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Best Yoga Kit for Beginners in 2022

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Most people say that doing yoga is one easy thing that you can accomplish. Yes, I agree with them and at the same time, disagree. Yoga comes with many poses and styles that you need to practice. With the best yoga kit for beginners, you are not going to achieve anything at all. That is why we have come here with great ideas to share out with our clients and get them helped.

When you find yourself in the market looking for yoga kits for beginners, what you will find there will always be shocking because of the variety that exists there. That is why we have sampled them up for you to bring you the best of the best from the many out there. Here is the list that I have prepared you with detailed information for each item.

9 Best Yoga Kit for Beginners in 2022

  1. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Kit – 6 Piece
  2. Clever Yoga Complete Beginner’s Kit -7-Piece
  3. Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter Set With DVD – 3 Piece
  4. BalanceFrom GoYoga Kit – 7-Piece
  5. Live Infinitely Complete Yoga Kit – 6 Piece
  6. Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit – 5 Pieces
  7. FIT SPIRIT Yoga Mat Starter Kit – 6 piece
  8. REEHUT Yoga Starter Kit – 6 piece
  9. Roller Buddy 5 Pack Yoga Kit

1. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Kit – 6 Piece

This is one of the thickest mats that you can find in the market. It features a memory foam that has been specifically designed to offer you with superior impact absorption and the best comfort that you need. It will protect your knees and joints so that you can be able to grip the floor to get the best kind of balance. It is designed with non-skid ridges that will protect the mat from skidding off when you are doing your yoga practice.

To make it serve you for longer periods of time, you will realize that it has been constructed from durable NBR foam. That is why it is a mat that is ideal for all other kinds of yoga out there. Designed with extra-large dimensions that will ensure proper usage of all times. The integrated carry strap also ensures easy carriage and also quick and easy kinds of restoration services.


  • Carry strap makes moving it easy
  • Can be used in all types of yoga’s
  • Made from durable kind of materials
  • Does not slip off when it is being used
  • Made with a soft and smooth surface


  • Cannot be used by large or unstable people

2. Clever Yoga Complete Beginner’s Kit -7-Piece Clever Yoga Complete Beginner’s Kit -7-Piece

This is a yoga beginner kit that has been made to allow you to do your movements both comfortably and freely when you get to practice yoga. It has been made with a double-sided textured surface that will ensure you get the best of your exercise without any stress at all. Comes with 7 pieces of equipment that will allow you have everything that you want to build at hand.

The best is that the set can also be used in the gym when you want to do several kinds of sports and even workouts. If you are new to yoga, this is the best yoga beginner kits that have everything that you need to start your journey. The mat is also non-slip. The two towels that come with the product will ensure that you get to have a non-slip surface, hence reducing injury a great deal.


  • Extra thick to take care of the joints
  • Yoga strap is great for use by a starter
  • The strap helps you to get to positions easily
  • Carrying case to keep things organized
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • The mat is thin, making it slid at some points

3. Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter Set With DVD – 3 Piece Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter Set With DVD - 3 Piece

Gaiam yoga kit comes with other accessories that will be vital for you to use. When you look at the towels, you will just be impressed with them. They have been made with 100% microfiber that will make it slip-resistant and also have sweat-free workouts out there. If there is a need for adjustment, you can use the adjustable strap that it has been fitted with. Practicing your yoga moves and poses is now going to be easy.

The gaiam yoga for beginners kit height density that it has been designed with, it gives it the ability to comfortably cushion the spine, the hips, elbows, and even knees. It is made with the used of moisture resistant technology. That means that you can be cleaning it every day, and when the sun comes, it is dry and ready for use. the non-slip sides are double-sided, meaning that you can use either of the sides pretty well without any problem.


  • They are warranted, so have no risk
  • They are lightweight and also portable
  • Non-slip surface prevents the occurrence of injury
  • Does not have any strong smell
  • The color that it comes with is beautiful


  • No stated use of the orange strap

4. BalanceFrom GoYoga Kit – 7-Piece BalanceFrom GoYoga Kit - 7-Piece

You don’t have to buy any mat like that, buy a quality mat. This is one kind of quality mat that is just available anywhere. It does not choose the ones that you are going to use it, that is it can be used by beginners and even experts with ease. It comes with other accessories, and that is why it will ensure that you take your skills all the way to the next level. The strap that it has been made with will also give you the ability the chance of holding for longer when you are doing yoga.

