exercises to do while watching tv

9 Simple Exercises to do While Watching TV

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If you’re watching television at home or the gym, it’s always a good time to get in a good workout. When you’re watching TV, that means you have leisure time. And the best way to spend the time with Exercises to do While Watching TV.

The gym will have great media that will accent your workout, but if you’re watching your favorite daytime soap opera or prime time show, why not do something to keep your body fit at the same time? The following user-friendly guide will make suggestions on great exercises you can do while enjoying the TV.

9 Exercises To Do While Watching TV

i. Squat Jumps:

Squat jumps also called “jump squats” are a great way to watch TV and exercise. You’re standing in a stationary position that allows you to watch television and do squat jumps. For the best reps, do three to four sets of ten while never missing your favorite show in the process. Squat jumps help tone certain areas of the body including the core, calves, and glutes.

How To Do Squat Jumps: As you’re doing a regular squat, use your core muscles and jump up vigorously. When you’re back in the landing position, (i.e., squat position), you’ve completed one rep and repeat.

ii. Lateral Lunge:

Lateral lunges leave you facing the television to get an eye full of your favorite prime time television show. It’s an essential exercise that allows you to stand in front of the TV. Plus, you’re utilizing an effective workout that works out the lower body. You can do various lateral lunge positions. They make an excellent exercise routine. You can also use weights to maximize your workout.

How To Do Lateral Lunges: Start with both of your feet flat on the ground. Then, start lunging down on the step leg. Get back in the start position and repeat with the other leg. Do two to three reps of ten to strengthen the legs and the glutes.

iii. Curtsy Lunges:

Stilled glued to the TV? The curtsy lunge is a staple exercise that focuses on giving you a perkier backside. It’s a variation of the traditional lunge. You can burn your calories and work your muscles at the same time. If you have bad knees, you should stick to a simple form of the basic lunge. You have a chance to tone your inner thighs while you’re watching TV.

How To Do Curtsy Lunges:Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Lift one leg off the ground and step it behind you (bending both knees) with your buttocks lowered to the ground. Keep your chest up and your spine straight. Do as many reps as you can stand.

iv. Lunge Jumps:

Watch television and add a cardiovascular element to your exercise regimen. This is an excellent exercise that uses your body weight to help you stay fit. You can face the TV while you enjoy your favorite television program. This exercise is easy on your body and still gives you an opportunity to work out. The lunge jump is also called the “jump lunge.” This simple exercise sets you on a path to be healthy.

How To Do The Lunge Jump: With your arms to your side and your feet shoulder width apart, get into a lunge position. Position your feet, and in a jumping motion switch between feet. Switch legs in mid-air with each opposite foot in front of the other while landing safely in the lunge position. Keep your body upright at all times. Do as many reps as you like.

v. Lateral Band Walks:

This simple exercise allows you to watch your favorite television show too. This exercise helps you successfully build your muscles in your legs. You can also bend your knees to engage your gluteus maximus muscle. The resistance bands can also be used as weights. This is an easy exercise for the elderly in its basic form. You’ll love the way you can enjoy your leisure time while literally doing a few steps to accomplish this exercise.

How To Do The Lateral Band Walk: This is a very simple exercise. You merely put the bands on the ankles of both legs and walk from side to side. You’re using resistance to strengthen your leg muscles. Squat to add an extra position to burn calories and work on your buttocks muscles. It’s so easy you can do as many or as few as you like.

vi. Plank Twists:

Plank twist is a very engaging exercise that’s best performed on a mat or soft carpet. You’re putting the weight of your body on your arms and legs. This exercise will help you successfully strengthen your core while you watch TV. The twist is the exercise allows you to strengthen your abs and spruce things up. At some point, the weight of your body will rest on your elbows.

How To Do Plank Twists: To do the plank twist, you have to rest the weight of your body on one of your elbows with your legs straight and to the side. Lift your hips off the floor, gently twist your body, and twist your body until your elbow on the other arm is facing towards the room. Do at least ten reps and then switch to the other side. You’re also aggressively working your core muscles.

vii. Single Leg-Hops:

This is a classic exercise that you may recognize from elementary school. It’s similar to doing the hopscotch, and it’s an easy exercise while you’re watching TV. You will begin to perfect your balance as you perform this exercise. Athletes also do leg-hops all the time to warm-up. Remember, you’ll be putting the weight of your body on one leg.<

How To Do Single Leg-Hops: Stand up straight with your arms to the side or your hands on your hips. Stand on one leg. Next, you begin to hop in place on that one leg. You can do as many as you want or as few as you like until you feel that you’ve satisfied your fitness goals.

viii. Single Leg-Push ups:

Your exercise will be working for you if you plan to do a single leg-pushups and watch your favorite television show. This exercise is very similar to traditional pushups. You’re building your upper body strength, buttocks muscles, and legs. You’re also focusing on your balance and coordination too. The single leg-pushups is also a bodyweight exercise.

How To Do Single Leg-Pushups: Get into the pushup position with your elbows holding the weight of your body. For extra resistance, you can put your pressure on both hands (in a pushup position). Lift up one leg and then place it back on the floor with your toes on the floor. You can do ten reps with one leg or switch in between legs. Always straight your back to ensure that you’re getting the most out of this exercise.

ix. Toe Touch-Downs:

It’s possible for you to watch television, strengthen your hamstring, and your back with the toe touch-down exercise. This exercise is a variation of the classic toe touches. You are also helping your thighs. This exercise is also great for stretching while you’re watching TV. If you do this exercise while you’re standing, your back needs to be in good shape, but you can also do it while you’re laying down. Touching your toes will allow you to get a stretch in a while watching TV successfully.

How To Do Toe Touch-Downs: Start by stretching your leg muscles and back. Your legs should be straight and keep your feet together. While bending at your waist, extend your arms and touch your toes with your fingers. If you have back problems, you can try this exercise laying down. Lay flat on your back with your legs straight. Begin the exercise by bending your knees towards you and touching your toes. Do two to three reps of ten.

Final Speech

As with any exercise, adding weight adds resistance, builds your muscles, and increases your strength. You can choose. kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells  are durable and perfect for beginners. Plus, they’re great to use at home and are cost effective. You can accomplish your exercise goals with weights that you can handle. These easy to use weights are also great for older adults who would like to use exercise tools while they workout. Who said you couldn’t watch TV and stay fit?

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  1. I love the idea of squat jumps because they take something that is hard and make it just a bit harder so you really get a workout. My partner and I like to watch TV in the evening, but we want to stay active. I think this article has lots of great ideas on how to achieve that.

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