best weightlifting gloves for women

Best Weightlifting Gloves for Women

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It is not unusual to find your hands red, sore, and calloused in long-hour, weightlifting exercise. For women, this challenge is even higher because of their thin glabrous skin on palm. Only the best weight lifting gloves for women can help them to a safe and comfortable workout. These gloves are constructed with humanized design and are easy to put on and quick to put off.

Most weightlifting gloves are constructed with foam, neoprene, spandex, and leather. These gloves are breathable and do not allow sweat to form bad odors in long hours of workout. Also, most gloves are resistant to water, chemicals, oils, and heat for long term uses. Only a few of them have warranty and customer support for a free replacement.

Let’s find more about the best weightlifting gloves for women in detail.

Top 8 Best Weight Lifting Gloves

  1. SIMARI Workout Gloves for Women
  2. ihuan Women’s Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves
  3. Atercel Weight Lifting Gloves
  4. Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves
  5. Trideer weight lifting gloves for women
  6. Mava Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves
  7. RIMSports Women’s Weight Training Gloves
  8. Harbinger Women’s Crossfit Weight Lifting Gloves

1. SIMARI Workout Gloves for Women SIMARI Workout Gloves for Women

SIMARI workouts gloves are unisex, and it is suitable for most gym workouts. These gloves are excellent for weight lift up, pull up, push up, and more. These pairs are built with breathable lycra material. It can stretch up to 4 to 7 times with an almost 100% recovery rate.

Other than that, it has wrist support to protect your arms from straining. Also, it has foam pads on the palm to buffer any stress on palms. Its humanized design is helpful for quick put on and takes off. That’s not all! It has terry clothes on the thumb to wipe off sweat during workout sessions.


  • Breathable material and unisex design.
  • Reusable velcro.
  • Sponge foam pads on the palm.


  • Doesn’t suit heavy lifting workouts.

2. ihuan Women’s Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves ihuan Women's Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves

ihuan gym gloves are perfectly padded to help full palm protection. It is neither too thin to hurt glabrous skin nor too thick for poor gripping. These gloves have foam pairs on palm to cushion impacts of gym equipment. Because of neoprene construction, it is resistant to water, oil, chemicals, and heat for extended durability.

These gloves are also made of ultra-light microfiber that makes it breathable and lightweight to carry. Its built-in wrist wraps provide excellent support to cross-training, Olympic lifts, squats, and more. Because of high-quality ventilation, it has no bad odor even after hours of workout. Furthermore, it is a brand that offers 24 hours customer support to satisfy your needs.


  • Water-resistant.
  • Built-in wrist straps.
  • Breathable design to avoid sweat.


  • It is less padded than the picture.

3. Atercel Weight Lifting Gloves Atercel Weight Lifting Gloves

When it comes to ergonomic design with maximum grips, then you better watch out Atercel workout gloves. These gloves are perfect for protecting you from calluses, blisters, and rough frictions on your palm. It features an anti-slip silicone gel pattern on the palm with innovative finger designs.

These gloves are built with stretchy and breathable material to help support all sorts of gym training. You can also use them in cycling, hiking, climbing, and more to unlock next-level performance with sorts of comfort. These gloves have five different sizes for both men and women.

Just like others, its breathable mesh fibers inside allows your hands to stay sweat-free in long workouts. It is also easy to put on and take off. When it comes to satisfaction, the brand has professional customer service to satisfy your needs in a quick time..


  • Anti-slip silicone gel pattern on the palm.
  • Innovative finger design.
  • Easy to put on and take off.


  • Wrists are poorly reinforced.

4. Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves  Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves

This is one of the best stylish weight lifting gloves in the industry. It is built with silicone printed neoprene material to help for quality stretch and comfort. These pairs are resistant to water, oils, chemical, heat, and aging for long term durability.

These gloves are also uniquely designed with built-in wrist wraps. That is suitable for superior training such as Olympic lifts, front squats, and more. Because of its design, it can also generate extra grip for barbell, pull up bar, kettlebells, etc. These pairs are also good to protect sore, ripped hands, and guard’s calluses.

That’s not all! These long-lasting cross-fit gloves doesn’t allow sweating and prevent bad odor in gloves. It is easy to clean and offers a unisex design. Last but not least, you can return the gloves with a money-back guarantee.


  • palm protection.Full
  • Built-in wrist wraps.
  • Allows extra tight grips.


  • Unstable for serious lifting.