It is one of the best beginners yoga kits that you need to use to nail down those perfect yoga moves that you are having. This is because they are able to provide you with the reliable support that you need. The inclusion of the towels also ensure that sweat is kept at bay when you are doing your yoga. With that in mind, you will be able to hold your poses for a longer period of time have the knowledge that sliding is never going to soccer at all.


  • Comes with a carrying case for easy transportation
  • Can be used in all levels
  • Strap can be used also for flexibility and better balance
  • Does not slide when you are doing your yoga
  • Will assist you in holding poses for longer


  • Price is a bit high for its class

5. Live Infinitely Complete Yoga Kit – 6 Piece

The use of the NBR foam will ensure that you get the best and even the best training experience ever. The anti-scratch material that has been used in making it is better and will always last longer. Your hands also need to have the best kind of comfort and that is why you will find that the thick but soft cotton has been made to give you the best time to exercise.

One great thing about it is that it has been made with simplicity and for simplicity. The polyester, microfiber, and nylon will ensure that sweat is always kept very far from your reach. Your body will always be cool and dry at all times. Buy it, and you will enjoy the best services, unlike any other before.


  • Comes with several pieces for both the beginners and experienced ones
  • Comfortable for me and many people out there
  • Its yoga strap is adjustable to fit your length desires
  • The surface is moisture-proof
  • The strap will help you in gaining your COG mode


  • Might slide or move when placed on a wooden floor.

6. Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit – 5 Pieces

If you are on the way seeking happiness and peace of mind, then you are sure to get it right here. There is nothing that is going to be better than when you get out here and practice yoga. What you need to do is to start your spiritual journey right away from here. This beginners kit has been designed with a spongy and moisture resistant foam that makes it perfect for supporting your body when you are doing those heavy workouts.

You don’t have to be dirty when you are practicing, use the Yes4All kind of towels that we have for you here, and you will look healthy and neat. The anti-scratch material that has been used in making it has been finished with beveled edges that will be good for added comfort. It quickly absorbs sweat from your body so that you are able to stay cool and dry.


  • Big enough to provide sticky non-slip performance
  • The blocks are non-toxic
  • The adjustable strap offers better alignment
  • Yoga towels to absorb moisture and sweat
  • It ensures confidence and comfort for any user


  • It is too soft for some people

7. FIT SPIRIT Yoga Mat Starter Kit – 6 piece

A lifestyle of wellness does not come in an easy manner; it takes up the spirit of wellness to achieve that. What you will get here is a beginners yoga kit that has been fused together with the unyielding type of spirit, timeless principles, and the best practice of yoga. This is a company that has been designed to stay with its customers for life, so when you buy any product here, you get the best assistance when you need it.

It is a 6-in-1 pack that comes with other pieces that will be of great assistance to you. It is one of the best because it does not select who to use, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, it is going to help you in a great way. The equipment is one that has a great value and will always assist you greatly.


  • Comes with different colors that are vibrant
  • Designed with premium memory technology
  • Comes with foam blocks to provide outstanding performance
  • Eases your need to strengthen, hold and stretch
  • You are given the best customer service


  • Comes with a strong smell

8. REEHUT Yoga Starter Kit – 6 piece

It is not an easy thing to start and do yoga. This is because best yoga for beginners comes with many types of styles that you need to master or even get trained on how to do them. You need to know different type of poses and learn to use many other accessories. This is a handy kit that comes with all those kind of props for your use. It is something that is going to help you master different skills and put them into practice.

This yoga mat is extra thick to help you protect your joints from any kind of injury. This cushion that is 6mm is able to enable you protect and support your shoulders, wrists, ankles, and knees in a better manner. It has been made with a double-sided texture that will prevent slipping and sliding to occur, giving you time to work without any worry.


  • Contains a padded mat that is soft and supportive
  • Provides good padding for the knees
  • Towels made from soft microfiber for softness and durability
  • Does not come with any kind of chemical smell
  • Comfortable and gives more support to the ankles and knees


  • Some get it difficult to balance on the mat

9. Roller Buddy 5 Pack Yoga Kit

This is an all in one complete yoga kit set that can be used by either of the genders. Don’t just buy those expensive but inferior items, get one here that is affordable but strong. The yoga wheel is able to open up your back comfortably, so that blood circulation is increased in your back, sore places, and to the tight muscles. One best thing about them is that they will relief pain as you do your yoga poses. You will do your yoga with comfort.

