teeter hang ups ep 960 ltd inversion table review

Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 LTD Inversion Table Review

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This inversion table has everything you need to exercise comfortably. It includes a lumbar bridge, which helps take pressure off your back. For my Personal experience I will share my Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 LTD Inversion Table Review.It has an extra-long grip surface to ensure you don’t fly off the table when you’re using full inversion table. It puts pressure in the right spots on your back to ensure.You don’t suffer from too much back pain.It’s ideal for those that may suffer from chronic back pain, and this gives them a reason to exercise.

It’s ideal for stretching out your back, and helping you feel good when you’re exercising. It has plenty to offer anyone looking for a solution.The nodes come in two different sizes, and you can put them where you feel the most pain. It adds healing pressure to your back to keep it healthy and loose. Your back won’t tighten up when you’re using this inversion table.

No matter what ails you, this table is sure to help you deal with any back pain you may suffer from.The stretch max handles have an extra-long grip surface that assists new users with the table. You can have more stretching options when you’re using this table. If you’re not experienced using inversion tables, this one will help you with any questions you may have. You’ll become an expert once you know how to use this table.

The Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 LTD Inversion Table Review

  • Lumber Bridge: The lumbar bridge enhances the decompression on your back, giving you quite the relief. It provides alignment for your back to help your spine stay healthy and straight. It focuses traction on your lower back to help you feel better when you’re exercising, allowing you to move around more freely. You’ll love how your lower back feels after using the table for your exercises.
  • Long-Term Warranty: The table includes a five-year warranty, making it ideal for those that want to make sure they use the table for a long time. The long warranty is better than most manufacturers provide, guaranteeing you’re getting a quality inversion table. It covers every component of the table, so you can replace anything without any money out of your pocket.
  • Secure Ankle System: The ankle system has a smooth ratchet closure that ensures your ankles are held to the table. It has a gravity-activated safety lock that keeps you on the table until you’re ready to get off. It consists of space grade stainless steel, making it ideal for those not sure if it will hold. You won’t need to bend to secure your ankles, making it ideal for anyone using the table.

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  • 5-year Full Warranty
  • 35-Year Legacy
  • Easy 5-Step Assembly
  • Maximum Weight capacity 300 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 84″ x 29″ x 86″
  • Maximum user capacity 4’8″- 6’6″
  • Shipping Weight: 76.3 pounds
  • Steel Frame
  • Instructional manual and DVD
  • Ez-angle tether at 20, 40, and 60 degrees.
  • UL 3rd-party safety certification
  • FDA Registered 510(k)


  • It offers a lot of benefits
  • Provides instant pain relief
  • It has quality construction
  • Folds for Storage
  • Extended ankle lock handle
  • wrap-around ankle cups
  • High-grade materials
  • Extra-Long Stretch Max Handles
  • Heavy-gauge steel
  • Specialized pivot bearings for durability
  • Traction Handles for balanced oscillation
  • Full Inversion Secure Lock-out


  • May not be for everyone


Q: Is it easy to assemble?
Ans: Yes, it is. You may need some help when you’re putting it together for some parts.

Q: Does it allow for complete inversion?
Ans: Yes, it does. You can do anything you want on the table.

Q: What is the difference between Ep-960 and Ep-950?
Ans: The EP-960 is more longer handles on each side, a Split table that can take the lumbar support, and acupressure nubs.

Q: Is it effective for the neck?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Is ankle lock extension is effective to both open and close?
Ans: yes

Final Speech

This inversion table is practical for anyone that suffers from back or neck pain. It does everything you want an inversion table to do. The lumbar bridge is ideal for those that suffer from lower back pain, and it can help relieve your back pain.

It is easy to assemble, and strap yourself into when you’re planning on exercising. You can do plenty of exercises, especially since you can fully inverse. It’s ideal for anyone that wants to start a home gym, and needs something that will set them up in the right direction. It has a durable construction, and includes a long warranty to replace anything on the table.

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