inversion table for bulging discs treatment

Is Inversion Table Best For Bulging Discs Treatment?

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The spinal cord in our body is the most affected part by the force of gravity. You may not feel the pull, but it is always pushing it down. Therefore, the disc located in the spinal vertebral gets affected by the compression.In this case you should know about bulging discs treatment. A simple explanation to how the bulging disk occurs; as the gravity pulls the spine, the disc which is between the spinal vertebral is compressed, continues compression is the one that leads to the liquid found in the disc to spill out, therefore, causing the bulging disc.

Even though it happens to people that are aging it can affect anyone. This condition does not cause pain; thus most people live in the situation without knowing they are victims. However, if this disc becomes very narrow, it will lead to the creation of pressure on the nerves which cause pain.

History Of The Inversion Therapy

This approach technique have been in use since the 400 BC. The only difference is that today the method is sophisticated unlike in the past. During those traditional eras, the medicine people used a ladder and a pulley system to place the patients upside down; therefore they were aiming to reduce the spinal pressure.

Dr. Robert Martine is the pioneer of the inversion therapy in the modern generation.To-date there are many different types of inversion tables created to help patients achieve the benefits of the theory.

How the inversion table helps to bulging discs Treatment

From the theory to the practical application; when your body is in an inverted position, you reduce the pressure that usually subjects the vertebrae and the disc. Thus, with the use of the inversion table, your body is positioned in such a way that it extends the spine and not compressing it; hence it creates the decompression effects.

That is not all that happens when there is no compression caused by the force of gravity; there is enough space between the vertebrae which allows the volume of the disc’s liquid to increase. The therapy helps in lessening the intensity of sciatica pain because it helps to reduce the pressure subjected to the sciatic nerve.

The nerve is the largest in the body; it extends parallel to the lumbar spine on both sides and the back of your leg. Being the nerve that mostly extends in your body, it is better that you try working on your body using the inversion table; it will help you have a better living health status.

Not to forget that the nervous system is the most sensitive and plays a significant role of communication with the brain.These may explain why when someone gets involved in an accident and unfortunately affects the spinal cord most of these people end up having coordination problems. The nerves send wrong signals to the brain because their functioning has been impaired.

How To Use The Inversion Table

Lay on it when your body is in an upright position, you can also invert your body in such a way that you will be hanging upside down, for at least 30 seconds before you get to an upright position. The two procedures will help to stretch the spine and the vertebrae thus it will increase the blood circulation and help to remove the waste material from the bulging disc.

The Benefit Of Using The Inversion Table

  • It is efficient to treat most of the back pain that people experience.
  • It is an affordable machine.
  • You can strap the device on yourself without the use of a third party. It is easy to use.
  • It is a purely natural method to treat back pain than surgery.
  • When the pressure is eliminated, re-hydration in the disc goes on efficiently; thus it will get filled with fluid that is rich in nutrients hence nourishing it.
  • The therapy will help the bulged nucleus to return to its position.
  • Being a natural back pain or nerve pain reliever, you will not need to use any painkillers in the process or after.
  • It is also beneficial to other body tissues such as the muscles; the therapy will help their treatment as the process helps in regeneration.
  • When you use the inversion table, it will absorb the shock thus you are not going to feel pain.

Safety Measures When Using The Inversion Table

As much as the therapy works, your approach needs to take caution towards the following issues;

  • Use it for at least 10 minutes if you are a beginner.
  • Being a beneficial therapy does not mean that you overuse the product, it may as well lead to negative results.
  • If the pain increases or you experience join stress, you should stop the procedure immediately and consult your physician.
  • When purchasing a product for use at home, ensure that it has or the adjustment features so that it becomes easy for use by one person.
  • People with cardiovascular disorders like high blood pressure or other chronic diseases together with those using the blood-thinning medicines should first consult the doctor.

Final Speech

From the reports, inversion therapy can treat these conditions and help to reduce pain. A technological advancement from this theory is the creation of the inversion table; we will discuss if the inversion table is the best to treat bulging discs.

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