Best Boxing Reflex Balls

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Reflex actions can be the key ingredients for your sporting success. Sports like boxing and MMA requires quick reaction time to get over the line. You will only get a fraction of seconds to react to a flinch, duck, or punching maneuver.

The best boxing reflex balls can be the solution to sharpen your reflex. It not only improves your reaction time but also enhances hand and eye coordination. This prepares you to defend and counter-attack over your opponents.

The margin of error is always narrow in top-level sports. So, you get to prepare for the best outcome in your sports. When you have a better reaction time and improved reflex, you will get the benefit of your sports. Also, punching these balls relieves stress and makes fun of your workout. A heck of a calorie-burning opportunity that prepares you for the main event.

Boxing reflex balls generally come with strings and balls of different difficulty levels. You just need to attach the ball to the headband string and punch it hard for a swing. Higher weight balls mean more challenges while the lightweight is for newbies. Here at Fitgeeky, we have listed some quality brands of boxing reflex balls in the market.

Top 7 Best Boxing Reflex Balls

  1. Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball
  2. BOXERPOINT Boxing Reflex Ball
  3. TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball
  4. Boxing Tech Reflex Ball
  5. SPANLA Boxing Reflex Ball
  6. American Fist Boxing Reflex Ball
  7. YMX BOXING Reflex Ball Set

1. Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball

How do you improve your reaction speed? There may be a dozen of formulas for this, but the easiest of all is MMA boxing reflex ball. The package has one headband, four balls with cord, and extra cord. You can try balls according to its difficulty levels- newbie, veteran, boxer, and beast mode.

Reflex balls are great for your hand and eye coordination. You get to improve your balance, stamina, and burn a lot more calories in quick. Furthermore, reflex balls are soft and safe for effective workouts. Only half an hour of training with this can burn up to 225 calories or so. Guess what? It is no real hassle to adjust its 360 rotational buckles.


  • Safe and effective.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • Four balls for intense training.


  • No instruction manual.

 2. BOXERPOINT Boxing Reflex Ball BOXERPOINT Boxing Reflex Ball

This is the perfect kit to improve your hand and eye coordination. Also, it helps to master punching speed and fight reaction. Besides, this brand offers both two and four difficulty levels to challenge yourself. From newbie to expert, anyone can try this safe gadget.

There is more to count- a pair of hand wraps for safe punching. You will also love its strong velcro headband which absorbs moisture to protect your eyes. Not only that but also there are two extra replacement strings and a step by step instruction manual.

The unit is unisex and can be used to burn more calories in short bursts. Even if you are not satisfied with these training balls, there is a 100% refund on it. Last but not least, the 14 dollar package includes a carry bag for easy storage and transport.


  • Step by step user guide.
  • Convenient stopper for the cord.
  • Carry bag and replacement string.


  • Bad rubber smell.

3. TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball

From eight years old kids to 70 years elderly, these balls are perfectly designed for all. The yellow one is for the novice, red for veterans, and green for boxers. Also, you will love its tangle-free headband and creative swivel buckle design.

This is also a unit that makes you punch smooth and comfortable. Here at this TEKXYZ, you can change the color of the ball to alter the intensity of your workout. Guess what? There are three replacement elastic strings, one carry bag, and a user manual for a safe play. Considering price and quality, a great gift for Thanksgiving or Christmas day.


  • Durable cord.
  • Hypoallergenic headband.
  • User manual.


  • No weight variation.

4. Boxing Tech Reflex Ball Boxing Tech Reflex Ball

Punching on reflex balls is a great way to relieve stress for all different ages. This brand comes with two different color balls- black for novice and yellow for the advance level workout. Also, there is an adjustable headband and a stopper for the cord. Just like other quality units, this has step by step guide for you.

Other than its carry bag, you will love its premium quality material. The different weight black and the yellow ball can challenge your punching mission. You not only burn calories but also improve your reaction time and balance. Besides, the headband is moisture-absorbing. So, it avoids sweat in the middle of your workout.


  • Includes a pair of hand wraps.
  • Instruction brochure.
  • Carry bag.


  • String does not last long.

5. SPANLA Boxing Reflex Ball SPANLA Boxing Reflex Ball

Quick response and better coordination are what it promises. The difficult level balls will train you to the professional level. Yes, SPANLA black ball is for the novice, red for veterans, and green for boxers.

