifting. You can wear them with a full range of confidence as it is IPF and USAPL approved.

The story does not end here! If you are not satisfied, It is a belt with the right amount of thickness and width. So, it gives the perfect support for your abs and back. Many customers also think that this belt increases their lift of 10% from the average count.

Customer Review

I love this beast. It is absolutely snug fit and sturdy. Though it is soft but fair enough for all kinds of support. I never had a feeling that this might break in the middle. Also, I have used it for more than a year and no big hiccups. My favorite lifting belt of all time.

Donald Oliver


  • This unit has a leather construction.
  • It has four layers of double stitching.
  • This is adjustable and non-slip fit.


  • Its color may come off.
Holiday Sale - RitFit Weight Lifting Belt - Great for Squats, Crossfit, Lunges, Deadlift, Thrusters - Men and Women - 6 Inch Black - Firm & Comfortable Lumbar Support with Back Injury Protection

This affordable ergonomic belt is for both genders. It is firm and provides lumbar support for any strength training. This also reduces spinal flexion with improved abdominal support. It is also unique as it creates biomechanics when lifting heavyweights.

This is also a unit with 6 inches wide waterproof foam core. That too with brushed tricot lining and softbound edges. The unit is also adjustable and snug fit. Also, it has a low profile torque ring and hooks and loop closure.

You can use this for strength training and weight loss purposes. Other than strength training, you can also use it for back and shoulder training. The standing bent-over-rows, head shoulder press, and many more. What about the warranty? The company offers 100% customer satisfaction with a lifetime warranty on this.

You will get this product in 2 colors which are Black & Fitness Mottos. You will find RitFit Weight Lifting Belts in 5 sizes - Small ”22” -29 ”, Medium - 30” -36 ”, Large - 37” -43 ”, XL - 44” -51 ”, XXL - 52” -59 ”.

Customer Review

I have several disc bulges in the lower back. So, I was searching for extra support. This belt came to light to me. It provides additional assistance for heavy lifting. Especially in times when I used to work in my garden. It is not only for sports purposes. You can have a lot better use of this.

Lisa Ford


  • This is hand washable.
  • It comes with 6 inches waterproof foam core.
  • It reduces spinal flexion.
  • This has a low-profile torque ring.


  • It is good only for beginners.
Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt with Suede Lining and Steel Roller Buckle, 4-Inch, Large

Harbinger Padded Leather weightlifting belt is one of the best known for its comfort. This has interior foam cushioning with suede lining. It has double-stitched for long-lasting purposes. It is also a belt with five different variants in waist sizes.

Why would I buy it? This belt provides core support and protects your lower back and abdomen in time of heavyweight lifting. Not only that, but it also gives better coverage to larger bodies with better stability. The unit also has a steel roller buckle for snug fit maintenance.

Customer Review

I am a bit dwarf and not the fittest of all. I had lower back issues for more than three years. So, I was searching for something which can hold my lower back. I wanted to breathe more while I bent any action. This is a belt with a good amount of promise. It relieves pain in my sore point where the spine finishes its journey. Much better support to the pelvic bone.

Laurel Jones


  • It is comfortable with padded leather.
  • This comes with a double stitch for durability.
  • It is available with five waist sizes.
  • This has a steel roller buckle for a snug fit.
  • You will find this belt in width 6 "and 4".


  • The leather quality is not good.
Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt, Olympic Lifting, Weight Belt, Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women, 6 Inch, Back Support for Lifting (Black, 27" - 32" Around Navel, X-Small)

This is one of the best breathable weightlifting belts in the industry. It has self-locking with precise adjustability. A belt that fits every professional from Olympic superstar to a bodybuilder. This belt is also designed for optimum comfort and support.

You can apply tons of function with safety. The techniques include deadlift, squats, jerks, and many more. This belt does support more than your back. Yes, with every purchase, it provides one dollar to Marine combat veterans. It is also a unit that offers a lifetime warranty.

With its lightweight contour design, this belt helps prevent injuries from spinal hypertension or hyperflexion during weightlifting.

Customer Review

I am five feet seven inches tall and do preparing national weightlifting championship. Yes, the heavyweight champions of 200 pounds. I have tried different belts for that purpose, but this one sounded better. It is soft and breathable and does support me well. I can do back squats with more comfort. Cheers!!!

