Is Inversion Table Best For Bulging Discs Treatment?

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The spinal cord in our body is the most affected part by the force of gravity. You may not feel the pull, but it always pushes it down. So, the compression affects the disc located in the spinal vertebra.

In this case, you should know about bulging disc treatment. The disk between the spinal vertebral starts compression. The continuous compression leads to spilling out of the liquid from the disk. It is how the bulging disk creates.

This condition does not cause pain. Most of the people live in the situation without knowing they are victims.   When the disc narrows, it will create pressure on the nerves that causes pain. Mainly it happens to aged people. But it can affect anyone. 

What’s a Bulging Disc? 

Disc degenerationThe human backbone or spine has 33 vertebrae that form the spinal canal. There is a spinal joint or disk between the vertebras. The disk is flat and round shaped and acts as the cushion is called an intervertebral disk. Each disk is a soft, gel-like center surrounded by a flexible outer ring. Its outer layer is tough cartilage, and its inner layer is softer.

When a bulge forms in a normal disk that won’t function normally, which augments the chance for abnormal pressure between the bones is called a bulging disc.

Bulging discs is a normal process of aging. If the bulging disk causes symptoms like back pain, leg pain, leg numbness, or weakness, we need some treatment options.

  • Consecutive treatment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Medication
  • Injections
  • Surgery (If consecutive treatments are ineffective, surgery may be considered).

History of The Inversion Therapy

It has been in use since 400 BC. The people used a ladder and a pulley system to place the patient upside down. After some time, they felt to reduce the spinal pressure.

Robert Martine pioneered inversion therapy in the modern generation. There are different types of inversion tables for helping patients. The only difference is that today the method is sophisticated, unlike in the past.

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How Does Inversion Therapy Help?

When you invert your body on the table, the force that keeps us grounded starts working in reverse. This upside-down position helps your spine decompress, removing pressure from the bulging disc. It’s like giving your back a mini vacation!

How Inversion Table Helps Bulging Discs Treatment

  • Power of Inversion Table: Imagine lying on a cool, futuristic table that can flip you upside down. That’s the inversion table! When you’re inverted, it means your head is lower than your feet, like hanging upside down. It might be a little uncomfortable, but trust us; it’s fantastic for your back.
  • Relaxing the Discs: Remember those pesky bulging discs? The inversion table helps by gently stretching your spine. It allows those discs to relax and return to their proper place. It’s like giving them a little stretch and massage without using their hands. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Increasing Space: The inversion table provides a nice stretch. It also creates more space between your vertebrae. Think of it as giving your back some breathing room. This extra space takes the pressure off the nerves. It also reduces the discomfort caused by those pesky bulging discs. So long, the pain!
  • Taking Care of Your Back: It affects keeping your back healthy and strong. Regular table use can improve your posture, increase flexibility, and even enhance circulation. It’s like a workout for your spine without breaking a sweat!
  • Safety First: While the inversion table is super cool, it’s essential to use it safely. Always have an adult supervise you, especially when you’re just starting. You can start with a gentle angle. Then gradually increase the inversion as you get comfortable. Remember, Safety comes first, and take it slow!

How To Use The Inversion Table

Step-01: Lay your body in an upright position on the inversion table.

Step-02: You can also invert your body by hanging upside down for at least 30 seconds before getting upright.

The Benefit of Using The Inversion Table

  • It is an affordable machine. 
  • It is easy to use. You can strap the device on yourself without using a third party. 
  • It helps to stretch the spine and the vertebrae.
  • It increases blood circulation.
  • It helps to remove waste from the bulging disc.
  • When the pressure eliminates, the disc becomes rehydrated efficiently. The disc fills with fluid rich in nutrients, nourishing it. The therapy will help the bulged nucleus to return to its position.
  • Being a natural back pain or nerve pain reliever, you will not need to use painkillers in the process or after.
  • It has other benefits in regenerating body tissues, such as the muscles.
  • Using the inversion table will absorb the shock; thus, you will not feel pain.
  • It is a purely natural method to treat back pain than surgery.
  • It is efficient to treat most back pain people experience.

Safety Measures When Using The Inversion Table

  • Use it for at least 10 minutes if you are a beginner.
  • Being a beneficial therapy does not mean that you overuse the product. It may lead to negative results.
  • Stop the procedure immediately and consult your physician if the pain increases or you feel joint stress.
  • When purchasing a product at home, ensure that it has adjustment features so that it becomes easy to use by one person.
  • You must consult your physician if you have any cardiovascular or chronic disease.

Final Speech

Inversion therapy can treat these conditions and help to reduce pain. It will minimize your cost and medicinal side effects. You can use it freely at home and at your desired time. There are several methods to treat the bulging disc. Many reports and journals indicate that inversion therapy is one of the best treatment options.

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