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Our team of experts have selected the Best Weighted Vests for Training out of hundreds of models!

You have been doing workouts and masters in all through. Now, you are planning how to improve more. If you want to take extra challenges in training, then this post is for you. The best-weighted vests for training can be a perfect challenge to maximize your potential muscle growth. 

Adding a bit more spice to your cardio, it's a win-win situation for you. All you need is to strap on your back and push yourself harder.

Our Top Pick

RUNFast RM_40  Pro Weighted Vest 12lbs.-60 lbs. (without Shoulder Pads, 40 lb)

RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

Editor's Rating

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 4lbs/6lbs/12lbs/20lbs/25lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids (6 Pounds (2.72 KG))

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Editor's Rating

ZFOsports 30LBS Womens Adjustable Weighted Vest with Phone Pocket & Water Bottle Holder.

ZFOsports Weighted Vest

Editor's Rating

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 4lbs/6lbs/12lbs/20lbs/25lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids (6 Pounds (2.72 KG))

Aduro Sport Iron Weighted Vest can be a perfect addition to your strength training. Not only strength training but also cardio workouts. This unit is an absolute calorie burner while you gain strength. You will find these Weighted Vest equipment at 4lbs, 6lbs, 12lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, and 30lbs. It has vast cardiovascular benefits through which you can increase strength and endurance.

This kit comes with different weight variants that evenly fits your body weight. It has an adjustable front belt and offers comfort with soft neoprene material. Does it slip while I work hard to sweat? No-slip off! Besides, it has a mesh pocket to store your valuables.

Last but not least, it has a limited lifetime warranty with customer support. So, you can feel free to buy this affordable kit. It works great on men, women, and even kids.

Customer Review

This vest is incredibly wonderful. It does keep its promises. I am near about 200 pounds, and the weight is distributed evenly to my body. Also, I can adjust it, and it is damn comfortable. Though I had no planning about weight, 12 lbs was good enough. A damn fantastic purchase!!!

William Gibson


  • The unit is snug and comfortable to wear.
  • This has mesh pockets to store your valuables in need.
  • The unit comes with lifetime limited warranty and customer service.


  • It does not allow weights higher than 30 lbs.
RUNFast RM_40  Pro Weighted Vest 12lbs.-60 lbs. (without Shoulder Pads, 40 lb)

This is another popular weighted vest in the industry. It offers weights between 12 and 60lbs. You can also remove them individually and adjust the perfect weight that suits your body.

It is comfortable for most body shapes, and both genders can use it. It would be best if you also bought a shoulder pad. That eliminates discomfort with higher loads. Last but not least, this affordable unit offers.

You will get a lifetime warranty for this affordable unit product. The RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest comes with a phone pocket and water bottle holder for your convenience. There you will get with Shoulder Pads and without Shoulder Pads.

Customer Review

If you are searching for a perfect vest for weight training, then this is the one I prefer. I love to use it in my power- walking every evening. Also, it adds extra challenges to my short sprints. Its material is durable and comfortable. So, far so good. You can always give it a try. Trust me! It is worth it!!!

Otis Seman


  • It has weight options.
  • The unit comes with velcro straps.
  • It offers lifetime warranty.


  • You may feel a bit bulky.
CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest, 80 lb

CAP Barbell adjustable weighted vest is the pioneer in the vested industry. It has gained enough trust for over thirty years or so. If you want to add strength to your cardio, then you can surely count this. It is constructed with nylon and polyester. Also, you can select the size of your choice.

This is a vest where you can adjust the weight. You can do this by adding or removing individual weight packets. How comfortable is this? Yes, a common question to encounter. This has padded shoulder straps with a fully adjustable waist belt. That ensures a snug and secure fit for your body. From HIIT to light aerobics all stand firm with this.

The available size of this product is 40 lbs to 150 lbs. By combining a minimum of weights into your fitness routine, you can accelerate your gains quickly in the areas of weight loss, endurance, strength, speed, and Quickness.

Customer Review

I have tried the 80lbs model of this. The weight distribution was quite good. It fitted snugly, so no bad movements. I have used it for six months, and those sandbags worked well. Now, I feel an edge in all my workouts. Never think that I am running my 56. Damn! I am growing young. Haha!!!