Thomas Sims


  • It has a self-locking buckle with adjustability.
  • The unit comes with a contoured design.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty.


  • This has a robust plastic-like smell.
Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt | Premium Weightlifting Belt for Serious Crossfit, Power Lifting, and Olympic Lifting Athletes (Medium, Black)

Are you a CrossFit Athletes and looking for the best comfort, performance belt? Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting belts can be the solution for you. It is a belt with a self-lock buckle and really easy to use.

This belt is constructed with 100% nylon and a full metal self-lock buckle. It is also functionally designed to create even intra-abdominal pressure for better stability. So, it is not only a back supporter like others. The unit comes in four different colors. That, too, with a uniform 4 inches profile for the most effective result.

This belt is also unique as it is competition approved. Yes, it has full approval of USAW and CrossFit Competitions. Also, a belt with a lifetime warranty. So, you can buy it with a full range of confidence.

Customer Review

I damn loved it! I had a couple of belts earlier, but this one is top-notch. The Velcro loses stability too early of the days. I found this nylon one way better than others. Also, it is a competition approved. So, I can put it with confidence. A belt with four smart colors also provides an option to choose. Overall, I feel happy with this comfortable belt.

Benjamin Patterson


  • It comes with self-lock security.
  • This is competition approved.
  • It offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It is functionally designed.


  • It is not much supportive, like leather ones.
ProFitness Weight Lifting Belts for Men and Woman Leather Weightlifting Belt Comes with (Black/White, Medium)

This a belt with comfortable premium leather. The belt is 4 inches wide all through, and you can adjust it with steel buckle. It is a belt for powerlifting and cross-training purposes. Also, it prevents injuries and ensures that you maintain optimum balance in weight lifting.

This belt counts big to prevent possible back injuries. The unit is also stretch and tear-resistant. It has three different waist sizes with a full range of adjustability. Also, it is unisex. So, both gender can use it for their goods. Last but not least, the item offers 60 days of full money back refund on any big defects.

ProFitness weightlifting belt is suitable for powerlifting cross-training exercises and everyday fitness. Another good thing about this powerlifting belt is that you can't pull, tear or slip the belt while you're working.

Customer Review

I have tried many belts so far. No doubt that it stood tall, among others. I don't feel the squeeze of pressure whenever I put it in my waist. Also, a savior of back injuries. It feels secure to lift 100 pounds weight with full stretch. Other than that, the leather quality is good. So counting benefits in 23 dollars is a heck of a deal. Cheers!!!

Mabel Mikel


  • It is adjustable and non-slip fit.
  • The unit offers a 60 days guarantee.
  • This comes for different waist sizes.
  • It is constructed with pure leather.


  • The smell sounded foul to some consumers.
Hawk Sports Lever Belt Black Genuine Leather Powerlifting Men & Women Power Lifting 10mm Weightlifting Belt! (Black, Medium)

This weight belt is somewhat different in comparison to others. The unit has a lever buckle design. This makes powerlifting easy and comfortable. Other than that, it is constructed with pure leather. Also, this unit offers three different waist sizes.

The unit is also special as it provides optimum support during squats and deadlifts. The belt is 4 inches wide and 10 mm thick. No wonder that this affordable belt is comfortable to wear. Last but not least, it provides a lifetime warranty on purchase.

This leather Hawk Sports weight lifting belt has 12 holes for adjusting your waist. If the bark of the lever is broken, the company will give FREE REPLACEMENT.

Customer Review

This belt is amazing! I have had a couple of weight belts earlier. But, this one is different. It has a lever buckle design- just easy to put on. I get the perfect support in squats. Also, the pure leather and black color suit me the most. No wonder the perfect fit within affordable range. 

Kelvin Clark


  • This has pure leather construction.
  • It has a lever-buckle design.
  • The unit comes with three different adjustable waist size.
  • This offers a lifetime warranty.


  • The belt is very thick in comparison to others.

Buying Guide of Weight Lifting Belts

Now, as you have decided to buy a weightlifting belt. So, it's time to look at the parameters to decide the best quality belt within the budget. The parameters include-

I. Material

This is important in terms of comfort and durability. The best power-lifting belts are leather constructed. Other than that, you will find top weight lifting belts with nylon, Velcro, and other materials.

