Bad Knees When Running

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Treadmills are excellent tools for exercising at home. They provide an excellent way to get in shape while allowing you to watch television or listen to music.  In addition to healing your bad knees, it is also able to burn your calories. A 70 kg person can burn about 267 calories per hour using a treadmill.

However, if you have poor knees, it might not be easy to use a treadmill for running when your knees hurt when running on pavement or outside. Bad Knees make it harder for you when running Running on a treadmill can aggravate the injury because of the smooth surface and lack of impact. In this case, you should consider other activities for getting in shape that won’t adversely affect your knees. Proper exercise on a treadmill can also result in the recovery of your bad knee.

Running For Bad Knees:

If you’re looking to get in shape, but your doctor or physical therapist has told you that you can’t run due to poor knees, consider other activities. Cycling is an excellent alternative because it does not put undue stress on your knees and may even be easier on them than running.

Swimming is another good activity for people with bad knees. It puts little strain on your body, allowing you to get in shape without feeling pain or discomfort. The water will bear much of your weight, so swimming can be a good way for people with knee problems to monitor their progress.

Best running for bad knees is not easy since there are many alternatives to exercising with bad knees. The treadmill is one of those great options as it allows you to choose the speed and incline. However, there are many bad knees, and each person has different needs and abilities. For example, if you have arthritis in both your knee and hip, you might want to consider a bike because it gives less stress to your hip than running.

For some, swimming can be a great workout for bad knees, while yoga is another possibility of good exercise with bad knees. It’s worth mentioning that many different types of yoga range from more gentle styles to very strenuous ones. If you have limited movement in one or both of your knees, doing gentle yoga might be the best choice for you.

This is just a shortlist of exercises with bad knees that don’t involve running. If you want to start an exercise routine, but are unsure of what to do, ask your doctor or physical therapist for advice on the best type of activity for your knee. Once you get their go-ahead, you can start exercising.

How do I stop my knees from hurting when I run?

Many different things can cause pain in your knees when running. Some of these might require medical attention, while others may go away independently.

If you have recently started running, try to decrease the distance you are covering by half for one week. If pain continues, see a doctor.

It would help if you also considered changing the surface you are running on. If you are running on pavement, consider putting an old pair of shoes in your backpack so you can switch to them when running on asphalt.

This also applies if you are wearing new sneakers or have recently changed the shoe you are using for exercising. Changing the type of shoe or what surface it is made for can cause knee pain when running.

In some cases, these suggest that the shoes you were using may be worn down too much and need to be replaced. Shoes wear down over time, but if you are experiencing knee pain when running, it might be a sign that your shoes have been used too long or not for the type of surface you are running on.

When Should I See a Doctor?

If over-the-counter pain medication does not help relieve your knee pain when running, you should see a doctor before trying an alternative activity. They will diagnose the cause of your pain and can tell you whether running is right for you.

If you need to see a doctor, don’t feel like it’s a waste of time because many different reasons could cause knee pain when running. You might have something that requires medical attention, but if you are concerned, you should seek help.

When it comes to medical advice, remember that your health is important, and you want to be sure that the advice is coming from a reputable source. Your doctor has gone through years of education and training, making them someone who can offer sound advice. If you do not feel confident about your decision after talking with them, look for a second opinion.


Before you decide to take up running, make sure to look into the best way for exercising with bad knees. If your doctor approves of your decision, find a safe type of exercise. If you are not sure what activity might be best for you, ask or look into different exercises that can help strengthen your knee and relieve pain.


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