Justine Lester


  • It has even weight distribution in front and back.
  • It comes with a full torso design.
  • It is comfortable with padded shoulder straps.


  • This may not be suitable for beginners.
Henkelion Running Weight Vest for Men Women Kids Weights Included, Body Weight Vests for Training Workout, Jogging, Cardio, Walking - 12 Lbs

Henkelion weighted vest is one of the best ones for beginners. It has weight variants for men, women, and kids. Yes, from 4lbs to 12lbs is what they offer. Unlike other weighted vests, it is filled with premium iron pellets and metal rocks. Yes, no cheap sandbags to carry in training.

This is also a kit that distributes weight evenly to your body. You can adjust it with its strap to prevent sliding and to slip while you sweat hard. Not only that, but it is also built with comfortable material and has an extra mesh pocket on back. And, one last thing - don't forget to put its elastic on your waist.

Customer Review

I got it yesterday, and my kids loved it. Both Johan and Yana tried it, and they refused to switch it. Maybe, I should buy another one. It was easy to put on and take off. It sounds durable and comfortable for all.

Alonzo Watson


  • This unit is filled with premium iron pellets and metal rock.
  • It is made of soft, comfortable material.
  • This has an adjustable strap to prevent slipping.


  • It does not allow more than 12lbs of weight.
Empower Weighted Vest for Women, Weight Vest for Running, Workout, Cardio, Walking, 4lb, 8lb, 16lb Adjustable Weight, 8lb Vest

Hello women, this is a kit to burn calories in less time. Yes, an 8 lbs vest can increase the intensity of all your workouts. The unit has an X-shaped silhouette design so that it fits women's bodies perfectly. Well, it's not all! It has sand sewn to distribute weight evenly.

How comfortable is the unit? This kit comes with stretchy and is soft to use. Not only that, but it also has side straps to fit waist sizes between 24 to 48 inches. Also, this vest has convenient pockets for small items. Unlike others, it has reflective accents on the front and back. That helps you stay visible in low light.

Customer Review

I love hiking. So, I was basically trying something to increase intensity on it. This vest is amazing! Now I can burn twice more calories in less than two rounds. It's comfortable and fits evenly in my 130 pounds body. Just what I needed!! Cheese!!

Maria Bigelow


  • It is designed to fit women's body shape.
  • The unit has side straps to fit waist sizes from 24 to 48 inches.
  • It comes with reflective accents.


  • You cannot add additional weights.
ZELUS Weighted Vest 12 lbs. Weight Vest with Reflective Stripe for Workout, Strength Training, Running, Fitness, Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Weightlifting - Gray

This stylish weighted vest is made with rubber. Also, it is a unit with iron sands and can sustain loads up to 12lbs. Just perfect for weight loss, strength training, muscle building, and more.

This unit is also famous for adjustable straps and reflective strips. Yes, it accommodates users of different sizes. Well, that's not all! It has built-in pockets in the front and back of the vest. It is recommended to use the hand wash on this.

This stylish weighted vest is made with durable neoprene rubber fabric. Cardio, strength training, weightlifting, weight loss circuit training, and beyond, this vest will take your workout to the next level. You can adjust the size of the chest from adjustable front buckles to 35 "- 45".

Customer Review

The best thing about this vest is it fits well. Unlike all other vests, it does not cover all your body. Also, I found it comfortable to run. You can also use the phone pouch in needs.

Dwayne Bowen


  • It has adjustable front buckles and pockets.
  • The unit is comfortable and versatile.
  • This is hand washable.


  • It cannot accommodate more than 12lbs.
Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest, 40 lbs (Camouflage) With Phone Pocket & Water bottle holder

The cross 101 is an excellent weighted vest with a diverse variation. It is built with high-quality material that ensures its long-term uses. The unit is comfortable, and you can add pads on shoulders to enhance that. This kit suits all from beginners to experts, as you can adjust weight ranging from 12 to 80 pounds.

Cutting deep- you can use this for cross and strength training programs. The unit has a clamp for a water bottle and a pocket for mobile. This perfect package is also affordable.