II. Support

This is one of the crucial features to look at. This is because weight belts are mainly for lower lumbar support. The best weight belts fall within 4 inches to 6 inches width. This adds more stability and removes the chances of getting spine injuries.

III. Adjustability

This is probably the most important feature of top weight lifting belts. A belt without proper buckling is not complete. Most leather belts have steel option for that. In the case of nylon or Velcro belt, the loop closures are really important for the right clasps.

Also, it is important to feel easy about its use. A belt without good adjustment will not serve its purpose. So, take this on the good count.

IV. Customer review

Whenever you decide to buy something online, please do count customer reviews on a serious note. Customer reviews are some real-time experience of that particular product. If you scroll down, you can actually understand the quality of the product.

To the point service that it is providing. You can also read some negative reviews. This will inform you about some potential problems with that product.

V. Comfort

This is the supreme criterion of all. No wonder people search for belts with maximum comfort. You will find belts with inner padded foam cushioning. Also, there are belts with breathable material that soaks your sweat easily. So, go through reviews for the best possible result.

VI. Cost

There are weight belts with big budgets. But, you can find a good one within 50 dollars or so. It is not a sophisticated item. So, there is no great importance to spend a lot more money on this.

VII. Warranty

This is a question of almost all buyers. You will hardly find someone with big confidence for purchase without warranty. Yes, top weight lifting belts offer a lifetime warranty. Other than that, they offer a new replacement in case of any defect. You will also find the company with customer support. So, feel free to call them in time for your needs.

Why would I use a weight belt? The belt must have enough purposes for its use. A weight belt primly serves two main benefits. First, it reduces stress in your lower back while you lift weight in an upright position. Second, it prevents hypertension in the time of overhead lifts. Let's cut deep to know more about its action.

A weight lifting belt increases intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). This helps in providing more support to the lower backbones. In another note, this allows your spinal erector muscle to support lifting. So, when you wear a belt, you can lift a weight with the least effort.

Is that all? Not really! The heavyweight lifter often experiences lower back compression. This amazing unit increases IAP and reduces spinal shrinkage. So, no big chance of getting an injury. Also, the belt activates body muscles and maintains good posture.

In the case of beginners, this is an absolute try item. This belt tightens your abs muscles. So, there is more generation of internal pressure, and you don't really feel the pressure of lifting a heavyweight. Make sure you take the advice of your gym instructor. It is always better to start with a good guideline.

To roll it up, the belt definitely has an impact on core muscles and body stabilization — also, a unit with a tonic to improve your performance. No wonder you need some safety when you put your thumb on performance. This is the unit to assure you that safety and step up.

Different Types of weight lifting belts

Best Weightlifting belts fall into three major categories in terms of shapes. They can be cylindrical, cone, or contoured. Each of them has a different design and offers a range of benefits in weight lifting. Let's dive deep to find more about them.



This belt has the same width in all parts. So, it does cover the torso equally. It is designed to support the abdomen, lower back, and sides evenly. So, there is equal pressure distribution and the least chance of an injury. They are mostly of nylon made and provides supports for the functional fitness of the body.



These belts are not typical of all. It is a belt with a thicker posterior and anterior section. Also, it is contoured at the sides. This is designed to suit the natural curvature of your body. Athletes of strength training and power-lifter use this multi-level purposes. You can find this type among leather and nylon type.



This belt is for a high level of specialist. Most Olympic lifter and recreational athletes take this for its extra posterior width. Its lighter portion over the abdomen allows your torso in full range of motion. So, you get better support while lifting weights from the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I clean my weightlifting belt?

Q: Where should I place my weightlifting belt?

Q: Are weight lifting belts different for men and women?

Q: What can I do with the bad odor of my leather belt?

Q: Is weightlifting belt counts cheat in competition?

Final Speech 

The weight lifting belt is an essential part of the sport. Also, an integral part of your training. It is never fancy to wear big belts without any cause. A belt to support you and make life easy in lifting heavyweight.

Most importantly, it works as a prevention of any injury. After all those reviews and guidelines, now it's your turn to choose the best for yours. A good selection can give you an edge to the sports — a mark of performance after hard works. 

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