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Top 9 Best Yoga Bolsters in 2022

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How do you do your yoga poses? Are the one that juts presses the body against that hard floor? That is tantamount to causing harm if not discomfort. You need to carry out yoga and enjoy it to its fullest, just like what happens in a studio. The only solution to such a problem is by using the best yoga bolsters. They are destined to provide that firm support but a soft surface where you can do your poses without pain.

The problem is, how do you get to land on a good bolster for your use. You will realize that your search is going to give you lots of items that have the different make and even models. That is rated confusion. Making a choice becomes a hard thing to do. That is why we are here with the expertise of showing you the best.

9 Best Yoga Bolsters

  1. YogaAccessories Supportive Yoga Bolster
  2. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster
  3. Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Bolster
  4. YogaAccessories Round Yoga Bolster
  5. YogaDirect Supportive Yoga Bolster
  6. Bean Products Best Yoga Bolsters
  7. Gaiam Rectangular Yoga Bolster
  8. Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster
  9. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Yoga Bolster

This in only best yoga bolsters list from our expert team. If you want to know more about this, Please scroll below.

1. YogaAccessories Supportive Yoga Bolster YogaAccessories Supportive Yoga Bolster

This is a rectangular Yoga accessory that has been made to be both firm and also supportive. Other than all those two, the Bolster still remains to be soft and also supple. You might wonder why it has been ranked here. The answer is  simple; it is our top selling product because it has a perfect size and also shape. It has been made to be both rectangular and flat on both sides so that it becomes easy and sweet to use. It comes in a variety of colors that are both bright and also beautiful to have. If you want to incorporate some hygiene friendly props in your studio, then it is going to work best for you.


  • Handles on either side enhance easy transportation
  • Made with 100% cotton, making it strong
  • Handles restorative yoga bolster poses
  • Can be fine-tuned to fit your firmness level
  • Cover can be unzipped easily for cleaning


  • It has a chemical odor that makes it a bit uncomfortable.

2. Hugg​​​​​er Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster Hugg​​​​​er Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

This is one of the products that have been rated as the studio favorite out there. It has been made with a rectangulartype of look but combines its perfect inner strength with stability to make it a more comfortable product for your use. The soft surface that it has makes it wonderful and able to give you lots of years of unsurpassed service. Designed with handles on both sides that are a convent in ensuring that you get to transport it in an easy manner. When cleaning it, you are advised to either spot clean it or dry cleaning it.


  • Are supportive and very comfortable to use
  • Can be used as a pregnancy pillow
  • It has a price that is affordable to all
  • Colors are not easy to show dirt or discoloration
  • Been given a strong stitching for durability
  • Its firmness is one that is exceptional


  • The bolster cover cannot be removed, doing so will interfere with its tightness and function

3. Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Bolster Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Bolster

Everything that you do should always start at the core. One thing that you have never known is that you are only strong as compared to the foundation that you have. What you need to do is to find your center, and then you will be able to sustain deeper meditation like never before.

When you are meditating, it should not be interrupted by shear aches that emanate from bones and sore muscles. That is why we are bringing you a meditation bolster that has been designed with better firmness and pliability. They will give you a boost up from using the hard floors out there.


  • The full-zip feature gives you an easy time or removal.
  • Has a cotton cover that can be machine washed
  • Grab and go handle makes handling it easy
  • It helps to align your spine in a proper manner
  • Available in different shapes to fit your needs


  • The mix of cotton and polyester, reducing its durability

4. YogaAccessories Round Yoga Bolster YogaAccessories Round Yoga Bolster

This is one of the heaviest bolster that you can find in the market. But it has been made to serve you getter at all times. It just weighs 9 pounds making it the best for use in supporting a number of Yoga poses. When buying a Yoga product, you must ensure that you get one that is firm enough to tackle the challenging poses that come along as you practice.

This is the item that has been designed to help you reach further distances but all in a safer manner. You can place one under the back, the shoulders, or even the head to help you out in lengthening the spine.


  • Helps greatly with restorative poses
  • Adjust to reach your firmness level
  • Can be washed with a machine
  • Made with different textiles for your choice
  • A round profile provides a smooth transition for a better rest


  • Needs to be made with a better quality cover

5. YogaDirect Supportive Yoga Bolster YogaDirect Supportive Yoga Bolster

Our cheap yoga bolsters have been made with 100% cotton so that you are able to enjoy the best time of using them without any problem. They are able to provide you with the best perfect way to handle many yoga postures that you are going to do.

You will find that they are firm to be provide you with the full support that you need. On the other hand, they are still soft enough to provide you with total comfort in your sessions. It just weighs over 6 pounds and stuffed with a cotton blend.