Customer Review

I was searching for a vest weight on Amazon and found this interesting!! It is comfortable and can challenge my cardio to a new height. I feel I master cross-training in less than six months. What a piece? A pure delight!!

Daniel Engle


  • It comes with a manufacturer's warranty.
  • This is comfortable.
  • This has a clamp for a water bottle and pocket for the phone.


  • The universal size may not be optimum for everyone.
Tone Fitness black Weighted Vest, 12 Lbs

This is the simplest ergonomically designed vests with affordable range. It is constructed with comfortable neoprene material. It suits well to any female body shape, but anyone can use this with ease. The unit features an adjustable front belt and reflective stripes. That ensures clear visibility in the dark.

This is also a kit with versatile uses. You can burn more calories in less time. Also, this functional unit offers two different colors for customers, which is blue and black. It allows you to walk, distance running or speed, exercises, agility, and significant drills.

Customer Review

I am amazed with this wonderful kit. It does contribute a lot to my workout. Now, I can switch a boot camp anytime I want. To be honest, I don't spend much of the day. Only an hour, and I feel I am already in good shape. Jesus! What a find it has been!!!

Brandon Brown


  • It comes with soft neoprene construction.
  • It comes with reflective straps.


  • This does not have a weight adjustment option.
ZFOsports 30LBS Womens Adjustable Weighted Vest with Phone Pocket & Water Bottle Holder.

It is one of the best designed weighted vests for women. Its premium feature includes a pocket for phone and music device. Not only that, but it also has a water bottle holder. This can fit a bottle of 16oz or smaller.

The unit has weight located in the front and back of the vest. Lastly, it has a belt attached to the vest. So, no big deal to adjust it to your body. These weighted vests will get you 30lbs to 80lbs of weight with an Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Customer Review

I went jogging with this best fit weighted vest. I found it a bit bulky. Other than that, it was fair enough for my cardio. It’s comfortable and snugly. I have improved a lot in strength training and muscle build-up. So, cheers to this awesome kit.

Jeanette Tanksley


  • It comes with a special design for female users.
  • This has a water bottle holder.
  • Its weight is well distributed.


  • The vest is a bit bulky.
Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite Weighted Vest Thin Adjustable Medium 10lbs Unisex Sizes, Durable Cordura Fabric, Reflective Trim, and Shock Cord Side Lacing (10, Medium)

This is a professional weight vest to train without restrictions. It is highly durable as it is constructed with Cordura black fabric. Not only that, but it also has zipper and colorful elastic laces for safety. This unisex design comes with a sleek adjustable weight design. Yes, it has numerous micro pockets to adjust the weight on your body.

Though it is expensive in comparison to others, it works great to train at the gym and outside. This perfect weight vest can intensity any workout, and you will step up in every sport. Also, you will get the best workout tips with that. It sounds perfect for beginners to play.

You will get these Weighted Vests in 4 sizes, which are small, medium, large, and x-Large. Maximum weight capacity: small 15 lbs, medium 20 lbs, large 20 lbs, and XL 25 lbs. It uses a strong reflective YKK zipper, which is unique from other Weighted Vest.

Customer Review

So far, I am in deep love with this vest. It is comfortable and well-made. I am a patient of Osteopenia. So, I bought this to promote my bone density. Though I am short-bodied and it fits perfectly. Good to have this with me. 

Randy Amundson


  • It is constructed with highly durable Cordura fabric.
  • This features reflective areas for outdoor running.


  • This unit is expensive.
miR Adjustable Weighted Vest, 60 lb

It is a vest with a more compact design. This is also an item with diverse weight variations. The unit covers 11 inches of your upper body and offers a snug fit to your workouts. Not only that, but it also uses steel weights. That, too, comes with adjustable 3lbs increments.

Interestingly, it's a kit that can be washed and dried in a machine. It is so much useful because you can simply remove weight and adjust to your body. No wonder the manufacturer offers a warranty on this high-quality kit.

Customer Review

I purchased this on the Christmas offer. So, far it's cool. It fits so well, and I found it comfortable. No wonder I have improved a lot in cardio. Now, I am looking up to push more. Crazy Ha!! Cheers!!!

