teeter ep 560 inversion table review

Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table Review

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As we get older, our bodies start to wear down, meaning that parts of us that used to be robust now experience pain and soreness on a regular basis. In this country, most people have back problems due to poor posture, both in sitting and standing.So I’m going to share my Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table Review. While you may think that dealing with this pain is an inevitability, the fact is that there are ways for you to reverse this process and bring yourself back to normal.

Inversion tables are designed to help your back recover with just minutes per day, and the Teeter EP-560 is one of the best models on the market. See how you can benefit from this handy device. No matter what kind of exercise equipment you use, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Thankfully, the Teeter is designed with your body in mind, meaning that it will be much better at relaxing your muscles and repairing spinal deterioration.

This table comes with a contoured backrest with acupressure nodes to stimulate regeneration, and it also has soft leg braces to keep you stable as you invert 180 degrees.

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​Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table Review

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table for Back Pain

  • Safety: One of the biggest worries for people when using an inversion table is that they are afraid that it will give out while they’re upside down, which can be a huge safety hazard. Fortunately, the Teeter is built with the best materials around, using heavy-gauge steel for the frame and thick molded components for the backrest. Also, the ankle braces use heavy-duty locks, meaning that you don’t have to worry about slipping out, either.
  • Benefit: One of the best things about an inversion table is that it’s so easy to use that practically anyone can benefit from it. In this case, the Teeter is super easy to setup and folds in half for easier storage, meaning that you can keep it in a semi-permanent location or set it up every time you want to use it.
  • Assemble: In addition to the table being simple to assemble, it’s never been easier to move back and forth while strapped in. The balance of this table is such that all you need is to move your arms and you can go 180 degrees and back.
  • Customization: Looking at an inversion table, you might be thinking “what if I don’t want to go all the way back?” Fortunately, you can customize your experience with the Teeter using a durable nylon tether to keep you from going too far back. Also, the best part about using this tether is that you can set your positioning at any point up to 180 degrees, meaning that the sky’s the limit.

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  • 5-year Full Warranty
  • 35-Year Legacy
  • Easy 5-Step Assembly
  • Maximum weight capacity 300 lbs
  • Maximum user height 4’8″ – 6’6″
  • Storage dimensions 20″x 26.8″ x 66″
  • Product Dimensions 48.5″x 30″x 8.9″
  • Product Weight 58.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 68.3 pounds
  • UL Safety Certification
  • FDA Registered 510(k) Device


  • FDA approved to treat back pain
  • High-quality steel frame
  • Contoured design for added comfort
  • Extra long handlebars for stability
  • Auto-locking hinges
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • Ergo-Embrace Supports
  • Angle Tether and Comfort
  • Patented wrap-around ankle foam cups
  • Stretch Assist Handles
  • Adjustable settings
  • Precision balancing


  • Can be hard to assemble
  • Can be hard for older users
  • For taller users, it may put more pressure on your ankles


Q: Does this table help with other pain, or just back?
Ans: It can alleviate neck or shoulder pain, but it depends on where it originates from. This table is only designed for the back.

Q: Is there a height or weight limit?
Ans: As for height, it will accommodate users up to six feet six inches, and concerning weight limitations, it can hold up to 250 pounds easily.

Q: Do I have to bend all the way over to tie up my feet and untether them?
Ans: Yes, you do. There is no other way to attach the foot braces.

Q: Is it difficult to bring yourself back
Ans: Little bit

Q: What are degrees of inversion
Ans: You can set it up to 180 degrees, completely upside down.

Q: Does this table put excessive pressure on the Achilles tendon?
Ans: You can set it as per your requirement.

Final Speech

As far as inversion tables go, none are quite as well known or respected as the Teeter. This is one of the original models, meaning that you get decades of experience in building a high-quality table with every purchase. Best of all, it is certified by the FDA to help treat back pain, meaning that it has much better performance than anything else out there.

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