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Did you ever imagine that why would someone swing strides in the air? As a newbie, it sounds ridiculous. Though it resembles walking or light jogging, it has a lower impact than walking on the street. Best air walkers are the modern solution for improved posture and efficient cardio workout. You can burn more calories at home with the least stress. Other than that, it builds stronger muscle block and tones your body shape.

Most air walkers come with A or X shaped frames with two-handled poles and two swinging pedals. It is probably the easiest of all home gym equipment to use. All you need is to mount on it and swing the pedals back and forth. Also, you can adjust its resistance level and challenge your workout. Because it does not use electricity, portable and space-saving, so it allures more attention than elliptical. Let's find more about the best air walkers.

Our Top Pick

Fitness Reality D Air Walker X1

Fitness Reality  Air Walker

Editor's Rating

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine Glider w/ LCD Monitor, 220 LB Max Weight and 45 Inch Stride, Black/Gray

Sunny SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer

Editor's Rating

Gazelle Edge by Tony Little

Gazelle Edge by Tony Little

Editor's Rating

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine Glider w/ LCD Monitor, 220 LB Max Weight and 45 Inch Stride, Black/Gray

This is one of the best lightweight and space-saving air walker in the industry. It features non-slip foot pedals to maintain continuous motion capability. You are safer and sound with its 30-inch long stride length. Furthermore, it can sustain loads up to 220lbs.

How does this unit help you in training? Well, it maintains an upright body posture and targets both upper and lower body muscles, mostly arms and legs. Other than that, its abdominal pad pushes your abdominal muscles to stabilize in good shape during strides.

This air walker has a computer display to track your progress. So, you can see time, calories, total distance, and count. Also, it has skid-resistant floor protectors. So, you can try vigorous workouts to challenge yourself. The best low-impact replacement of walking, running, and skiing comes with the user manual. Guess what? All of these packages fall just under 100 dollars.

Customer Review

I am a fluffy couch potato. Yes, a high-level introvert that anyone can imagine. I just love to stick to my laptop and games, and that is all of my world. But, putting loads of calories and no good burning became a real headache. One of my friends told me about this air walker. I just tried it for the last three months. And it is more of magic in 20 minutes. Some low-impact strides do it for all. Cheers!!!

Mac Brian.


  • The high-weight capacity of 220lb.
  • Non-slip footpads.
  • Digital monitor.
  • 30-inch maximum stride length.


  • Low resistance.
Gazelle Edge by Tony Little

It's time to get introduced to the most durable air walker in the industry. A high-performance exercise glider for effective cardio output. Also, its sturdy steel construction can sustain loads up to 250lbs. Because of its high-density foam handlebar, the unit is more comfortable to operate.

Other than that, the unit features extra-wide, non-skid foot platforms for workout safety. Because of its dual-action split suspension, it offers a wide range of motion. The machine is smooth for low-impact aerobic workouts, and it's entirely noise-free.

Just like others, it has computer console to track your performance. So, you can get to know distance, speed, time and calories burned in workout. The lightweight, foldable is space-saving and it is easy to store. Last but not least, this air-walker offers 12 months of warranty on every purchase.

Customer Review

It's fun to walk and run on air. That is simply amazing. In fact, it is better than a real-time running experience. Its low-impact workout does not put joints on heavy stress. Furthermore, I can track my progress and plan the next. This machine is also smooth and quiet. No wonder it will buy you stronger muscle and better body shape. I spend 30 minutes regularly. That is enough; in fact, more than enough to find it effective.

Terry Lane.


  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Smooth and noiseless during workouts.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Offers 12 months warranty.


  • No chances of increasing resistance.
Fitness Reality D Air Walker X1

Let's talk about an air walker with a 180-degree range of motion for leg workouts. Unlike others, you can try multiple directions and stretch targeted muscles like hamstrings and more. This unit is also special for its 36 inches full range motion stride. So, you can try zero impact workout for the ankle, knees, feet, and back.

This air walker is virtually 90% assembled when it comes out of the box. Also, this lightweight folds to half of its size. So, the space-saving design is really handy for any home gym. Other than its oversized foot pedals, it has an adjustable floor stabilizer for comfortable and safe workouts.

To add more goods- it has an LCD console to track your workout progress, and it is easy to operate. This unit is also special for its dual action arms. Most importantly, it has heart pulse readouts and foam covered handlebars.

That's not all! Fitness reality has transport wheels for easy movement. The last thing you must be looking for is its warranty. Yes, it offers one year of warranty with 2AA size regular battery for a kick start.