5. Trideer weight lifting gloves for women  Trideer weight lifting gloves for women

What if there is a hand glove with a handsome warranty? Yes, Trideer weight lifting gloves have 12 months of warranty and 30 days of hassle-free return. Furthermore, it is a brand that offers lifetime customer services on 15 dollar units.

These all-purpose gloves feature adjustable straps for wrist protection. Also, it perfectly fits for pull-ups, weight lifting, gym training, and more. Because of its silica gel in the palm, it protects your hand from calluses, bruising, and cocoon blistering. Like others, it has microfibers to make gloves breathable to protect sweaty palm and slips on gym equipment.


  • Adjustable wrist strap size.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Lifetime customer service.


  • Lacks optimum padding.

6. Mava Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves Mava Women's Weight Lifting Gloves

MAVA workout gloves are well-known for its full palm protection with minimum coverage. These gloves feature adjustable wrist wrap support to help distribute pressure across the forearm. So you can try deadlifts, cleans, snatches, bench press, front squats, and more.

This glove features anatomically-shaped silicone padding for maximum grips in sports. Just like others, it has enough ventilation to keep gloves odor-free. Also, these lightweight accessories prevent rips, slips, tears, and calluses.

No matter what, its open hand design allures consumers to try versatile workouts. This economical unit supports you in weightlifting, cross-training, chin-ups, bench press, rope climbing, pull-ups, and more. Try the lightweight motivation to play it safe in sports.


  • Adjustable wrist wrap support.
  • Proper ventilation with no bad odor.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.


  • No covering on the backside.

7. RIMSports Women’s Weight Training Gloves RIMSports Women's Weight Training Gloves

Let’s talk about expensive quality gloves with leather and spandex construction. Unlike traditional wrist straps, these gloves have diagonal velcro latch for better flexibility and movement. Also, these gym gloves are available in seven different colors.

This lightweight, odorless is also a one in all solution for both genders. Yes, weight gloves, fitness gloves, CrossFit gloves, or lifting gloves, it is just perfect for all. Because of its thick padding, it is the ideal solution for intense workouts and heavy-weight lifting. Furthermore, this brand provides free replacement if you are unsatisfied with your pairs.


  • Breathable leather and spandex construction.
  • Thick padding for intense workouts.
  • Free replacement offer.


  • No double stretching.

8. Harbinger Women’s Crossfit Weight Lifting Gloves

These gloves are exclusively built for women’s weightlifting purposes. It has three different sizes and two different colors-purple and white. Unlike others, it is made with machine washable, dry leather. It also comes with fully adjustable wrist closure for the perfect hand fitting in sports.

Harbinger women’s glove is also exclusive for its TechGel cushioning system. It avoids all sorts of stress and protects your hand from rips, tears, and calluses. Furthermore, it has a leather palm padding for the most comfortable grips in sports. Yes, you can try barbell, kettlebell, push-ups, weight lifting, and all with safety when you have these pairs with you.


  • TechGel Cushioning system.
  • Fully adjustable wrist closure.
  • Machine washable, dry leather.


  • Not enough padding.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Weightlifting Gloves for Women

Which is the best weightlifting gloves for women? Well, there is no specific answer to it. But, if you consider a few parameters, then you can find the gloves of your choice.

Material: Material has always been a big concern for weightlifting gloves. These gloves are made of foam, neoprene, spandex, and leather material. Also, they have microfibers to ensure proper ventilation through it. That keeps your gloves free from sweat accumulation, and there are no bad odors even after long uses. Besides, leather materials are more durable than usual fabrics and foamy ones.

Humanized design: Try to pick gloves that are easy to put on and easy to put off. Gloves with proper foam padding or TechGel cushioning helps you with comfortable gripping. Remember, extra-thick padding makes it difficult to grip, and thin padding does not help to prevent calluses. So, the optimum thickness is the key to benefits.

Fit: Your gloves are not worthy if it doesn’t fit well. Pick your size and look for adjustable wrist wraps. Some gloves have adjustable wrist closures instead of wraps. Most women have relatively smaller hands. Make sure the pair fits well on your palm or replace another one for goods.

Finger Length: These gloves have two major styles- half-finger length and full finger length. Most women love to wear rings in their fingers. In such a case, half-finger length is preferable and offers better flexibility for women. For full finger length, you need to make sure it fits perfectly to your hand.

Skin protection: It is not that weightlifting gloves help to protect from blisters and calluses. But, it also helps to prevent fungal skin infection and Eczema. Also, it alleviates allergies induced by nickel and heavy metals from gym equipment. Other than that, gym chalk can induce dust allergy, which is never a case with good pairs of weightlifting gloves.

