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It is challenging to hit a gym several times a week and built a body of your desire. Home gym pull up bars are excellent equipment to work your body muscles. Dips are one of the best isolation exercises that develops your upper body muscles — a perfect tool to achieve strong chest muscle and triceps. Regular pull-ups will strengthen different muscle layers in the arms. Also, you can improve your joints, as well.

Time-saving equipment like dip stand can adjust anywhere at home. It is easy to modify and offers better results than push-ups alone. It is not that you only use pull up bars as a killer workout. Instead, you can also use it for injury recovery and muscle improvements. There is enough variation in dip stands models and designs. Before you pick one, let's have a look at best pull up bars of 2019.

Best Dip Stand Stations of 2019


This is a multifunctional pull-up bar which comes with sturdy construction. This power tower offers nine levels of height adjustment and four levels of Backrest adjustment. Safety is a big issue in any gym equipment. Just in case, nuts fall off during vibration; it offers safety locknut. That keeps screw tight in place. 

Also, suction cups ensure more safety to the machine. It adheres firmly to the ground to bring stability. The last important note of this pull up bar is warranty. Yes, it offers a year of warranty on frame — also, a lifetime on other vulnerable parts.

Customer Review

I'm nearly 300 lbs, 6'3"; it is only slightly tippy when I do reverse arm dips on the front hand bars. Everything is well-built. It also offers single page instructions for a newbie. The tower is easy to assemble. I only used a socket set for a quicker assembly. Overall, I am happy with this tower. Indeed! A good buy from amazon!!

Dusty Lopi


  • It is easy to assemble. 
  • Armrest and backrest are comfortable.
  • The machine offers adjustable features.
  • It has sturdy construction.


  • Armrests are quite short in comparison to others.

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station

These dip bars are adjustable with two different width positions. So, it fits any member of your family. Also, it can support up to 350lb bodyweight. Its exclusive angle grips reduce strain. The tool helps to build a better chest, shoulder, sculpt arm, and core. Premium pads and thick steel wall ensures safety at the workout. 

It is one of those dip stands that folds and easy to store anywhere at home. This dip stand is firm at all surfaces. You can buy this with full of confidence. It is backed against manufacturing defects for up to 10 years.

Customer Review

This takes seconds to set up; it is easy to take apart for storage. I have mine right now over by the center of the apartment. Every time I pass it, I do a dip. Go from the kitchen to the bedroom, dip. Bedroom to the living room, dip. Dips all day! With the information provided, it is possible for an excellent full-body workout from this. I am happy with this dip stand. 

Ivy Reisner


  • The machine creates a better balance.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It is excellent for in-depth dips.


  • It requires even floor for best stability.

Lianxin Power Tower Workout Station

Are you looking to shop a High-quality grade pull-up bar? Then LIANXIN power station is an excellent option. Why is it so? First of all, it is an ergonomically designed with cushions and elbow pads. That reduces a significant amount of pressure on your spine. Secondly, the stable structure can bear the right amount of loads. It is a multifunctional tower that offers different workouts. Pull-ups, Push-ups, knee raise, dips, and many more exciting exercises run smoothly on this.

Well, that's not all! You can adjust the heights of your workout. There are six different stalls adjustable heights to run your workouts. Not only but also it is easy to install. The company offers exquisite artistry and service on this product.

Customer Review

It was effortless to set up the tower. The instruction is straight forward and easy to follow. The equipment is also very sturdy and well-made. The only issue that is a concern to me is my short height. I can use only a few parts of the gear. Overall, I'm pleased with it.

Mary Whitfield


  • It is equipped with six adjustable height system.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The machine is manufactured with top-grade steel material.
  • The power tower is affordable.


  • Grip rings may break with overuse.

GoBeast Pull Up Bar Free Standing Dip Station

This Pull up bar can save both money and time. Yes, you can boost your biceps and triceps through 35 different workouts. It targets your core muscles and develops better fitness with time. This dip station is easy to dismantle and store. Another good news is company gifts you a large storage bag with a shoulder strap. So, it is portable to anywhere. Also, it can sustain up to 350lb of weight.

Customer Review

I found that besides pull-ups, I can use this for handstand! Perfect for my 5 foot 6 135 lbs body. It is stable and safe for all workouts. I experimented with different exercises with this. So far, so good! I love using this.

Carter Taylor


  • It is easy to store.
  • It does not require any fancy flooring.
  • It can withstand up to 300lb weight.
  • This is lightweight and portable.


  • Holes do not line up fine.

Sports Royals Power Tower Dip Station

In modern days, people do workouts with equipment that comfort them most. Sportsroyals Power Tower falls in line. Its ergonomic design assures more comfort with armrest and backrest. It does prevent your elbow from slipping off during exercise. Also, this multi-functional equipment comes with sturdy construction. Talking about safety- the machine offers a double stability system. It is a system where it increases more contact area with the base. So, a safe tool to play with!

