We are a team of dedicated fitness experts on a mission to provide you with the most comprehensive and reliable guide on inversion tables.


Our Story: We started FitGeeky after we realized that people who needed inversion tables did not have a dependable source of information regarding this essential exercise equipment. We felt that this was an unacceptable state of affairs and we took it upon ourselves to fix the situation. We realized how vital inversion tables are. From increasing flexibility to reducing nerve pressure, these pieces of equipment are way too important not to have reliable information about them. We also realized that there are a wide variety of inversion tables in the market, each with different features and varying prices. That is why we took the noble task of reviewing the best that there is, for your convenience.


 Our ideology: At FitGeeky, we are dedicated to your fitness and well-being, and that is why we endeavor to provide you with extensive and truthful information on inversion tables. We believe that by being honest to you, we serve you better, and that way our website will thrive. We are very passionate about what we do, and we strive to ensure that our website visitors derive the most value from the information we provide. We acknowledge that every customer has different preferences, and our task is to assist you in getting an inversion table that serves your needs.

Our Journey: We have made tremendous strides so far, and our website visitor count has grown exponentially. The information we provide is being used the world over for the betterment of society. Our customers include gym businesses and those who exercise from home. People who want to enhance their exercise routine by introducing inversion tables are relying on us for accurate information. We are proud to acknowledge that our guide is being used to find the best inversion tables for relieving back pain, relaxing tense muscles, reducing nerve pressure, realigning the spine and re-hydrating the discs. We look forward to an even greater future.

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