Customer Review

I had a couple of air walkers before. But this one is special. It serves all the good that I was searching for. I can try a whole new range of motion and challenge my stamina to endure it. Also, it is super cool as you can fold it to half of its size and save a lot of space on the floor. The heart rate pulse is the new sensation. Jesus! That's too awesome. I am sold!!

Kiara Adams.


  • Dual-action arm.
  • 180-degree range of motion.
  • Folds to half of the size.
  • LCD computer readings.
  • One year warranty.


  • It is squeaky after long uses.
Conquer Vertical Climbing Machine

You may misinterpret this as a toy! But, this is a real gear proportioned for kids. It features stable foot pedals and smooth gliding motion. Just what requires for excellent kids cardio workout. Whenever you are up for toil on an air walker, kids would love to follow you. Redmon Fitness Air Walker just opens that window for you.

Because of its rugged steel frame and soft foam handles, it is more suitable for your children. Furthermore, it can sustain loads up to 100lbs. So, kids above three years are good to go to play on this. It not only improves their heart health but also builds leg muscles with minimal stress on joints.

It is also simple to assemble. Fifteen minutes would be enough to set it for kids. Do encourage your children and supervise while he rides. Because of its non-skid surface, it is safe and fewer chances of slip-off. Last but not least, it meets CPSIA requirements and standards. So, no compromise in quality even if it customized for kids.

Customer Review

Every morning I start acting on air walker, my four-year-old son john stare at me and urges me to try one. Being a single parent, I had to fill his every demand. So, the tension was piling in the air. But, Redmon's fun fitness came to solve the puzzle. It's just perfect for kids, and I can safely put him on tiny pedals. Now, mommy and kid are all having fitness and fun altogether. That's cool. Just Awesome!!!

Dori Wooten.


  • Smooth gliding motion.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Soft foam handles.
  • Maintains CPSIA requirements and standards.


  • Only 100lbs of loads.
Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical

This compact elliptical trainer comes with adjustable strap tension. So, you can challenge yourself to all different levels. Just like others, it features a computer console to track your workout progress. The LCD indicates elapsed time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

This machine is also special as it has a waterproof PVC folding equipment mat. Its dimension is 79 "l x 35.4 "W x .24 "H. This is an exclusive addition for floor protection and noise reduction during a workout. So, it feels smoother in running your legs.

Other than that, this natural elliptical motion has the least stress on joints. So, anyone with an overweight or back problem can get its benefit in the running. Also, it has large foot pedals with ridges. That prevents any unwanted slippage.

That's not all! You can have a dual-action workout while targeting the upper body, mostly arms, and shoulders. It’s ergonomic handles and easy dial tension adjustment makes the workout more efficient. To hit the final dust, it offers a year of warranty on its excellent service.

Customer Review

To be honest, it is difficult to run on a treadmill when you are over bulky. I tried, tried hard, but it wasn't working. Then I turned on this elliptical. It's fun to ride on this beast. Thirty minutes daily is all that I practiced for the last four months? You won't believe I shredded my belly fats and toned my lower body muscles. In fact, I grew bubble butts and slender thighs. Every fat woman dream came to reality. I damn love it.

Lanny Brown.


  • Easy dial tension adjustment.
  • LCD display.
  • Large anti-slip pedals.
  • One year warranty.


  • It takes long hours to assemble.

How to Use Air Walkers

It's no rocket science to use an air walker. Just follow some simple steps:

1. Unfold it and place it to your position. Keep some 2 to 3 feet distance up and in front of your machine so that you can swing pedals freely.

2. Step on the footpads and maintain the balance before you start. Make sure you hold the front handles firmly.

3. Now switch on the LCD and start your session.

4. You have to swing one leg in forwarding motion while the other one in a backward motion.

5. To walk more naturally, move the front handles along with the foot pedals. Some models may not have movable handlebars. In such a case, grip your handle firmly.

6. Once you are in flow, make sure you are not lifting your feet from the footpads.

7. Keep sweating for at least 20 minutes. 20 to 30 minutes is considered as one effective session on air walkers.

8. In case you want to stop, do not go for a sudden halt. Instead, slow your motion and give it a rest.

9. Note all data and switch off the LCD.

10. Keep holding the front bars and maintain balance. Your carelessness can cause sudden injuries. You can only lose your grip once you are done.

Air Walkers vs. Elliptical Cross-trainer

Both air walkers and Elliptical cross trainers offer upper and lower body workouts. Furthermore, using these have minimum stress on joints than regular walking or jogging. Besides, they have some differences to watch out.