Going deep- it has seven levels of backrest adjustment. You can adjust the cushion with any body size. With more to add, it offers four gear regulation height as well. So, all body types can adjust themselves while sweating hard at home or office. The last thing that counts big on customers is the warranty. It provides one year warranty on frame and 90 days on other materials.

Customer Review

An all in one-power tower that I am very pleased with. My research on Amazon indicated this is the best one. Why is it so? It marks every expectation in terms of price, shipping, assembly, and many more. I feel safe to sweat on this. I grew my triceps hell of size within three months. So, Yeah! I am in love with this monster!! 

Harold Ball


  • It provides double stability to the system.
  • It offers four gear regulation height for all body types.
  • Sturdy construction and ergonomic design.
  • 1 year warranty on frame and 90 days on other materials.


  • Some customer complains about flimsiness in steel.

Lebert Fitness Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

Are you searching for any multipurpose bodyweight strength training equipment? If yes, Then Lebert fitness equalizer can be a good option. You can burn a lot more body fat while strengthening your core body muscles. It is lightweight and portable. Also, this dip stand is easy to assemble. Amazing to notice that all body workout in a single dip stand. Yes, full-body bodyweight resistance exercises like L-sits, dips, push, stretch, knee raise are on the card.

Another key feature is it contains durable foam grips. This increases friction and minimizes hand-arm fatigue. So, a better grip in every workout. Besides, this dip stand can support up to 400 pounds. That is significant in the context of workout. Last but not least, it offers an instructional DVD for beginners.

Customer Review

Excellent product! Super easy to put together in less than 5 mins. Yes, it is that easy and exciting. I got a DVD with this. Everything is well instructed in that DVD. Though I had no trainer, yet I am flexible in my workouts. From L-sits to push-ups, pull-ups to stretches, nothing gets overlooked. It is fun to get more dips in between. A cool purchase, indeed! It's time to say cheeseeee!!!

Sandy Garcia


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • This includes an instructional DVD to get you started.
  • It comes with six different colors.


  • This is not suitable for heavy weighted dip work.

Soges Power Tower

It is multifunctional equipment that can extend your workout arena. Soges Power Tower is built with durable material to ensure safety. The splayed anti eversion base assures more stability to the machine. So, no, hiccups! Feel free for Push-ups and Reverse grip chin. It is an absolute calorie burner. You can build a body shape of your desire with regular workouts. Besides, it is easy to assemble and can sustain up to 600 pounds load. That is just huge in comparison to any power tower.

Customer Review

My 15 yr old was able to assemble it by himself in about 30mins. It takes up minimal space. Our house ranges in sizes from 130lbs to 200lbs. It's incredible to enjoy a workout with this giant. That is just exciting to count the number of pull you compare to your son. Hola! Big fun! Love the machine. Absolute thunder! 

Natasha Hart


  • This offers a horizontal bar for stretching.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds.


  • Need to have adjustable feet to accommodate for slightly uneven floors. 

K Kingkang Power Tower Pull Up Bar

The K KingKang Power Tower is a complete package that meets all your demands. Its horizontal and parallel bars offer multi-functional workouts to build your core body muscles. Principally, push-ups, pull-ups, forearm flexion focuses on upper body build up. The machine has arm cushions for comfortable pull-ups sessions — also, six -different heights they say- just perfect for any shape and sizes.

Hell! The good note continues- it is a stable power tower. The U-style base, along with suction-cup non-slip foot base, assures stability. So it is perfect for supporting loads up to 330lbs. A space-saving tower like this fits anywhere at home or gym. Overall, A handy tool to work with!

Customer Review

Item works as expected. I only have a 7' 6" basement ceiling, so I needed a power tower that could adjust to lower heights. Guess what! It didn't take up too much space. This product did just what I wanted. Also, the product arrived with two plastic caps. I found one of them was broken. I contacted their customer service; they responded promptly. I was surprised to witness they shipped me a replacement cap for free. That, too, without any hassle! Excellent service, Good Product! 

Charles Entwistle


  • It comes with a space-saving design.
  • Suction-cup provides more stability.
  • It can sustain weight up to 330lbs.
  • This power tower provides arm cushions.


  • It wiggles a bit with heavy use.

Body Max Champ Fitness Multi-Function 

Body champ fitness is one of the most popular power towers in the industry. It is a multi-station workout tower for both upper and lower body workout. Why it sounds special? It has a leg raise station for quads and lowers abs. Besides, you will get dip stations to develop your triceps. Well, that's not ended! You will get chin-up and pull-up stations with variable grip positions.

To talk on more goods, it has adjustable height features. Not only but also slip-resistant foot grips to minimize the chance of accidents. Also, padded back and arm cushions enhance comfort to workouts. The lightweight study tower is portable and ready to set anywhere you want. Indeed! A perfect package at affordable prices.

