Bad Knees During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a stunning and life-changing experience. But can also bring various challenges, including knee problems. Many expectant mothers experience knee discomfort or pain during pregnancy. Which can significantly impact their overall well-being. Addressing these knee issues is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy experience. Bad knees during pregnancy are caused by …

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Best and Worst Exercises for Bad Knees

Knee injuries are common among athletes, particularly dancers and runners. Most people will experience knee pain at least once in their lives. There are several causes for knee pain, including arthritis, injury to the ligaments or cartilage, tendonitis, bursitis, an infection, and a tumor. Exercise can work like medicine for chronic and transient knee pain, …

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Best Cardio Exercise for Bad Knees at Home

If your knees hurt and the doctor says you shouldn’t do high-impact cardiovascular like running or jogging, don’t worry! You can still exercise. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends doing gentle, low-impact cardio exercises on your knees. Some good ones are swimming, riding a bike, rowing, using a treadmill, or an elliptical machine. …

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