Electricity Supply

Most elliptical uses electricity or battery power sources. In case of air -walkers, you don't need any power sources. All you need is 2AA size batteries for its computer console. Even if you don't want to track data, you are still good to go on air trackers.

Cost and Warranty

Air walkers are inexpensive and generally offer short term warranties. On the other hand, the elliptical cross trainer is a more costly and durable gear with long term warranties.

Walk pattern and Intensity

Elliptical cross trainer moves in an ellipse while the air walkers move in an arc. Because of elliptical more natural motion, it allows more intense workout than air walkers. So, that is also effective in terms of calorie loss.

History and purpose

In 1989, Bill Dalebout invented air-walkers for zero impacts on joints. It was designed to replicate natural stride motion. On the other hand, an engineer at Precor USA came with an elliptical invention in 1995. Elliptical was invented to mimic natural running motion with minimal joint stress.

Air Walkers: Calorie Burner

The most common concern of almost all air walker users is calorie burning. How many calories can it help me to burn, and does it work on fat loss? Well, calorie-burning depends on the user's weight and training session.

To understand its calorie-burning potential, let's consider a man weighing 160 pounds. If he tries an air walker for an entire hour, then he is likely to lose 365 calories. In the case of a 200-pound person, this number is above 450 calories. For a more heavyweight user of 240lbs, he can lose nearly 550 calories per hour.

Because of its low-impact aerobic workouts, you will feel less stress than other exercises. Furthermore, you can enjoy TV or tune in music for an entertaining workout session. This can help you to run through a session quickly.

Things to Consider Before Buying Air-Walkers

Air walkers are no sophisticated machines. Yet you must consider a few parameters to choose the best one for you.

Strength and Durability

Most air walkers can sustain loads of 200lbs or more. Check the review and make sure it is constructed with heavy-duty steel. Also, if it is not sturdy or too lighter than it may wobble during workouts. You can oil its screws and make it smooth for operation.


Look for the air walker’s dimension. Because of its arc movement, you need some space both in front and back of the machine. Also, some air walkers are foldable to half of its size. Space-saving equipment is easy to store and move.

LCD console

It is a must tick item on the list. Without the LCD console, you cannot track your performance. This allows you to know your distance, speed, time, and calorie burned in a session. So, you can challenge yourself for advanced workouts.

Customer review

If you are buying it the first time, then it is obvious that you have the least ideas about the product. Do scroll and check some customer reviews. You will find some real-time experience with the product. Check both positive and negative reviews. You must know some potential trouble with that particular product.

Foot Pedals

This is important for the safety and comfort of your workout. Make sure it has larger foot pedals with anti-slip ridges. Wear running shoes for the best air-walking experience.


Most air- walkers are affordable and do not have enough features. So, warranty models are also limited. Yet, you will find quality brands with 12 months of warranty. If you maintain it safe, then it is expected to function for more than five years or so.

Benefits of Air-Walkers

Why would you buy air walkers while you can run in the park or the street? Let's find the goods.

Low-impact workouts

The best of all-important is the low-impact workouts. In regular running, jogging, or walking, we put more stress on our joints. Though most of us do not even notice this, obese people can feel the pressure. Also, people with leg injuries have tough times to press on joints. An Air - walker has almost zero impact, and you can feel light to swing your strides.

Muscle Strengthening

Air walkers work both upper and lower body workouts. Because of natural stepping motion, there is improved blood circulation and fat burn. That helps to build a stronger leg, waist, buttock, abdomen, arms, and shoulder.

Absolute Calorie Burner

Its low impact aerobic exercise is good to burn a significant amount of calories. At least 300 calories per hour can surely help you to cut body fats.


This is easy to assemble and foldable option. Also, it has no big features to play with. Just turn on LCD console and swing your strides to count progress.


It is one of the best affordable home gym equipment in the industry. You can always get a quality air walker within 100 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How much walking does it take to lose 1 Kilogram?

Q 2: Do air walkers really work?

Q 3: Does air walkers help to improve body posture?

Q 4: Do all air-walkers provide a warranty?

Q 5: Is it safe to run on-air walkers?

Final Verdict

The best low-impact walking experience is an exceptional help to obese people. Also, people with back, knee, and joint injuries can try this for goods. Here at Fitgeeky, we discussed five markets best air-walkers, which can earn you good at home. Only 30 minutes ride works as excellent cardio to burn calories. It is effective for people who have diabetes or someone who tries to build stronger body muscles. It's not fancy to walk effectively. Try it; it's worth your money!!!!

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