How to Grow Taller using Inversion Table

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An inversion table is a metallic device designed to invert your body head first at an angle of ninety degrees or less. It is adjustable and locks your feet and ankles in place. The table has a flatbed where you lie down and gradually initiate an incline by pushing your arms above your head. It is the safest way to hang upside down.So we can naturally grow taller use of inversion table.

Does It Really Increase Height?

Yes, most people have reported a gain of at least an inch or so from using inversion tables alone. It’s incredible, I know. Researchers have found that inversion tables could lengthen your spine and minimize muscle tension. This method utilizes gravity to ensure spinal decompression. Stretching your spine creates a space between the vertebrae, with regular exercises, you can actually grow taller.

According to, inversion tables also treat spinal curvature disorders like Scoliosis and boosts circulation. So as much as an inversion table makes you taller, it also has other health benefits you can take advantage of.

How To Use An Inversion Table

  • Step-i: Remember, what you want is to allow room for increasing height, so you must not constrict yourself. Adjust the bed to be at least three or more inches longer than your height. If your model has an integrated pin, then use it to adjust the foot device and lock the height you desire. It is important that your feet will adequately lock in place to avoid slipping and injuring yourself.
  • Step-ii: The table has a rest pad or a bed for your back. Lie on it and secure your feet inside the rollers in the foot assembly. The rollers, on some models, work by pulling out the pull pin, inserting your feet, pulling down the top rollers and replacing the pin. If this is not so with your table model, then there is obviously an instruction manual to refer to.
  • Step-iii: This is where you begin the inversion process. Make adjustments to the safety strap beneath the resting pad to reflect the inversion distance you want to begin with, preferably forty degrees. Using one arm, gently invert yourself by raising it to the back of your head. This will get you at an angle of thirty degrees or a little bit more. If you are just starting out on inversion tables then you can start from here and maintain it for a few minutes before moving forward.
  • Step-iv: Get off the table, adjust the safety strap to another desired angle, it could be sixty or ninety if you are sure you want to go that far–you know your body and how much it can take in one day, so as long as you remember that you’re good. The same process applies, get back on the pad and this time use both arms to lower yourself further backward.
  • Step-v: You can also oscillate by lowering and raising your arms. Oscillation helps stretch and strengthen the spine, so do it but in moderation.

Precaution To Grow Taller using Inversion Table

  • Always remember, that comfortably is key. When you are not comfortable it’s easy to injure yourself.
  • If you realize you’re having trouble breathing stop at once.
  • It’s usually better to have someone experienced around especially if you are a beginner. You can use the services of a trainer to make sure you are exercising safely while also maintaining optimum levels of success.
  • Also make sure that you are aware of conditions which make the use of inversion tables dangerous to your health, like heart problems and pregnancy.

Tips On Things To Do On An Inversion Table

Here are some exercises you can do while on the inversion table to achieve optimum results in height increment.

  • Lower yourself down to sixty or ninety degrees, and using one arm return to thirty or twenty, maintain the position for a moment and roll back to the original position. Repeat the process making these stops.
  • While at ninety degrees and your body is fully inverted and comfortable, start stretching your back and shoulders. Make sure you are breathing properly all the time.Inversion table therapy is the best way to do this properly.
  • You can also incorporate weights to maximize the decompression of the spine. However, while in an inverted position, your body is under pressure and therefore delicate, the chances of injury are pretty high when you add weights. Use only very light weights.

Final Speech

Bottom line is, it has been proved for a long time now that inversion tables should be able to increase your height if used properly. One other thing to keep in mind is that you won’t become taller overnight, it’s a gradual process and since you are gaining only a few inches, you won’t really notice it at first. So, with persistence, you would definitely get taller with an inversion table.

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