Durability: Some gloves are resistant to water, oils, chemical, and heat, meaning they are more durable than others. Besides, leather and spandex mix gloves are more long-lasting than foam mix material. Also, you can look for warranty and customer support to resolve the issue of durability.

Popular Weight Lifting Gloves Exercises

Though the name suggests only for weightlifting, it is not restricted to one item at all. You can try a number of workouts using these gloves. Some of them are-

  • Chin-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Bench press
  • Deadlift
  • Lat pulldown
  • Barbell rows
  • Burpees
  • Push-ups
  • High planks
  • Olympic lift
  • Cross-training, and more

Besides, these gloves are helpful to try other floor gym equipment too. It protects your hand and makes workouts more comfortable for you.

Benefits of Weightlifting Gloves

When it comes to floor scrubbing or dishwashing, you wear gloves to protect your hands. What about weight lifting? Trying heavyweight kettlebell or pull-ups can cause calluses in your palms. That can put you in deep distress in workouts. Besides, Weightlifting gloves have more benefits to count.

Protects Your Finger
Whenever you are trying heavyweight lifting, it can stress tendons of your finger. In general, the middle finger gets the brunt of the force, and it often causes tendonitis. The result can be pain, inflammation, and inability to bend fingers or even tenderness to touch. These gloves are designed to support your fingers in heavy stress. Because of the protective barrier, it minimizes the overall stress to your nerves. So, you can try hours of workouts without harming your fingers.

Decrease chances of calluses
Calluses are rough spots on palm occurring mainly due to stress and friction. Without gloves, there are more chances of friction on your palm, meaning more rough spots in your hand. This reduces your hand’s flexibility and sensation from the natural stimulus.

No need to use chalk
People often use gym chalk to counteract sweat and increase gripping potential. However, these gym chalks are a real mess on the gym floor, and it is often difficult to clean. Some users are also allergic to its dust and sneezing more than usual when exposed to it. Also, you need to buy them more frequently than gloves. Weightlifting gloves serve the same purpose of chalk and perhaps better in all senses.

Less risk of dropping weights
Once you intensify your workouts, you will sweat heavily, and there is a chance to slip off weight unwillingly. That can have a severe injury if the heavyweight falls on your feet. The use of weightlifting gloves assures better grips and reduces the risk of weight droppings.

Improves workout Techniques
These gloves assure better grip and comfort, so it also helps to focus on weightlifting techniques. You have better balance and more control of grasping the bar for better results. It enhances your chance of adapting and improving workout techniques in heavyweight lifting.

Weightlifting Gloves cushions to reduce hand pain
No matter what weightlifting has a direct correlation to hand pain. Weightlifting puts stress on your nerves, and that stress is minimized when glove cushions your palms. So, it allows you to try long hours of workout, and your hands get better adapted to repeated stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wash my gym gloves?
Ans: Yes, most gym gloves are washable, and you should wash them at least twice a week. If you do not wash it for long, then microbes can thrive, and it will create bad odors to the gloves. Furthermore, it will question the hygiene of your gloves to use.

Q: Does weight lifting gloves completely remove calluses?
Ans: Though most weightlifting gloves claim to remove calluses, if you lift heavy weight regularly, then calluses may form. It is how often you are trying and how hard you are pressing on gym equipment.

Q: Should I look for gloves with extra padding?
Ans: Extra padding on palm increases its thickness, making it difficult to grip on bars. Padding is for the comfortable lift up and prevents your palms from rips, tears, and calluses.

Q: Is there any difference between weightlifting gloves and gym gloves?
Ans: Weightlifting gloves can be used on basic gym equipment on the floor. On the other side, gym gloves are not suitable for heavy-weight lifting. So, gym gloves have limited use in comparison to weight lifting gloves.

Q: Does open hand design have an extra advantage over others?
Ans: Not really, it is just another style of weightlifting gloves. In fact, many users feel it important to have an outer covering on gloves. They believe that makes it easier to absorb sweat dripping from heads. These gloves are washable and moisture-wicking.

Final Verdict

Weightlifting gloves can be your best support in heavy-weight lifting. Professional athletes know exactly how to keep their hands safe while playing big on sports. For women, their palms are more delicate than men. So, taking extra caution will satisfy needs and helps to excel better in every sport. Here at Fitgeeky, we have listed the best weightlifting gloves for women to try variable workouts. Try it; you won’t regret it.

You must wear gloves to protect the skin of hands. (Photo: Yahoo/Getty Images)

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