Shane Ingram


  • You can remove weights in all models.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty on this.
  • It comes with a snug and comfortable fit.


  • The unit is a bit bulky.

Buying Guide of Weighted Vests

Before you put your money on a weight vest, it would be better to consider a few parameters. Yes, Parameters to judge a quality weight vest for you. Let's dive dip on this.

I. Materials

Material counts big in terms of durability and comfort. No wonder, it must be strong enough to support variant workouts. Most weight vests are constructed with neoprene. This material is breathable and tough. So, you can sweat hard without any potential worry. Also, neoprene is a better alternative to rubber. This is because it is resistant to moisture, oil, and dusty conditions.

Other than neoprene Velcro is accessible for weight vests. This mostly comes with laces and straps. Velcro is also comfortable to use and does the same service of neoprene. So, go through its construction while you buy one.

II. Weight Variants

This is the most important feature for weighted vests. You have to choose the weight according to your body and workouts. It is important to note that you must not select a weight that is more than 20% of your entire body. Your correct selection will burn 14% more calories in workouts. Also, while you increase your loads, make sure you do that gradually. A factor of a 5% increase does provide positive results.

There are two types of weight in vests. One is iron weight, and the other one is a sandbag. Iron is easier to remove and adjust, while sandbags are cheaper alternatives. One advantage of sand is it is soft. So, it does not hurt enough while it bumps on your body.

III. Comfort

Comfort is a huge issue in every equipment you use. So, choose a vest that offers sufficient padding on your shoulders and chest. You don't really want any restriction while you are in a mission to improve. Also, discomfort puts in a hard paddle to concentrate on exercises.

IV. Customer review

Customer review can be a crucial one if you are buying it online. Yes, some people, just like you, purchased this on-demand. So, they share their views over a particular product. Thus, it creates a clear idea of what it is going to share with you. So, don't forget to scroll and read.

Benefits of weighted vests

Why should I use a weighted vest? There must have enough reasons for that. Let's find the benefits

I. Burns calories

A weighted vest increases the intensity of every workout. So, you have to burn more calories to achieve your goals. It means it can burn fats in less time. No wonder it is highly efficient in doing so.

II. Boosts cardio Benefits

Because weighted vests increase your workload, so it also increases your heart rate. That means more cardiovascular workouts to supply oxygen in your body. So, your heart and lungs function well to meet energy costs. Hence, better cardio outputs.

III. Increase core strength

The extra weight on your torso can challenge your core too. So, the stabilizer muscles of your core get more accustomed to heavier loads. Thus, slowly you build strength to your core muscles.

IV. Increase muscle and bone strength

When you add more loads to your body, you indirectly push yourself to grow more muscle to sustain that load. Also, your bones build more density to support that extra load. So, overall you make muscular connective tissues all around.

Different Types of Weight Vests

The weighted vests are versatile in uses. So, they fall into different categories. The variants include CrossFit, calisthenics, running vests, and weighted vests for women.


This is used to target specific muscles and combination workouts. Yes, it's perfect for resistance training in combination with aerobics. No doubt, it works excellent on an intense workout regime.


Calisthenics is nothing but a set of workouts where your own body weight forms a resistance. Weighted vests are designed in such a way to hike that benefit. You can do this popular workout anywhere you want.

Running weighted vests

Most runners pick top speed quickly and then hit a frustrating plateau. So, to keep the rhythm, you can try running weighted vests. It intensifies your muscle action and running pace. You get control over your overall speed.

Weighted vests for women

Though most weighted vests are unisex, there are a few for women. Female requires more room in their chest area. So, a vest to adjust their body shape is the women weighted vest. This brings better results than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much weight should I get?

Q2: How much weight to start with?

Q3: Can I hand wash my weight vest?

Final Speech 

It is a kit to enhance your workout to the next level. Yes, extra improvement in performance is what they offer. The absolute calorie burner can be a day saver. You can feel free to take more sugar and honey while you sweat hard with a weighted vest. Choose the best one that fits you the most. A good weighted vest can put you front in every workout you do.

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