Getting Started With Kettlebells Training

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I found the right fitness strategy for many years when I discovered Kettlebells. I SAW A LOT OF IMPROVEMENT when I started using kettlebells for my fitness training and exercises. At the same time, I enjoyed working out with them. Kettlebells are heavy metal balls with a handle to hold onto them. The weight of the Kettlebell ranges from 9 lbs to 106 lbs. Getting started with kettlebells five years ago was the best decision I made in my life.

Kettlebells are now a new thing as their origin was dated back a hundred years ago. Later on, they were advanced and adopted by many people worldwide. Today, kettlebells are found in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can find them in gyms, but most people prefer buying and training with them at home. Once you learn how to train with kettlebells, using them at home without any training or supervision will be easy.

Reasons for Choosing Kettlebell

1. Exercise Anywhere
One of the reasons why I choose to work out with kettlebells is their flexibility. I can work out anywhere I want as long as I have the time. I do not have to pay expensive gym membership fees to workout with kettlebells. I only require a little space to work out with kettlebells, making them ideal for indoor exercise. When I have a busy schedule, kettlebells come in handy since they allow me to work out in the office, at home, or anywhere else.

2. It is Cheap
Kettlebells are ideal for people who want to work out but have little money. They do not come with any expenses. The only costs I got were from the purchase costs. The kettlebells are made of solid metal, which lasts for a long time without wear and tear. I HAVE PURCHASED ANOTHER ONE since I started working out with kettlebells. Kettlebells do not require any form of unique clothing for the workouts. When working out with kettlebells, I wear regular clothes and sometimes without shoes.

3. Ideal for Fat Loss
Before I started exercising with kettlebells, I could not burn fat with other exercises. Kettlebells have helped me to lose fat around my body, and I feel healthier each day as I work out. Kettlebells incorporate many muscles around the body, making me use more energy which results in burning more fats. After the kettlebell workout, the fats burn for about 24 hours.

4. Good for joints
Using kettlebells the right way improves joints. When I started with kettlebells, my joints became strong and stable. They are ideal for people who want to have strong joints with less injury.

5. Quick Exercises
One of the main reasons I have used kettlebells for a long time for my workouts is their intensity. The kettlebells are designed to have an intense effect on an individual. The exercise should take at most 20 minutes. The heart rate is elevated within a few minutes of kettlebell workouts, and muscles are engaged effectively.

6. Focus mainly on Muscles
Unlike other workout tools, kettlebells are most effective on a person’s muscles and back. They have helped my back muscles from the heel o the neck.

7. They are ideal for Sports.
When it comes to sports, you need a lot of strength. The kettlebell exercises have helped me with my sporting activities, which I engage in occasionally. They are ideal for basketball players and athletes. Through kettlebell exercises, my food speed and acceleration rate increased.

8. Helps in Toning
Kettlebells are an excellent way to tone muscles fast. They work by burning fat and increasing muscle strength. My body is well-toned throughout the exercises and looks better than before.

9. They are Comfortable to use
Kettlebells are the most comfortable workout tools that I have used. They are comfortable and easy to use. To enjoy the comfort that comes with the Kettlebell, it is essential to find the right one and know the correct positions to hold them.

How I Discovered Kettlebells

I discovered kettlebells about five years ago. Before then, I had struggled with exercises that were not working for me. When I discovered them at the local gym, I had to purchase them and start working out at home. I started with a few lightweight kettlebells. Below are the points that I discovered about kettlebells.

i. Kettlebells are not Dangerous.
I learned that a kettlebell is safe to use at home or in the gym with the proper training. The first thing to get started with kettlebells is to find a fitness instructor. Then learn the basics and start practicing till you reach the expert level.

ii. They are an investment for Life
When I purchased my first Kettlebell, I discovered I had made a lifetime investment. The kettlebells last for a long time. I purchased different weights and have yet to return them to the stores since then. It is recommended to have different weights for v from 25lb to 35 lbs for different muscle training. Purchasing kettlebells at home is cheaper than paying membership fees at the local gyms or having a personal trainer.

iii. Movement quality and strength
Kettlebell exercises help to enhance movements and strength. As one continues to work out, their mobility is enhanced, and their muscles gain much strength. When I am working out at home using kettlebells, I focus primarily on movement quality and strength.

iv. Conditioning swing first, then snatch
The last thing that I discovered about Kettlebells is about swings and snatching. I first learned the different types of swings, such as one-hand swings and two-hand swings. Then I trained on how to snatch quickly. I must get an instructor to learn these basics to enhance my experience.