Other than its silicone sport headband, it features 98 inches elastic rope. You can cut it to your adjustable length. But for beginners, it is always a little shorter than your arms. Also, beginners should avoid punching it hard. Or else, it can rebound to your face on hard.

SPANLA reflex balls are also good for calorie burning. Only 15 to 20 minutes of punching can burn over 100 calories or so. This is lightweight and portable to anywhere you want. Also, an item that fits most of our budget. Though these balls do not offer a warranty, careful handling does run it over years.


  • Three difficulty level balls.
  • A carry bag for storage and transport.
  • Improves concentration levels.


  • No instruction manual.

6. American Fist Boxing Reflex Ball American Fist Boxing Reflex Ball

Hitting the gym every day is never easy and can be exhausting at time. The American Fist boxing balls can be the solution for calorie burning and reflex training. With four difficulty levels, these balls are safe for kids and grown-ups. The newbie, veteran, boxer, and beast mode can train at your best.

Why this brand is more reliable? Well, the anti-slip headband design makes it a safe option. It does absorb sweat in the middle of your workout. Furthermore, the lobster lock makes it easy for fast assembling. You will also love its velvet carry bag for easy transport and storage.

While focusing more on hand and eye coordination, this brand offers boxing hand wraps too. So, you get the impeccable boxing allure while protecting your hands. Besides, there is a user manual to guide you for better reflex. A much better option of calorie-burning on your time and money investment.


  • Four difficulty levels.
  • Lobster locks.
  • Velvet carry bag.


  • A bit pricey.

7. YMX BOXING Reflex Ball Set YMX BOXING Reflex Ball Set

This is a unique brand in the list that offers a pair of headband instead of one. So, the two-person can try the same reflex ball training in burning calories. The four difficulty level balls are relatively soft. Even you try punching without hand wraps, it does not hurt your palms.

The black and yellow balls are for beginners with the least weight of 23grams. The red one is more advanced and the green is for professional. The elastic cord is nearly 100 inches long and durable in the long run. YMX boxing balls are also safe for kids and adults. It does improve hand and eye coordination and reaction time. So, you gain a better reflex for your main sports like boxing and swimming.


  • Two comfortable headbands.
  • Four difficulty level balls.
  • Easy and safe to use.


  • No user manual.

What is Boxing Reflex Ball?

Boxing reflex balls are good alternatives to cardio training. These lightweight balls flung around when you punch them hard. They are generally soft and do not hurt unless you try heavy balls at the beginning. Make sure, you pick the right string length and good supervision for your game.

Boxing reflex balls have different difficulty levels. Balls with heavyweight are for pro and experts where novice start their journey with light swings. The punch, duck or flinch prepares you better for your sports. Most importantly, this fun activity improves your coordination and reaction time.

Other than that, some brands offer hand wraps to protect your hand in times of punching. Also, there can be additional carry bag for easy transportation and storage. Make sure, the brand you pick offers step by step guide for easy going. Though reflex balls do not offer a warranty, careful use can run this lifetime. Last but not least, a handy tool with a unisex design makes it a great piece for calorie burning.

Price Range of Boxing Reflex Balls

Boxing reflex balls are never expensive. The price range falls within 10 dollars to 20 dollars range. Besides, it is one of those items that lack a warranty. You don’t have to bother with that. The material is so good, that careful handling lasts this for ages. If you are a newbie, make sure the brand you picked comes with a user manual. A step by step guide can help you to play safely in your early expeditions.

Benefits of using Boxing Reflex Balls

Boxing reflex balls are no ordinary tools but a handy one for a good number of benefits. Punching on the ball is a fun game that earns you benefit. Some of these include-

i. Improve hand-eye coordination: Once you punch on the ball, it swings back. So, you have to use your peripheral vision to get control over it. The harder you push, the ball will fling according to it. There must have some good coordination with your hand and eyes.

ii. Better Reflex: Punching on the ball does prepare you for better reaction time. You get to learn how quickly you need to act when there is any counter-attack. Also, the rhythmic swing of the ball earns your better reflexes.

iii. Accuracy: It is not that reflex ball improves your reaction time but also integrates more accuracy. This develops your sensation of striking. You can hit exactly where you intended. Something that helps big time in events like boxing and MMA.

iv. Stress Relieve: Reflex balls do improve your focus and relieve stress. A better body balance and mental focus keep you a step ahead in your sports.

v. Head Movement: This is important for sports like boxing. Punching over these balls prepares you perfectly for the head movement strategy. You get to re-correct your timing and save a few more punches because of the right head movement.