The stretching poses will ensure that you are able to work well when you are doing different poses that need your muscles and body to stretch. I promise you that having this kind of item will always make you feel happy. The other bags will give you confidence as you carry your items to the gym. That means that transportation is never going to be difficult at all. That is why it is rated as the best yoga sets for beginners.


  • It is an item that feel good yet professional
  • It can serve as a posture corrector for users
  • Will help to achieve full-bridge poses without pains
  • Has more features for you to use and benefit from
  • Can stretch your back and open your chest


  • The quality is not that good

What to look for when you want to buy a yoga mat for beginners

You need to look at its thickness Most of the yoga starter kits mats that are in the market have been given a thickness of about 6.5mm. Depending on what you need, you can go ahead and buy thinners ones if you need your mat to be compact. For extreme comfort, you are also advice to go for the thicker ones. Remember that the thicker mats will provide you with less stability when you are sitting and lying down as compared to the thin ones.

Size: Mats have been made with different dimensions, but you will find that most of them have been made with standard measurement (24 x 68 inches). That means that if you are taller, then you either buy two pieces or a piece that is a  bit longer. That will ensure that your sessions are well-taken care off. The texture of the surface.

The major reason why you are buying a mat is to stop it from slipping. That means that any mat that you buy should have a non-slip surface. Most of the yoga mats will say that they are nonslip, but I prefer you get to check them out before getting to buy it.

Durability: You don’t have to buy something that will last a week, and you just start regretting why you bought it. Buy a mat that has been made to last longer. To get the best friends of the friends, look at the online reviews of the product. The weight of the item. It might not be an important thing for you to look at but an essential one for those that are traveling. Look at the product details for those that will buy mats online. Most of them range from 1-9 pounds.

Material: Buy items that have been made bio-degradable materials like rubber, cotton, jute, among others. When they are first unmarked, you will realize that they smell a bit funny, but the smell will go away with time.

Price: You just buy what suits your pocket. It is good to know that it is not a must that the high priced commodities are the best. According to how it has been made, even those mats that are affordable will also give you the best service.

Essential Parts of a Standard Yoga Kit

  • The kit should have a mat. A mat greatly determines the kind of poses that you are going to make or have. That is why it is advisable that you find the right one for your use.
  • Straps. The essence of straps is to ensure that you get the best kind of body alignment, gain those benefits that emanate from poses before you start to perform the full type of asana. They come with a verity of kinds too.
  • Blocks. They are designed to help you stretch your arms and resting them on the blocks in any form of shape that you need. You can also place them under the sacrum so that they give you that added support in the bridge style or form.
  • There are also some optional extras. These are one that includes the resistant mat bag that you can use to carry the items, the hand towel that is also important in helping you wipe sweat, a water bottle that is essential in carrying the drink of your type and make, and an eye pillow for those that extend their exercises.

Why You Need A Yoga kit?

  • They will help you to nail down those stretches that seem difficult pretty well. With the yoga kits with you, will have a chance of doing the difficult poses in an easy manner. For instance, the wheel will help you manipulate backbends without having to fall down to injuries that might be fatal.
  • They will help you in accomplishing those poses that seem difficult to accomplish. Without the yoga kits, some of the poses will have been difficult to do. For instance, the pose that involves the feet or legs being up and the head down. It means standing on your leg, raise the other in a straight line among others. The kits are respected for adding flavor to your styles.
  • The kits also help in improving flexibility. Yes, one of the reasons that we do yoga is to improve our body and its muscles. The tense muscles get to relax, and the stiff body parts tend to relax in a great way. That’s where you will get most of the assistance from.
  • They also help to relieve aches and pains. Don’t always get into using medicine when you are sick. What you need is gentle kind of poses to relieve those aches and pains disturbing. The backaches will go away slowly, the headaches will subside, and muscle pain disappears.
  • Helps you to have that strong link with your yoga practice. When you are doing yoga, you will be handling different styles, and you need to incorporate each and every one of them, in our training. That is why you will find them essential. They will have that full connect from one pose all the way to another.

Final Speech

If you want the best of the best, then you need to have one of these yoga kits for beginners at least, and it will really be of help to you. Most of our kits are suitable for use and a s a beginner, you need something that won’t disturb you. They are available, and you need to get one for your use. You will really benefit, and if you are a fast learner, then graduating to professional poses used by yogis will not take long for you.

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