Key parameters for choosing kettlebells

Choosing kettlebells was one of the most daunting tasks I experienced. The market offers different kettlebells for one to select from. I had to do extensive research to get value for my money. The parameters that guided me include;

  • Weight
    For starters, it is required to use kettlebells that weigh about 15 lbs for women and 25 lbs for men. After progressing, the weight should be increased to 35 to 50 lbs respectively. After the starter period, I quickly progressed to the next weight since I had the proper weight training from my trainer.
  • Handles
    The handles of the Kettlebell play a crucial role during the workouts. I choose handles with a firm grip by wrapping around my fingers. I avoided thick and slippery handles. The best handles should have a smooth finish protecting your hands from getting hurt.
  • The size
    The size of the Kettlebell depends on a person’s preference. For me, I use kettlebells that are of different sizes depending on the muscle strength that I want. When choosing the size, it is crucial to think about the storage and mobility of the kettlebells.
  • Color
    Kettlebells come in different colors. Some people prefer different colors, but I choose black. I find the black kettlebells have a nice finish that keeps them intact for a long time without becoming dull.
  • Cost
    The cost of a kettlebell depends on the weight. The average cost ranges from $10 to $150. When I shopped for kettlebells, I had a budget to guide me on the right one to buy.

Getting Started with Kettlebells: List of Exercises

The below exercises are fit for beginners.

  • Kettlebell Deadlifts: Stand up straight, then bend your knees and grab the Kettlebell. Lift it up by straightening your legs and then lower it back down.
  • Two-Arm Swing: Hold the Kettlebell with both hands between your legs. Swing it forward using your hips and legs, then let it swing back down.
  • Single-Arm Swing: Hold the Kettlebell with one hand between your legs. Swing it forward using your hips and legs, then let it swing back down.
  • Squats: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and lower your body as if you are sitting on an invisible chair, then stand back up.
  • Lunge: To perform a lunge, take a large step forward with one foot and flex your front knee until your body is lowered. Push back up to the starting position and switch legs.
  • Rows: Bend your knees slightly and lean forward. Hold the Kettlebell with one hand, then pull it up towards your chest by bending your elbow. Lower it back down and switch sides.
  • Bent Knee Deadlift: Stand with your knees slightly bent. Hold the Kettlebell with both hands in front of your legs, then bend forward from your hips while keeping your back straight. Lift your upper body back up.
  • Overhead Press: Hold the Kettlebell with one hand at shoulder height. Push it up overhead until your arm is straight, then lower it back down. Switch sides.
  • Pushups: Get into a plank position with your hands on the Kettlebell. Lower your body towards the ground by bending your elbows, then push back up.
  • Turkish Get Up: Lie on your back with the Kettlebell in one hand. Stand up while keeping the kettlebell overhead, then lie back down in a controlled manner. Switch sides.
  • Burpee: Stand up straight, then jump up while raising the kettlebell overhead. Land softly and lower the Kettlebell to the ground. Kick your legs back into a plank position, then jump your feet back towards your hands. Stand back up and repeat.
  • Windmill: Hold the Kettlebell in one hand and extend your arm overhead. Keep your legs straight and bend sideways from your waist towards the opposite side. Return to the starting position and switch sides
  • Russian Twist: To assume the position, sit flat with your feet and knees bent. Hold the Kettlebell with both hands in front of your chest. Twist your torso to one side, then twist to the other side.
  • Side Swing: Hold the Kettlebell with one hand and swing it from one side of your body to the other, keeping your arm straight and using your hips to develop the movement.

Tips from Experts

The below exercises are fit for beginners.

  • I had to get some expert tips for a smooth time during my kettlebell exercises. The experts include personal and fitness trainers from the local gym and online. Below are the tips they gave me.
  • Think about past injuries and overall performance to help determine the ideal weight for a starter. I had to start with smaller weights before I proceeded with the heavyweight Kettlebell. I had no previous injuries; therefore, it was easy for me to get started.
  • Use the weight of the Kettlebell to determine the movement. The Kettlebell’s weight helped my body flow easily with the movements. The top helped me to avoid straining.
  • The weight of a kettlebell is easy to handle compared to other weights. I learned that I could handle a kettlebell with a lot of weight but not other exercise tools with the same weight.
  • Prevent injuries. When exercising, I always ensure that I work out for a specific time to avoid injuries to my body and muscles.
  • I am working more, whereby I work out at least thrice a week with kettlebells. When I combine it with other exercises, I reduce the exercises to once a week.

Final Speech

Kettlebells are an excellent way to burn fat, tone the body and gain muscle strength. Today, there are many fitness instructors, both online and locally, that help beginners start with kettlebell exercises. Before the workouts, I take certain precautions, which include preparing enough space that I need for the workouts, getting the Kettlebell ready, warming up thoroughly, and starting with the simple exercises before going to the heavyweight Kettlebell.

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