How Does the Boxing Reflex Ball Work?

Boxing reflex ball needs to be connected with headband and string. You just need to hit the rubber ball over and over again. That will rebound off your fist- similar to a squash ball hitting against a wall. You can punch the ball in either left and right or backhand and forehand movement. Keep hitting for 15-20 minutes. That will burn calories and develop better coordination.

While dealing with boxing reflex ball, keep count on some tips.

  • It is better not to intercept the reflex ball. Try to dodge it a few times in a session.
  • You must adjust your headband tightly and adjust the length of the string.
  • As a newbie, jab the reflex ball lightly. The harder you hit, the faster it will rebound.
  • Always start with the softest reflex ball followed by the firmer one.
  • Keep patience and focus for repeated contact.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Reflex Balls

Finding the best reflex ball is never difficult if you consider a few parameters. These are the criteria that help you to pick the best match in the market.

i. Materials: Most headbands are from nylon or canvas material. These bands are moisture-absorbing and are easy to clean. Make sure it has a secure adjustable snap or hook-and-loop closure. On the other hand, reflex balls are made of soft rubber with different weight grades.

ii. Attachment Point: The brand you pick should have a strong attachment point that is clipped securely with an elastic string. The band should be adjustable to your head size and attachment must be easy for users.

iii. Difficulty levels: More difficulty levels are desirable to get the most out of it. Depending on brands, these balls can have two to four difficulty levels. Balls with progressive weight and firmness are categorized for novice, boxer, and beast.

iv. Accessories: Look for a brand with additional accessories like hand wraps, carry bags, and more. Hand wraps are good for beginners as they protect your hands. While the carry bag makes it easy to transport and storage. Also, there are brands with additional elastic strings and cover for each reflex balls.

v. Customer Review: This is one of the easiest ways to get an insight into your product. A quality product will always have more positive reviews than negative feedback. Make sure you scroll down to read a few reviews to understand more about the product.

vi. Easy Boxing Reflex Ball Drill: How do I start my reflex ball mission? Well, the hitting and catching are the easiest of all drills. You can start it with a quick jab followed by a catch with one hand. The harder you hit the ball, it becomes more difficult to catch after swing. Make sure you keep extending your right hand to catch it successfully. Keep repeating it for 15 to 20 minutes to bring accuracy. Also, this will help you burn calories in a quick time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are boxing reflex balls good?
Ans: Boxing reflex balls works excellent in improving hand-eye coordination. You can develop better reaction time and reflexes with these balls. Also, it is fun to punch on these balls and burn calories. Only a 15-minute session is good enough to burn over 100 calories.

Q: Who should buy a boxing reflex ball?
Ans: Boxing reflex balls are not limited to boxers only. Anyone can use this to improve hand and eye coordination. Also, this is an excellent option for people who want to burn calories in a quick time. From kids to the elderly, whoever tries this improves his reflex and reaction time.

Q: Do we need to use hand wrap or gloves with reflex balls?
Ans: It is not important for all brands. Reflex balls have difficulty levels. For beginners, the ball is usually lightweight and does not hurt your hands badly. You can use hand wraps for firmer and heavyweight balls.

Q: Does reflex balls help improve punching accuracy?
Ans: Yes. Reflex balls are not only for hand and eye coordination but also for punching accuracy. You can gain a better focus to set a target on moving objects. Increased accuracy does boost your performance in boxing.

Q: What is the fastest human reaction time?
Ans: The fastest human reaction time was recorded around 0.15 seconds. But, if you practice with a reflex ball, then you can improve your reaction time near to 0.2 seconds. Besides, it is never impossible to breach the old records with the new one.

Final Thought

Boxing reflex ball can be a great addition to your workout list. It is that one simple workout that burns calories and prepares you for the main event. You can gain better hand and eye coordination and reflexes with this. Importantly, it improves your reaction time that can be vital for sports like boxing and MMA. Here at Fitgeeky, we have listed the best of best boxing reflex balls for you. All you need is to enjoy the fun of punching and swings of happiness to move you to the next level.

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