  • Removable cover is easy to clean
  • Handles in both sides help in moving it
  • It can be used for any yin or restorative pose
  • Can help expectant mothers to feel comfortable
  • Does not have any chemical smell at all
  • Helps in dealing with all lower back issues


  • A package might contain some mildew

6. Bean Products Best Yoga Bolsters Bean Products Best Yoga Bolsters

Yoga is not going to be better at all if you don’t have a firm bolster. Our Yoga bolster come in three forms, that is rectangular, round, and breathing styles. That fives client’s selection choice to make according to what they have or what they want to achieve at the end of the day.

For the rectangular ones, you will realize that they have been designed with flat surfaces that will help you carry out those active and restorative kind of poses. The round ones will allow you have that deep forward supported kind of bend and open the chest gently when putting under the back of the body. The breathing type has been filled only with cotton thus will support your back right from the tailbone all the way to the neck.


  • Can handle active also restorative kind of poses
  • They are extra firm but soft
  • Made with quality materials for durability
  • Comes with up to three shapes for your choice
  • Quality and beautiful colors to choose from.


  • The picture and what you get might differ a bit

7. Gaiam Rectangular Yoga Bolster Gaiam Rectangular Yoga Bolster

When you are handling your yoga kind of exercises, you just need to have the best kind of support. That is what this Bolster has been designed to accomplish. It has the ability to support the body when you are doing your yoga when handling meditation sessions and even when you are relaxing. You need to stay clean at all times, and that is why you will find that the machine washable cover has been made with 100% polyester and batted with a little cotton. The convenient handle that it has been fitted with also gives you a hassle-free kind of transportation.


  • Supports the body for yoga, relaxation, and meditations
  • The sturdy handle gives it a hassle-free transportation
  • Cover can be removed and washed with a machine
  • Does not have any chemical smell at all
  • Natural cotton batting fill makes it soft


  • Might arrive being misshapen and also uneven, which is difficult to give it its original shape

8. Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster

If you are in need of doing restorative Yoga, then this is the right kind of product that you need to have right away. It has been designed with a flat surface, making it use its rectangular shape to provide you with the best and ideal stability when you are having your yoga routine.

What makes this item a unique one is that it is versatile, and it will facilitate doing some routines that are known to seem difficult at some point. Some routines that you will enjoy doing using this item involve forward bending and raising of legs. It will also work towards opening one’s chest in an easy manner. Comes in two sizes, which means that you will get the best type of support that you are aspiring to get for every routine that you will do.


  • The cushion can support backward bends and leg supports
  • Dyed Organic cotton has environment-friendly color
  • The organic cotton cover is also easy to wash
  • Natural kapok fiber to handle deeper asanas
  • The choice of 2 sizes makes it easy for you to choose


  • Does not do well with couch back support

9. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Yoga Bolster Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Yoga Bolster

Crystal cave has been designed to provide you with that extra support that you might need when you are carrying out your exercises. You might be practicing the savasana or trying out those handstands in style. To make it better, you will realize that it has been made with natural materials that are also nontoxic. That is what a better home product should have and entail.

There are also active lifestyles, and we keep all that in mind because we have employed the use of carrying handles that are stitched for easy transportation. The outer cover should always be maintained clean. To achieve that, you can remove it and do a wash. That way, it will always entice you to continue with your yoga moves. That is why it is one of the best yoga pillows for your use.


  • Used meditators and yogis of all skill levels
  • Modern design with a removable cover for easy washing
  • The inner liner holds the buckwheat pillow fill pretty well for use
  • Sturdy carry handle will promote easy transportation
  • The buckwheat fill makes it to be heavier but supportive


  • Overusing it might make the seams in the inner lining weak

Buying Guide

  • How to Choose the Best Yoga Bolsters
  • Types of Yoga Bolsters
  • How to Use a Yoga Bolster
  • The Benefits of Using Yoga Bolsters

How to Choose the Best Yoga Bolsters

With yoga bolsters, you will be amazed by the fact that they come in all sizes and shapes. So depending on the type of exercise that you will want to handle or tackle, then the way you will choose is just different from one person to another. But at the end, it is important to just know what you will expect in the field.

