16 Tips to Protect Your Lower Back Pain

Low back pain has been found to be one of the frustrating ailment that will bar you from accomplishing your daily chores in the right manner. That has made many people get to research on the best lower back pain treatment remedies. Don’t get worried because you are not alone in this kind of problems. Back pain will at least come to many at some point in life. There are many ways you can use to control such type of problem, but I have done my researched and brought you the best 16 ways that protect your lower back pain. You can use to get help and treated.

Protect Your Lower Back Pain: 16 Tips


This is majorly done by a doctor so that he/she has that ability to examine and examine your ability to sit, walk stand and to lift your legs. Doctors can also ask you to do a self-evaluation so that you can rate yourself on a scale of 0-10 to get to know how you are coping with the pain.

The doctor can also carry out a specific type of tests which include:
- X-rays: They will show the alignment of the bones so that they get to know if your suffering from arthritis or broken bones.
- MRI or CT Scans: They generate images that will reveal herniated disks or any problem with the bones.
- Blood Tests: They will determine whether you are suffering from an infection.
- Bones Scan: It helps in looking out for bone tumors or compression fractures
- Nerve Studies: It confirms whether you are suffering from nerve compression that is caused by herniated disks or sometimes the narrowing of your spinal canal.


- Anti-inflammatory drugs:
These are drugs that are used to treat back pain. The most common name they are given is NSAIDs. They can be got or bought over the counter. They help in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation of the muscles.

- Ice
I advise the usage of ice as early as 24 or 72 hours following the feeling of your lower back pain or injury. This is important because it can minimize any inflammation or swelling. Ice is good as it can reduce pain, decrease tissue damage and even numb your tissues that are sore. Remember that it is not advisable to apply cold therapy for a time exceeding 20 minutes at a go. Take brakes of around 10 minutes after use in a 24-hour period.

- Heat
Heat is also one process that encourages healing at a faster rate. It stimulates the flow of blood to the affected area and brings back the restorative oxygen and its nutrients. It also inhibits pain transmission to the brain and decrease of stiffness.

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Exercising is one of the surest ways that can help in preventing your back pain problems. The lower back is one of the areas that are always more affected.

Here are some of the exercises you can use to protect your lower back pain.

  • Use a hamstring stretch so that you are able t to place more stress on your back. You can also use a seated or a wall stretch to carry out this exercise.
  • Stretch your gluteal muscles by lying on your back with both of your knees bent, and the lower end flattened out.
  • Stretch out the piriformis, a small muscle that is located in the buttocks. Lie on your back with both feet flat and your knees bent.
  • Stretch the lower end to relax the muscles without adding stress or even pressure to the area.


- Use of Muscle relaxants
They help in reducing pain and also increase the range of your motion. Most of the doctors will recommend that before use of these, you first use an anti-inflammatory drug like acetaminophen. Some of the muscle relaxants that can be used include baclofen and carisoprodol.

- Topical pain meds
These are oils and creams that are rubbed directly to your body or area that hurts. In this way, you can control that pain.

- Cortisone shots
This is the use of injections as a treatment option. They are used after a course of medication, and physical therapy is completed but before surgery. It is a more effective way because it delivers medication directly to the area that is affected.


This is the way that you will hold your body while you stand, sit, or even perform some tasks that include lifting, pulling, bending among others. Always ensure that your posture is aligned correctly. Keep the cervical, thoracic and the lumbar curves always in balance and also aligned. Your weight should also be appropriately distributed over the feet.


One of the general rules here is not to raise anything that is too heavy for you. If you lift something, make sure that you keep your back straight up and down. Your head should always be up and lift with your knees. Also, keep the object that you are lifting close to you and don’t try to stoop over it to raise it. To keep your back in balance, tighten your stomach muscles too.


There are so many ways that you can hurt your back. It is no surprise to women to learn that the kind of shoes that you wear is also a major contributing factor. The height of the type of shoes that you wear should be well taken care of, or else, you are preparing to solve back pain problems. I recommend that you keep your heel height to no more than 2 inches if you must wear them.


The super tight jeans found in your wardrobe should be something of the past. When you wear clothes so close, they interfere with how you bend, sit, or even walk. That means that they will aggravate back pain by causing you to have poor posture and not being able to align the spine well. Avoid the risks and wear right clothes, especially the jeans.


The consequence of wrong choice of footwear will lead to back pain problems. The body is one unique system, and it runs a chain reaction, and at some point where there is improper footwear, the pain will then travel form your feet all the way to your back. Wearing flat shoes is one of the best things that you can ever do.


Don’t just sleep on any bed that you come across because sleeping on a wrong one can either cause or worsen lower back pain. A mattress that is not good makes you have poor sleeping posture, strains your muscles and doesn’t keep the spine aligned. I advise that you go for a mattress that provides you with both comfort and back support and that will alleviate or reduce low back pain.


Sleeping is not going to be your best remedy for treating back pain. This is because it is going to make you stiff and even increase the pain. Form my research, I realized that when a person does not move or even bend, you will lose muscle strength and flexibility. At the same time, too much bed rest will make you lose up to 1% of your muscles each day. That means that you can lose up to 20-30% in a week. This inhibits your process of doing activities.


While sleeping, always try to make sure that you have proper alignment of the ears, shoulders and the hips. Gaps that occur between your body and the mattress will bring strain to the back. When turning in bed, always move your entire body together, but keep the core tight and also pulled in. here are some sleeping positions you can use:
- Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees
- You can also sleep on your side but in the fetal position
- Put a pillow under your abdomen and sleep on your stomach
- Put a pillow under your knees as you sleep on your back
- You can also sleep on your back but in a reclined position.


Inflammation is always triggered when the immune system is activated as it senses anything that is foreign. Inflammation can also persist even when there is no such problem and this becomes your worst enemy. With time, you will find yourself adding weight which is one of the causes of back pain. You need to fight this condition not form the pharmacy or drugs, but form the grocery store-the kind of food that you eat. I recommend that you eat food that combats inflammation like tomatoes, olive oil, green vegetables, fatty fish, nuts, and fruits.


The relationship that has been found to be between smoking and pain is one that is complex and also full of many contradictions. That is why smokers are always at a higher risk of having back pain problems and other disorders that are relating to pain. If you are a smoker, even one that has been addicted, start getting help from an expert on how to stop it so that your back is not affected, especially when you are experiencing pains.


Carrying a heavy handbag or briefcase with you can lead to significant discomfort in your back. When you are carrying a single strap bag, it applies weight that is not even to your neck and back, causing strains and injuries. That is why I recommended the use of backpacks because they have two straps, and don’t carry heavy luggage. For women that use handbags, let it be light so that the weight is not felt. Have a handbag that also has a strap that is wide. Its a great tips to get pain-free travel.


Consistent back pains need medical expertise that is professional in that area to treat you well. Doctors that are experts here will use a type of hands-on therapy that is called manipulation as their primary clinical procedure. So if you are suffering from chronic back pain, I advise you pain a visit to this kind of doctors, and you will help.

Final Speech 

Always stay healthy and ensure that it is among your top priorities. With the above methods, you are sure of getting the best spine and back that is pain-free. Make sure that you eat healthily, do exercise regularly because, with this, you are sure that your return will be maintained. Keep on practicing in the right manner, and it is not a hard thing to achieve.

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