Inversion Table Overview- Ultimate Information Guide

Exercising is great for the overall health of the body. It is through exercising that we get to strengthen our muscles, enhance the flow of blood in our body, and mitigate pains and other inflammations that our bodies may sustain from time to time.The inversion table overview is undoubtedly one ultimate information.

In order to exercise correctly, we have to acquire the right tools for the job. It is what forms the subject of our discussions here under:

What is an Inversion Table?

This is basically a special kind of table or exercise tool which enables one to stay on the upside down or inverted angular position. It does so by enabling one to hang his legs, feet, or ankles and place his head towards the floor. It thereafter makes it possible for one to carry out some therapy such as spinal decompression, and spinal traction.


 Different Types Of Inversion Tables

Hang Up

This kind of inversion table enables you to stay suspended from a support. The table allows you to swing out and in appropriately. This way, it not only strengthens your back, spine, and joints but also equips you with the skills you need to deal effectively with the fear of heights.


Stretch inversion tables are designed to enable you to stretch and compress your back. It is compressible by reason of possessing a spring. This is the kind of table to go for in case you have a back issue which needs to be sorted out.


As the name suggests, the table places you in a position to let you leverage gravity in working out your back and muscles. It saves you a great deal of time and effort as it requires almost no electrical energy or power.

How to Choose an Inversion Table

Weight Capacity

How much weight do you intend to subject the table to? You should ensure that the table you choose is well able to accommodate your weight. You do not want the table to break apart and injure you. This is to also give you the confidence you require for effective fitness and use. Weigh yourself first and foremost, and then proceed to look for the table that has the capacity of the weight you are looking for.


This refers to the length, breadth, and height of the inversion table. It is necessary that the table is large enough to accommodate your dimensions or those of the others who may want to utilize it. This again is to ensure maximum comfort and convenience in times of use. If you can find one whose dimensions can be varied, you are by all means urged to go for it.


Exercises that involve the use of inversion tables are ordinarily very rough. To enjoy them without compromising their benefits to you, be sure to go for a very comfortable inversion table. Such a table has to be padded with soft cushions and be very soft to rest on. It should also possess as many extra comfortable features as possible.

Safety features

As stated, the exercises that are carried out using these tables are very rough indeed. For this reason, they are more likely to predispose you to injuries and other harms. To minimize them, you should see to it that the table you opt for contains as many safety features as possible. These include a safety harness.

Storage Space Availability

Given that these tables are used once in a while, they are stored for much of the time. This means you are to be sensitive also to the amount of storage space at your disposal. Make sure there is a room within your building that you can set aside to store the equipment. Try as much as possible to go for a foldable table as it requires minimal storage space.


To prevent you from breaking the bank, you want to be certain that the table of choice falls well within your budget. For this reason, ascertain your financial strength first and foremost before determining which table to go for. It goes without saying that the table of choice has to fall well within the budget space you have.


Some brands have consistently proved to be more reliable and handy than others. They are therefore more likely to yield you the satisfaction you require than others. As of the year 2018, these brands are Teeter, Ironman, and Innova. In your pursuit of the most suitable table, give them a topmost priority.

Inversion Table Overview: PROs AND CONs 


Relieves Stress

These tables can help your muscles to relax. This way, they also contribute to the relief of stress. This is because the tension which builds up in the body get dissipated while exercising. This brings along several other benefits as well. It prevents heart attacks, depression, and other stress-related illnesses.

Enhances the Health of Joints

This is perhaps the most significant role of these tables. Through this table, your joints can decompress and allow blood and other essential nutrients to reach every part of your body. They can, therefore, be used to deal with dislocations of the joints and bones. The fact that they require no chemicals makes them even more desirable.

Combats Arthritis

Apart from the dislocations of the joints, these tables can also combat arthritis. Arthritis is inflammations and stiffness of the joints of the human body. Through the use of this table for exercising, these inflammations are eased. No chemicals or harmful radiation are used in the process, a fact that makes it safer.

Detoxifies the Body

While exercising on this table, the spine is decompressed while the discs between the vertebrae are rehydrated. These two issues have the joint impacts of enhancing the circulation of the lymph. This, in turn, has the consequence of detoxifying the body as a whole. This is because the lymph flushes out toxins from the body.

Eliminates the Need for Surgery

As stated, all the exercises carried out in the inversion table require no harsh chemicals or harmful radiation. They also eliminate the need for surgery. As such, the table saves you a great deal of money. It is also safer for use as it does not bring along the dangers that generally accompany these two procedures.


Potentially Hazardous

These tables are potentially hazardous. This is because they are generally rough and demanding. They can inflict injuries and harms to your body. You are particularly advised against using the table if you have cardiovascular disorders or bone dislocations. These exercises may worsen those conditions and predispose you to even worse conditions.

Limited Usage

You can only utilize the tables for exercising; nothing more. You cannot use them to perform other vital household chores like ironing or safeguarding books and other items. This means they are not so great a purchase after all.


Apart from bringing along fewer benefits, the tables are also costly generally speaking. If you can enroll in a gym, the better for you, otherwise you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to be able to afford it.

Final Speech 

Well, the benefits and significance of these tables cannot in anyway be fully appreciated. They may have their fair share of downsides, granted. However, their benefits far outweigh their downsides. In case you are a fitness enthusiast, you cannot afford to overlook this wonderful fitness equipment and can follow fitgeeky.

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