  • Firmness:When you are looking for a standard yoga bolster, the first thing that you will have to do is to make sure that it is firm. This is because it will be placed on the floor; hence, it must provide the best cushioning.
  • Wideness: Round yoga should not be too wide. This will make it loose its shape. Just go for one that has the right size, and it will give you a gentle type of support.
  • Profile: Juniors are advised to use bolsters that have a narrower profile. The narrower make will help you in opening up the chest as you do some poses like legs up the wall. They will also enable you to relax your shoulders and arms, thus creating the widthwise kind of opening.
  • Pranayama pillows: Make sure that they are able to meet all your type of requirements, right from the width, length, and also firmness. It is good to know that when you are doing pranayama poses, you will need to use deep inhalation. You need to have the right kind of pillows that will help you manage that kind of exercise. You will need to breathe in a slow manner. So that you are able to calm both your mind and also stock up the prana.

Types of Yoga Bolsters

The major types that you will find include the following:

  • Standard bolster: It has been made with a rectangular shape and is the most common of the yoga bolsters that you will find in the market. Although they are versatile, they are trusted in offering you with the support and stability that you need to do a wide variety of poses.
  • The round bolster: It has been designed with a cylindrical shape that makes it suitable to put under your knees as you do the savasana pose. For restorative poses, they will also provide you with great support as you do them.
  • Pranayama: It has also a cylindrical shape, but it is thinner as compared to the round bolster. It is used when doing the pranayamic type of exercises. It is  basically used to improve your breathing. It facilitates the expansion of the chest so that you are able to have those long breaths.
  • Zafu: It has been designed to look a stool and is used when doing the meditations.

How to Use a Yoga Bolster

It will always vary form one person to another. The common restorative kind of exercises are here and how to maneuver around with your bolster

  • The chest expansion bliss:

If you have to perform this kind of pose in a good way, you will be required to place your bolster on an end-to-end process on a non-skid mat. After that, take your time and sit on the front of the bolster and lie down on it using your back. If you need additional support, you can place a yoga blanket underneath the neck and your head. You now go to stretching your arms at a 45-degree angle, ensure to turn up your palm and get that relaxation pose. You need to hold this position for up to 15 minutes.

  • Restorative side way stretch:

Place your bolster from corner to corner on a mat that also does not skid. Take your blanket and fold it up so that you are able to position it six inches away and straight to your bolster. The next step is sitting on one side of the bolster. Lay on another side as your rib cage and waist rest on the bolster. Let your armrest between the yoga blanket and the bolster. Your head should now be on the blanket and loosen up. You need to take a breath for some few minutes before you now change sides again.

  • The supported savasana:

You need to place your bolster under your knees and ensure that your savasana is restful enough. This will be good if you are suffering from back pain or have discomfort when you stretch your legs flat. It is good also to make sure that your bolster is the right when you are handling this kind of pose; otherwise, you will experience discomfort.

The Benefits of Using Yoga Bolsters

  • It will ensure that your body posture is improved. When you are using a bolster, it will allow you to maintain specific body positions when you are exercising. It can do this without you having to use a lot of energy. It will be really helpful when you are also striking some kind of poses that will require you to use your hips, the neck, and also the knees. This means that you will have reduced the risk of injury by far.
  • It is good to also remember that when your body has been given the correct kind of posture, it will enable you to soak in the maximum required benefits of doing yoga.
  • It will help you out in easing stress. Stress build in the body always brings to us some bad side effects. If you have a bolster, you can always turn it to be of great assistance whenever stress is craving in you. You will have allowed the bolster to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic
    nervous system. This action always has a cooling effect that will signal your body to relax hence relieving stress. You can also use bolsters in your morning workouts when the muscles are tense and have not got to be taken by warmth.
  • The intensity of the swelling will be significantly reduced. By using bolsters in your yoga
    training, you will have benefited from the process of inverting your body. That way, the activities of standing and sitting for long will have been reduced greatly. Bolster are also beneficial in helping you to counter the problems of inflammation and also chronic kind of swelling. There are also some yoga poses that have a defeat effect of the forces of gravity. When they are coupled with bolster support, then the stiffness of the muscles will be relieved completely.
  • They will play a role in metabolism stimulation. When you will be twisting the muscles of your stomach, you will be stimulating the process of metabolism and even the digestive system. bolsters come into play when you are doing such exercises in helping you hold such exercises for a longer period of time. With that, the body will be used to such kind of poses, and you will be able to increase the rate of your metabolism.

Final Speech

Most people have found it hard to make the right choice to buy yoga bolsters, but it shouldn’t be so as at now. You have read through, have found out what you can use and have managed to make a choice of at least one if not two of your choice. We have managed to shed more light for you, and whenever you go out, you will have enough knowledge of making a choice.

The market has many bolsters, and we have them now barrowed down to the right number for you to make an easy choice. Buy one that will make you enjoy yoga and get the maximum benefits that come with the exercise. My team is here for you, and I hope I have managed to give you the best. It now your turn to make a choice, make a wise one.

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