fitness center equipment checklist

Fitness Center Equipment Checklist

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A fitness center equipment checklist is an essential part of starting up your business. It would help if you covered all the necessary equipment for your business. Some items could be software, furniture, fitness center equipment, physical equipment, audio/visual equipment, office equipment, IT equipment, security, safety equipment, water-purification systems, medical equipment, facility maintenance equipment, fire protection equipment, environmental control equipment, and so on. The checklist can be used as a comprehensive equipment checklist for commercial facilities or as an equipment checklist for commercial facilities.

If you want to fill your fitness center with gym equipment or start anew, it must be in a smart way. Choosing gym equipment may not be easy for you, or it may be a long-term task for you. So to do it quickly and correctly, you will need a fitness center equipment checklist. To help make your job easier and show you the right decision, our Fitgeeky team of experts has created a list of gym equipment you need.

Equipment Checklist

Many fitness centers offer all sorts of equipment to help you get in shape. But do you know that what to expect when you visit a gym? If not, the following checklists are for your benefit.

Training Bench

A training bench is an adjustable platform used for performing weight training exercises. Weight benches are typically made from metal or wood and can be adjusted to different heights or angles. Common types include squat stands, Smith machines, and power.

Stationary Bicycles/Bikes

A stationary bicycle is an exercise machine used for exercising your lower body, like your legs and buttocks. You pedal the bike by moving your feet up and down on pedals attached to a fixed axle. The most common stationary bicycle is the good type, sometimes called an “exercise bike.” Cycling is 1 of the most popular activities for fitness and weight loss.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is used to exercise your upper body, like your back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. You use the machine by pulling on a handle called a “pull” or “pulley.” Rowers are usually used for recreational and competitive reasons — they can be inexpensive and easy to store. You’ll burn calories in just one workout on an exercise bike, but one hour on a rowing machine can burn up to 500 calories.

Weight Bench

Weight benches are adjustable platforms used for performing squats, bench presses, and other lower body exercises. You can get weight benches in 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-inch increments. They are generally made from hard metal or wood and are generally held by a pole. Weight benches are a vital piece of equipment for any gym.


A treadmill is a piece of exercise equipment used for cardio or cardio exercises. The treadmills allow you to run or walk on a track or path and pedal simultaneously. The treadmill’s smooth and hard floor with no inclines and declines can be less strenuous and more effective exercise than simple running. Moreover, treadmills prevent you from falling or hurting yourself by falling.


Kettlebells are among the best/most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in your gym to diversify your training programs. You can play/use them for exercises, such as squats, lunges, and other lifts. Kettlebells are often used in resistance training and high-intensity functional training. For example, you can use kettlebells to replace dumbbells and barbells for difficult exercises like the clean and jerk, improve the force and power of your training, and target harder-to-train muscle groups.

Kettlebells are stationary weights used for functional and traditional training exercises. Originally developed by Russian athletes in the early 20th century, the kettlebell is an extremely versatile piece of equipment for any fitness program.

Elliptical Trainers

A cross-trainer, or elliptical, is an exercise machine used for cardio and leg and buttock exercises. The elliptical machine can be a great workout for your heart, fitness, and weight-loss goals, but it should not be used instead of a regular aerobics class or other forms of exercise.


Dumbbells are a pair of weights, usually with a handle that you can grip with both hands. Dumbbells are versatile weight training tools that can be used for a wide variety of exercises. Aerobics instructors generally recommend using only one pair of dumbbells for most exercises rather than two.

Leg Press

A leg press is an exercise machine used for exercising your lower body. It can also be called a “squat.” Leg presses are usually used to develop the quadriceps muscles in your thighs, but they are also effective for developing your hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

Exercise bands

An exercise band is a great exercise tool if you’re looking for a cheap way to work out your arms and shoulders. Best exercise bands have a large range of resistance. They can be used with free weights or machines. However, they are usually too tight, causing pain that is felt in your shoulder and wrist.

Bowling Ball

A bowling ball is a large ball used for exercising your upper body. Step 1: Stand on a mat. Step 2: Raise/up to your arms over your head. Step 3: Twist at your hips as you bend at your waist, lifting your arms as high as they will go. Then reverse. Do ten reps.

The Fitness Center Needs All These Tools

If you are creating an outdoor gym, pay attention to your climate of choice. Cold weather machines may need to be placed inside to be used all year long, while outdoor machines can be placed elsewhere while they are not in use. Here is a list of all types of equipment that should be included in a well-run gym.

1. 2 x 5-speed bicycles for cycling class sessions

2. 1 x recumbent exercise cycle

3. 1 x pair of running shoes

4. 1 x pair of cross-trainers

5. 1 x walker, scooter, or electric wheelchair

6. 1 x movement training shoe

7. 1 x home exercise bikes

8. Several smoothie machines

9. Sleds of all types

10. Suspension training equipment

11. Exercise balls

12. Treadmills

13. Ellipticals

14. Bikes

15. Equipment for Pilates/Yoga

16. Cardio equipment

17. Mats for stretching

18. Equipment for weight training

What to Notice Before You Stock Up Your Gym

No matter what type of fitness or exercise equipment you’re starting to create for your gym, you need to know that it has the features and functions that will best suit your needs. So before you start buying equipment, take this simple checklist with you to each store. Check items off as they are found in the store’s inventory. Keep in mind that some stores offer demo days to allow potential customers to try the equipment out before purchasing it. Here are the things to see when selecting your gym.

1. Look at the entire space where the equipment will be placed, look at the floor and walls, and determine what will be the most beneficial: free weights in a separate room or a common area with machines and other equipment?

2. Determine which piece of equipment you will be using more than any other.

3. If you decide to include free weights, make sure you have at least one multipurpose bench or flat bench.

4. Is there a space for an exercise bike if it is going to be used?

5. Does the equipment room have adequate lighting?

6. Does the equipment room have adequate ventilation?

7. Is there enough clearance between the treads of the treadmills?

8. Are there enough storage spaces to hold all your exercise equipment, plus workout clothing and personal supplies?

9. Does the storage area have an exterior exit in case of emergency?

10. Are there enough electrical outlets near the equipment to plug in the various power cords?

11. Is there adequate space between the equipment so that the equipment cords will not become tangled?

12. Is there easy access to water, towels, and cleaning supplies?

13. Does the equipment offer the range of motion desired in the exercise?

14. Is it nearly silent when in operation?

15. Is it adjustable to fit your body size?

16. Can it be adjusted to suit multiple users’ heights, weights, and fitness levels?

17. Is it sold with a warranty?

Fitness centers are gaining ground rapidly; fitness centers are popping up by the dozen in different locations. As a matter/topic of fact, there are over 17,000 fitness centers in the United States alone. The massive boom in the number of fitness centers is because of the growing proportion of the population that is becoming more and more health-conscious. Now, not just for exercising for sports, but people are now hitting the gym for regular workouts.

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