Kettlebells For Weight Loss – Is it Effective?

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Although kettlebell training is amongst the oldest exercise methods, it has become famous in the fitness industry due to its various benefits. This kind of training is unique, exciting, and challenging compared to any other exercises you might have tried previously. This is the most effective way to use kettlebells for weight loss.

Why kettlebells for Weight Loss?

  • Kettlebells can be used to fix almost all fitness aspects. This set of exercises is beneficial in developing six packs and enhancing body strength, muscular endurance, and power.
  • Kettlebells are ideal for a more robust cardiovascular system since they improve the patience and flexibility of body joints.
  • Kettlebells are a convenient way of workout with an unusual appearance of either dumbbells or barbells. They can be used at home or in the gym. Some people prefer dumbbells since they are adjustable; this can make them dangerous. However, kettlebells are not flexible and are available in different weights.
  • Kettlebells use a wide range of motions, which assist in building endurance, speed, and burning fat.

Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

1. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing
This is one of the most famous kettlebell exercises and is perfect for beginners. It usually targets the shoulders, hips, back, legs, and glutes. The two-handed kettlebell swing is achieved by standing straight with the feet slightly wider than the hip distance. Then hold the kettlebell handle using both hands with palms facing downwards. Bend slightly to the knee without going all the way to a half squat.

In a single smooth motion, move the hips forward, swinging the Kettlebell to the chest level while keeping the arms straight. Lower the Kettlebell between the legs and aim for 12 to 15 moves while engaging your core and glute muscles. Remember, the force of this exercise comes from the hips but not the arms. This exercise is the most effective as kettlebells for weight loss.

2. Deadlifts
This move is performed by somewhat placing the Kettlebell on the floor at the front of the body. The feet should be positioned slightly more than shoulder-width apart. By turning the toes outwards, bend your knees as you squat to get a hold of the Kettlebell using both hands. Stand up slowly, tightening the buttock muscles and placing your weight on the heels.

The back requires to be in a straight position with the chest up. Your elbows are supposed to bend at this position, retaining the Kettlebell in front of the chest. Later, gradually change your movements to put the Kettlebell back on the floor and perform 3 to 10 exercises. This kind of activity works on the glutes as well as the hamstrings.

3. Around the World
Standing with your back in a straight position, grab the Kettlebell using one hand with the other hand positioned behind the body. Afterward, move the Kettlebell from one side to the other around the entire body in broad circular movements. Ensure to do a full rotation every time, switch positions and repeat. 2 to 10 sets every day in every direction. However, don’t be pressured to move swiftly; any speed is okay. This exercise works on the upper body, hips, and arms.

4. Two-Arm Swing
Start by placing your feet slightly further apart with the toes slightly out. During this time, the Kettlebell should be on the floor directly in front of your body. Firmly hold the Kettlebell using both hands by squatting as you keep your arms loose. Stand firmly on your heels by bending your knees and your hips behind. Swing the Kettlebell slightly a distance forward before you push back your legs.

Make sure to bring Kettlebell forward while maintaining a straight and parallel position of your arms on the floor. Repeat 3 to 10 sets of this exercise to work out the hips and lower back.

5. One- Arm Swings
This kind of activity is performed as the two-arm swings, except that it’s done with one arm every time. By doing this, you can lay more weight on your shoulder. Begin with 2 to 10 repetitions but later increase to 3 to 10 sets. This exercise works on the lower back as well as the shoulders.

6. Kettlebell High Pull
The Kettlebell high pull is an excellent exercise for beginners who cannot master the swing. It’s performed by placing the legs a bit wider than the shoulders. Then bending from the hips and later the knees, grab the Kettlebell and raise the elbows to about a shoulder height while driving through the legs. To complete the activity, release the arms back to the initial position.

Beginners can sync an outward movement of their arms into the rear hip hinge or choose to continue as explained to get accustomed to the change.

7. Around The Waist
This is an excellent warm-up to begin any exercise routine. It aids in warming up the core muscles and arms. It’s done by passing the Kettlebell around your waist while being mindful not to drop the weight on the toes. After ten rounds, change directions, and finish one to 2 sets of 10 to warm up before moving to the workout.

Why Kettlebell Workouts are Effective

Kettlebell training is high-intensity and works the whole body at once. Below are the reasons why they are so helpful.

  • Fun: Kettlebell training can be painful, demanding as well as intense. However, it’s also much fun. Various people love challenges, so opting for something more challenging is a great idea.
  • Useful with life: The exercise forces you to move fast, which is more beneficial than sports.
  • Demanding: The training can be addictive. In case you find yourself training for nearly an hour, think of lowering your workout.
  • Efficient: Exercises with the best kettlebells are compound. This signifies that you can engage multiple muscle groups to achieve any movement.

Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts:

Using kettlebells for your workouts offers many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Strong Muscles: Kettlebells work many muscles, like your arms, legs, and core. This makes your muscles strong and helps you do things like carrying heavy backpacks or playing sports.
  • Better Balance: When you swing and lift the Kettlebell, you learn how to balance your body. It’s like being a superhero, staying stable and not falling over!
  • Improved Coordination: Kettlebell exercises require you to use different parts of your body at the same time. This helps your brain and body work together and become even smarter.
  • Energy Boost: Moving your body with kettlebells makes you feel energized and happy. It’s like getting a supercharge of energy that keeps you active and ready for the day.

Plate Loaders vs. Fixed Weight Bells

1. Plate Loaded Kettlebells

Plate-loaded kettlebells are different from a fixed weight; however, this mostly affects the people used to one or the other. For beginners, this should be the same.


  • Progressive Training: With plate kettlebells, you can easily make a kettlebell at any required weight to suit your preferences.
  • Less Costly: Kettlebell handles are less pricey as compared to kettlebells. You will need various stacks of weight plates, though.
  • Consumes less Space: Riding and operating are straightforward since the handle is light.
  • Portable: The handles can easily be used anywhere in the gym or while traveling since they are easier to carry than fixed-weight kettlebells.

2. Fixed Weight Kettlebells


  • Fewer moving parts: Chances are that they can’t be broken easily. The kettlebell handle has a few parts which can get lost or broken. Progressive overload through more challenging exercises. Most people complain that kettlebell weight jumps are difficult to manage.
  • Ideal Properties: Fixed kettlebells are ideal for training groups:
  • Time-Consuming: They consume less time; a set of bells is excellent for drop sets since no time is used up dismantling the bell

Kettlebell Safety and Techniques

Despite the numerous health benefits, caution should be exercised while using kettlebells. If not handled appropriately, they can lead to grievous injuries.

i. Opt for the right Kettlebell
Safety is vital when choosing the correct Kettlebell. It would be best to choose the proper weight that suits you. You can visit a local fitness store, try various weights, and get advice from a sales associate. This will help you make the right choice that will not hurt your budget and give you the exemplary service you require.

ii. Choose the right kettlebell size
You require the proper size of a kettlebell, and the handle must be broad to enable you to hold it with both hands without overlapping. If you opt for the wrong Kettlebell, you can hurt yourself or others around you. You can purchase one that is made from one continuous piece of material. Some kettlebells are two pieces, which is inappropriate since they can break apart during the workout. Besides, getting the right size allow you to handle the Kettlebell in the correct position without straining.

iii. Kettlebell Techniques

  • Maintain your back in a proper position. You do not want to hurt your back while performing these techniques. It is, therefore, imperative to maintain a good body and back posture.
  • Your back should be in a neutral posture during the workout.
  • Standing with the feet shoulder width apart with arms down at your sides. Then focus the eye gaze on a point around six feet in front of you on the floor. This assists in keeping your neck and head in a neutral position.
  • Let the hips back like you are reaching back for a chair, then allow the arms to follow your hips.
  • While in the correct position, you look like you are preparing to take a vertical leap in the air. Straighten yourself for about 3-4 minutes while inhaling in and out. This process will enable you to expand your lungs as you practice.
  • Look straight in the mirror- If you have been able o achieve a neutral spine, then you have a high S curve in your spine, ensuring your back isn’t rounded.
  • Breathe properly-Proper breathing is vital for kettlebell safety. It’s essential to reduce the force you exert on your spine. You need to make use of your breath to tighten the abdominal muscles. This technique may take a long to master, though.
  • Position hips suitably. The hips should direct your actions during a kettlebell workout.

Where can Kettlebells be done?

The beauty of the training is that it can be done in any spot, whether indoors or outside. Therefore, there is no need to join a costly gym; unique clothing or a training partner aren’t required either. Kettlebell training is an excellent way to weight loss while building muscle. Be sure to have goals noted down, the right kettlebells, and a diet plan, plus safety measures in mind. This way, you will find yourself losing pounds and gaining strength.

Final Speech

Your health is as good as your training schedule. Nonetheless, it requires a standard guideline for you to keep yourself fit. Besides, Kettlebell training is one of the most profound ways of excellently losing weight without much straining. Before you start, ensure you have your objectives set and follow the procedure.

Most people fail in their goals by not sticking to the plan. Therefore, setting out achievable objectives that will impact your training the most is essential. Also, it would help if you stuck to a diet plan to lose more weight.

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