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Hi there! I'm Laura Miranda, Editor-in-chief at Fitgeeky. I'm M.Pharm and fitness trainer for over 12 years. I have reviewed about more than hundred fitness equipment pieces so far, and fully shared my experience on Fitgeeky. FitGeeky team always do a lot of research to help the fitness community move forward and present the right information for visitors.

Best and Worst Exercises for Bad Knees

Knee injuries are common among athletes, particularly dancers and runners. Most people will experience some knee pain at least once in their lives. There are several different causes for knee pain, including arthritis, injury to the ligaments or cartilage, tendonitis, bursitis, an infection, and a tumour. Exercise can work like medicine for chronic and transient …

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Best Cardio Exercise for Bad Knees at Home

If you have bad knees and were told by your doctor to avoid high-impact cardiovascular exercises, such as running or jogging, you don’t have to stop exercising. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends low-impact cardio activities such as swimming, cycling, rowing , treadmill and elliptical training as the best cardio exercise for bad knees …

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