Customer Review

I am so very pleased with this purchase. The packing was phenomenal. It left no room for any damage. It almost took me longer to unpack it then it did to assemble. Let's hit the points. The instruction was excellent, and they labeled the nuts bolts screws and washers, made it foolproof. Though I am running my fifty, never feel shy to dips. A couple of chin-ups and pull-ups can make the day. Jesus! A damn good Buy!!

Teresa Taylor


  • It has slip resistance foot grips.
  • The tower is easy to assemble.
  • It comes with arm cushions for comfortable exercise.
  • This provides chin-up and pull-up stations.


  • No good assembly instructions. 

Fitness Reality X Class Power Tower

If you are a professional athlete and looking for something special, then this is an excellent option. Many people complain about its high price. Besides, it’s worth considering features. The heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame can support up to 400lbs. Why is it special? It has two adjustable handlebars with foam rollers. It offers multiple exercises with seven mounting positions. Adding more, backrest, and forearm cushion is a real comfort to your forearm and elbow.

Athletes always look up for better abs and triceps. Yes, you triceps builders - the machine offers three adjustable beams for your safety. Do as much dip as you want — not only perfect dip station but also multiple grip stations. Grip stations like pull up and chin up stations can sculpt your back, biceps, triceps, lats, and chest muscles. The perfect beast provides enough warranty to run it — ten years on frame, three years on parts, and two years on wearable pieces.

Customer Review

Exceptionally solidly built - gym quality equipment all the way. I'm incredibly pleased with this stand. It is built like a mac truck, and it appears the padded portions are going to be very durable. A lot of home gym gear claims the best quality - this piece is the real deal. Its dip handles are pretty large. So, excellent comfort in dips. Other than that, I found other features just up to the mark. So, No hiccups in good buy!!

Ferdinand Macias


  • It has a high weight capacity of 400lbs.
  • It has three positions adjustable stability beam for safety and stability.
  • This has thick angled forearm cushions for forearm and elbow support.
  • It offers multiple grip stations.


  • It is costly.

What to look for when buying a pull-up bar stand

Lets put a look over the features that one should consider while buying a dip stand. It is better to have a sound knowledge to choose the best one for you. Let's go through a few considerations:


First thing, first! Most people buy equipment based on their budget. So, you have to pick the best one within limits. Most dip stands ranges under 150 dollars. There are some exceptions. That expensive stuff is for professional athletes.

Portability and Storage: 

Nowadays, people love lightweight and portable tools. It is not always you are fixed at positions. So, whenever you move or travel, light gym equipment eases your life. Also, you can store them easily. There is no hard time in setting them in a corner. The home gym prefers this unique quality of your buy.


This may not sound important to many of you. To be honest, it is a factor to look at. Some people love quick assembling. Wasting hours on this can be frustrating. Even though it offers fewer features, you go for it. That is just because it is damn easy to assemble.

Weight limit: 

It counts significant on heavyweight people. Most dip stands fall between 250 to 300 pounds range. If you are overweight, then you have to pick alternatives. You can pick tools like Fitness Reality X Class Power Tower. That can support up to 400 pounds. So, choose the best for its users.


This is an essential feature for a full-body workout. Equipment with a sturdy base prevents wobbling in your workout. Also, look for bars that come with high-quality steel construction. Any instability can lead to accidents. Remember- exercises are for better fitness. So, safety comes first. You should check the customer reviews if you are buying it online. Else, you can check it live in any sports shop. 

Height adjustment: 

Many a time, it has been seen that short people complain about height of power tower. Also, no good news for tall as well. They also face challenges in adjustment. So, pick gadgets that offer height adjustments. Unless you fit well, you cannot work well. Thus, a must look feature in card.


It is that feature that is most difficult to ignore. Comfort brings efficacy in workouts. Arm cushions, backrest, handlebar are the area to look at. Dip stands without proper cushioning can be challenging at times. You may lose grip and injure yourself. Also, in extended use, you may find it difficult to continue. So, don't shy to go through features of your need.


Choose a dip stand where you can perform multiple exercises. Equipment that allows you to add extra attachments. You can add resistance bands, weighted belts to maximize your benefits of strength training. Importantly, you can switch your workouts and bring more excitement in sweating. Indeed! Variation is what integrates success!

Final Verdict

Anyone trying to build your core and upper body muscle? Then look forward to pull up bars. Yes, home gym pull up bars are the best options for your abs. The secret of your muscular biceps and triceps. A better grip and strong joints to admire. These are just not dreams. You can make it to reality. Regular dips, pull-ups, push-ups, and all other workouts to make it viable.

Make sure you choose the right toy to play. Correct selection often completes half of your work. Read the reviews carefully and judge them with logic. Once you are done with these, go with a full heart to run your mission. A mission to change. A mission for a better tomorrow.

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